Red caviar

Older readers probably remember the anecdote from the Soviet era, when at a dinner party at the hostess off the table a red egg fell and rolled under the sofa, and then the whole evening the guests searched for it. Oral folk art has always struck in the eyebrow, and in the eye. This is the case with red caviar: jokes are no joke, but nobody will be looking for an unnecessary harmful thing, even if it is very expensive. Today's theme for lovers of this table decoration. So, red caviar: good and bad, or how much to eat it to harm the body?

Red caviar

And caviar of different fish differs in its taste and nutritional properties.

The average man doesn’t have much difference - the caviar is like caviar: all salmon, all grainy. So it is by and large, but here's a real gourmet will tell you that the difference is huge and it lies primarily in the fish from which this caviar is obtained.

The salmon family consists of several species of fish: it is pink salmon, chum salmon, coho salmon, sockeye salmon, chinook salmon, royal salmon, and trout. And caviar of different fish differs in its taste and nutritional properties.

Let's take a closer look at this:

  • Chinook caviar is large and expensive. She is very gentle with a slight bitter taste.
  • Chum salmon caviar Experts say that in taste it has no equal. The size of the egg is slightly smaller than the royal one; it leads in the refinement of taste.
  • Pink salmon caviar is the most popular among the general consumer. This is due to the fact that pink salmon is the most prolific among the whole family. Taste properties are universal.
  • Salmon caviar is a leader in wholesome qualities.
  • Caviar of a trout - small, color from dark yellow to bright red. Tried it out very recently - the popularity of this product is still ahead.
  • Caviar of the salmon is considered a hit with gourmets, because it has a unique taste with a slight sharpness and a barely perceptible bitter taste.

Calorie and composition

Salmon caviar is a delicacy on our table, as the product has a high cost.Salmon caviar is a delicacy on our table, as the product has a high cost. Despite this, you need to find an opportunity to eat it, not only on holidays, because red caviar is a real storehouse of useful elements and substances. It includes:

  • vitamins - A, B, D, PP, organic iodine, calcium, phosphorus;
  • proteins and fats;
  • proteins;
  • Omega-6, Omega-3 polysaturated fatty acids.

Red caviar differs from fish meat in low moisture content. The presence of proteins, fats and proteins plays a decisive role in the nutritional value of red caviar. It is caloric: 100 grams of the product contains 250 kilocalories, which greatly exceeds the energy value of meat and dairy products. Caviar does not necessarily have to be spoons: just a couple of sandwiches for breakfast.

Some women, anxious about their figure, are afraid to include red caviar in their menu, mistakenly believing that it will push for weight gain. We assure you that this is not the case, since every single calorie eaten with caviar goes for a good cause - for your recovery. And not a single gram of excess weight.

Red caviar: benefit and harm

The presence of proteins, fats and proteins plays a decisive role in the nutritional value of red caviar

Eating at the festive table dishes with salmon caviar, we never think about the benefit or harm we deliver to the body by consuming this delicacy.

What is useful delicacy?

If you look closely at the composition of red caviar, you can determine the degree of its benefits for our body. Only one set of vitamins worth. Of course, it is impossible to consider red caviar as a medicine, but as a prophylactic, it is even very useful.

So, red caviar affects our body as follows:

  • strengthens the immune system;
  • reduces the level of blood clots;
  • strengthens the circulatory system;
  • stimulates heart activity;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • activates brain activity;
  • improves eyesight;
  • reduces the risk of oncology;
  • caviar does not shy away from the benefits of caviar and men's health, promising a good ending to a romantic dinner.

It is erroneously believed that cholesterol, which is part of the red caviar, has a harmful effect on the body, accumulating in it. But many forget at the same time that it is neutralized by lecithin. But for nerve cells, cholesterol is an essential element.

Harm from red caviar

With all the variety of useful properties of red caviar, there are some points that limit its use. What prevents us from including such a healthy yummy in the diet?

Red caviar has the following contraindications:

  • high levels of salt in the calf will adversely affect patients with hypertension and people with impaired cardiac activity;
  • it is harmful to the body in case of kidney disease and the presence of stones in the bladder;
  • E239 and E200 preservatives, used to increase the shelf life of red caviar, can cause allergic reactions, headache, diseases of the digestive tract, and also lead to disruptions in the immune system of the body;
  • Doctors do not recommend feeding children up to three years with red caviar, as they have not fully developed digestive organs.

How to choose red caviar?

How to distinguish a fake from real caviar?

Recently, buying salmon caviar for quite a lot of money, it is increasingly thinking about the quality of the purchased product. How to distinguish a fake from real caviar? When choosing caviar, follow these rules:

  • the packaging must be factory-made (it must be ensured that it is absolutely absolute), with the obligatory indication of the lot number, shelf life, manufacturer and composition of the product;
  • buy caviar only in trusted retail outlets that are responsible for the goods sold;
  • Give preference to glass containers - the state of the caviar is clearly visible;
  • refrain from buying red caviar by weight;
  • Give preference when buying caviar of the highest grade.

Now we know almost everything about red caviar. It remains only to answer the question asked at the beginning of the conversation. Facts "overdose" red caviar is not registered: you can eat it as much as your body can withstand. However, do not forget that his reaction to the product will also be individual and unpredictable.

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