Redmond multicooker yogurt

First of all, yogurt is a dairy product, and we eat milk from the first days of birth. Mother's milk is a vital source that enriches the infant with all the necessary substances for development and growth. Yoghurt is a nutritious, tasty treat, valuable for children and adults, if no preservatives and harmful substances are added to it during cooking. To be sure of the quality of yogurt, many housewives make it themselves using a slow cooker.

Today we will learn how to cook yogurt in the Redmond multicooker.

Redmond Multicooker Yogurt

Redmond Multivarke Yoghurt: Cooking Recipes

Before turning to recipes, I would like to note several advantages of making yogurt in a slow cooker:

  • the multicooker greatly simplifies the cooking process itself: just press a couple of buttons and set the right time;
  • the slow preheating mode helps to preserve the beneficial properties of the product: live bacterial cultures of yogurt remain in yoghurt.

How to cook yogurt in a Multicooker Redmond? Let's look at a few basic ways.

Recipe number 1

Redmond Multicooker Yogurt


  • milk (with fat content not less than 2.5%) - 650 ml;
  • starter (or yogurt) - 100 ml;
  • additives (optional) - these can be syrups, jams, pieces of fruit, berries, nuts.

We also need 3 jars of 250 ml and a tissue napkin.


  1. First of all, mix the milk and sourdough, and then pour the resulting mixture into containers (you can take jars from baby food or special crockery for the slow cooker).Redmond Multicooker Yogurt
  2. Now we set the jars in the multicooker bowl, after putting the napkin on the bottom.
  3. Fill water into the multicooker tank so that the jars are на coated.Redmond Multicooker Yogurt
  4. We select the Multipov program in the Redmond multicooker, set the temperature regime to 40 degrees and the cooking time for 12 hours.
  5. At the end of the program take out the jars of yogurt and cool.
  6. Before serving, you can add jam, jam, fruit or berries to the table.

Recipe number 2

Now prepare yogurt with heavy cream (10-20%). The most delicious and thick dessert is obtained from milk, cream or sourdough with a large percentage of fat. However, this recipe is not suitable for those who adhere to a dietary diet.

Creamy Yoghurt


  • milk with fat content of 2-4% - 500 ml;
  • cream with fat content of 10-20% - 200 ml;
  • starter "Actimel" - 100 ml.

Ingredients are designed for 4 cans of 180 ml.


  1. First of all, you need to heat the milk to about 40 degrees. Milk take pasteurized.
  2. Pour into warm milk Actimel and cream and mix until smooth.creamy yogurt
  3. Pour the mixture into cooked cups. Take the dishes, which comes with a slow cooker. You can pick up any glassware. The main thing is that it is clean and dry.
  4. The bottom of the bowl should be covered with a cloth. Carefully expose our cups so that they do not touch the bowl and each other. Each glass should be covered with a lid. It is necessary to pour warm water into the multicooker container so that the cups with the mixture are half immersed in it.
  5. Select the program "Yogurt" for the Redmond multicooker, the time will be set automatically (8 hours).
  6. At the end of the program gently get glasses with yogurt. After 10 minutes, send the treat to the fridge, preferably overnight.

Recipe number 3

Classic yogurt can be prepared using dry sourdough, especially since there are more beneficial bio-bacteria in it, and we need a live product. I would also like to note that the success of a dish depends on the fulfillment of elementary conditions. All utensils must be clean, sterilized. Products select fresh, high quality.

Classic Yogurt


  • milk - 1 l;
  • dry yeast - 1 sachet.


  1. We heat the milk no more than 40 degrees in order not to harm our bacteria.
  2. Dry sourdough dissolved in a small amount of milk.Classic Yogurt
  3. In the jars pour the prepared mixture.
  4. Jars are covered with cling film or parchment for baking.Classic Yogurt
  5. We install the program "Yogurt" on the multicooker, you can also set the mode "Heating".
  6. Cooking time - 8-9 hours.

Cooked yogurt in jars in a slow cooker Redmond cool. Add valuable products: dried fruits, frozen berries, syrups.

Recipe number 4

Chocolate yogurt in a slow cooker turns out very tasty. The recipe for its preparation is simple and does not require a large number of ingredients.

Chocolate yogurt in a slow cooker


  • milk - 1 l;
  • yeast - 100 g;
  • dark chocolate - 90-100 g


  1. The first step is to warm the milk.
  2. Chocolate bar break into pieces and add to milk.
  3. Dissolve chocolate in milk, stir the mixture constantly.
  4. We use the jars that go on sale with a slow cooker. You can also take glass jars from under children's mashed potatoes.
  5. All ingredients whisk until smooth.
  6. Spill the resulting mass in jars.
  7. At the bottom of the bowl of the multicooker we place a silicone pad or textile napkin. Carefully install our miracle delicacy.
  8. A bowl of multicookers needs to be filled with water on the hangers of our jars. Jars should be covered with lids, but do not tightly tighten.
  9. On the multicooker, you must set the mode "Yogurt". Cooking time - 8 hours.
  10. The sounded signal means that our yogurt is ready. In a few hours, we can pamper ourselves and our loved ones with a delicious dessert.

What dishes can you add homemade yogurt: cooking tips

What dishes can you add homemade yogurt

Yoghurt is both a separate dessert and an excellent component of multi-component dishes.

It can be a substitute for sour cream, mayonnaise, and salads, seasoned with yogurt, are light, low-calorie. Homemade yogurt is also the finest base for preparing various sauces. And the meat, marinated in yogurt, turns magically tender and juicy.

Many cooks use yogurt in the first courses, such as:

  • spanish gazpacho soup;
  • cream soups;
  • Tarator - Bulgarian national cold soup.

Also, yogurt is simply indispensable in dishes of many national cuisines, for example:

  • dzadziki (cold sauce) - Greek cuisine;
  • rasam - indian vegetable soup.

And of course, many fruit, berry, cottage cheese desserts and mousses do not do without yogurt.

Yogurt is the leader among healthy products. It has a beneficial effect on the body, protects against many diseases. Currently, natural yogurt is considered one of the most popular products in the world. Prepare homemade yogurt in a slow cooker - and you will get a delicious dessert, containing many useful trace elements. Enjoy your meal!

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