Reviews of ceramic knives

Ceramic knives are in great demand not only among professionals, but also among ordinary people.They have been looking for a replacement for steel knives for a long time, and ceramics became the most promising material..

One of the first to start experimenting was Bob Terzuola in the early 80s of the 20th century. The devices came into free sale in 1985, their production was carried out by the Japanese company Kuosera.

Reviews of ceramic knives

Ceramics never corrode, and high hardness helps maintain sharpness ten times longer than steel.

Ceramic knives at home

  • Knives are black and white. External color differences are a matter of taste, and the quality of cooked food is not affected. Black blades are made from zirconium carbide, and white - from zirconium oxide. Withzirconium it turned out to make the devices thinner and lighter, and the blade sharper.
  • The edge of ceramics takes 2nd place after diamond. A lot of money is spent on production, because high-quality materials are not cheap. The price for the sale of ceramics is much higher than that of metal knives. In addition, the government has set a high duty on production due to the increased demand for this product.
  • This may seem surprising, but it has long been established that knives can affect the taste and benefit of cooked dishes, for example, contact with metal causes the destruction of certain vitamins in food.
  • Unlike steel knives, ceramic ones are fragile.. They are not suitable for cutting frozen foods and meat with bones, but they are simply created. for cutting fruits and vegetables.
  • Try not to subject the devices to drops or use a blade for garlic crushing.
  • Use ceramic knives on plastic or wooden boards. Cutting on glass or marble should be abandoned, otherwise it will begin to crumble.

Reviews of ceramic knives

  • In addition, do not use knives to unscrew something, open, crack. You need to wash the devices by hand, dishwashers can not be used, thus you insure them from damage.
  • For storage, use special coasters or specially designated compartments in the dryer.

Swiss ceramic knives home: reviews

Make ceramic knives brandswiss homein Germany. Firmswiss home is engaged in the production of not only ceramics, but also dishes. Knives of this company have become very popular among Russians because acceptable cost and good quality.

  • Amongmeritssecrete sharpness with prolonged use, which is part of the vegetable cutter. A box in which knives are sold is perfect for further storage during operation. Such a set will be a wonderful gift for any occasion. Like any ceramic appliances, knives of the swiss home will not be suitable for cutting too hard products and bones.
  • They have a very comfortable, rubberized, and therefore non-slip, curved handle in their hand.. Sets can be bought in two colors: white and black.

Reviews of ceramic knives

  • It is argued that the only minus of white ceramics is that it can really lose white color after just a few months of use, red pepper and greens can paint it, so it is better to buy ceramics in black. But it is very individual, because 10% of customers say that there was no staining, and there was absolutely no difference in quality. But black is much more expensive and is considered more durable.

Bergner Ceramic Knives: reviews

Ceramic knives brandbergner produced in Italy. The manufacture is made of a ceramic material based on zirconium dioxide of a tetragonal modification, the manufacturers claim that their knives are second only to diamond in strength.

  • Reviews of ceramic brand knivesbergner range from full negative to absolutely enthusiastic. According to customer reviews, the devices are quite sharp and not dull. They experimented on cleaning potatoes, cutting bread, vegetables and meat. Due to the smooth coating, the food is well behind the walls, which can bring pleasure even to lazy people.
  • As with the rest of the ceramic knives, the main drawback is fragility. But they break away more from falling and hitting, rather than from cutting food.

Reviews of ceramic knives

  • The price of ceramic devices of this company starts from 1500 thousand rubles. The sharpening is very sharp, the slices are perfectly even. The biggest minus ceramic products of the bergner brand are manifested only in the process of operation:fragility of devices, fragile tip and tendency to dull, but most are faced with this after purchase.

Shinoda ceramic knives: reviews

  1. Produceshinoda ceramic knivesin Hong Kong on the Japanese technology. Distribution of this product received on the stock in the store ATB (Ukraine), where, having collected a certain number of chips, such a set can be bought with a 50% discount. At this happy moments end.
  2. Such devices will last no more than two months, then they will begin to split off into pieces. As it turned out, it is necessary to sharpen ceramic knives no less than ordinary steel. After chipping off the pieces, they should be discarded, since the chipped pieces can get into the stomach.
  3. Many buyers gave this company a lower average rating., and the descriptions in advertising about the reliability and effectiveness of shinoda ceramic knives do not correspond to either price or reality.

Reviews of ceramic knives

When you buy ceramics for a rather big amount, you hope that now there will definitely not be any problems in the kitchen when cutting food. But no! And gradually it is necessary to return steel knives to the kitchen.

This is the most basic thing that can be said about the features of the use of ceramic products. Of course,The main advantage of these knives is the ability to maintain the sharpness of the blade for a long period.Since zirconium oxide is more reliable, ceramics keeps the sharpness longer than mild, forged steel.

Suchknives are not ideal for permanent use in the kitchen. It is recommended to limit the use of ceramic devices for cutting fruits and vegetables to preserve their maximum benefit. If this is enough for you, then ceramic knives are just for you!

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