Riga balsam

Since ancient times, folk healers have made medicinal tinctures and balms using those herbs and plants that grew in their area. Therefore, each country has its own special balm with an ancient recipe. Riga balsam from Latvia is familiar to us since Soviet times, when it was a great luxury. And now not everyone can afford to buy the original drink. In general, they don’t drink it for nothing.

A drink with a story

This drink is special for both Latvia and Russia. Somehow talented and enterprising apothecary Abraham Kunze came up with a miraculous balm that can cure almost all diseases. And by happy coincidence in 1789, it was this drink that saved Catherine II from colic, and she allowed the production of the drink in Russia. But since then the recipe has been lost and changed several times. In 1954, the balsam began to produce massively. And today it is exported to more than 30 countries of the world.

How to drink Riga balm with benefit?

What's the secret?

The secret of the success of the Riga balm in the composition and storage technology. No one can tell the exact composition and recipe, as this information is protected by copyright. But, they say that there more than 24 components are included. Some of them:

  • highest quality ethyl alcohol
  • cognac
  • balsamic oil
  • raspberries
  • blueberries
  • cowberry
  • ginger
  • sugar
  • honey
  • vegetable extracts

In storage technology, it is important that the drink is not exposed to direct sunlight and is aged in environmentally friendly dishes - ceramic bottles. For the cap, use a clean stopper.

Balm to destination or for the soul?

Balm to destination or for the soul?

Riga Balsam is not a medicine. Its action is due to the action of ethanol (alcohol simply) and plant extracts. The beneficial properties of the Riga Balsam have been recognized for:

  • nervous tension
  • fatigue
  • cold
  • arthritis (rubbing)
  • insomnia
  • need for vascular dilation
  • improves brain function

But the action manifests itself temporarily.

Riga balsam as intended or for the soul?

Riga balm can be harmful in such cases:

  • with an overdose (the drink has from 40 to 45 degrees) not more than 50 ml per day
  • if you are allergic to one of the components (there are a lot of them, which increases the probability of allergy)
  • in diseases of the kidneys and liver

The thing is how to drink the Riga Balsam.

3 best ways to drink Riga balsam

3 best ways to drink Riga balsam

  1. To drink purely in small sips without biting, so as not to interrupt the aftertaste.
  2. Add to tea and coffee for 1-2 tsp. to warm and bring the nervous system into relaxation or tone (for whom it acts as).
  3. In cocktails. For example, "Black Night Dancer" (balsam -1 part, blackcurrant syrup - 0.5 parts, lemon juice -0.25 parts, cola - 2 parts). You can also add to vodka or wine - immediately change the taste and aroma of drinks.

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