Proportions of rice and water for cooking in a slow cooker

Wonderful pot called multicooker has already settled on any modern kitchen. Housewives increasingly trust the device to prepare hearty, tasty, wholesome dishes. It is equally possible to boil and fry, bake and bake, stew, braise and steam.

Almost any dish of any complexity with any set of ingredients and cooking technology can be easily done in a slow cooker. But what is most amazing: no longer need to ensure that the food does not burn, do not stir and count the minutes before the end of cooking. Threw the ingredients into the container, set the desired program and all - after a specified time you can eat.

Universal saucepans-multicookers produce many popular brands - manufacturers of household appliances: Panasonic, Redmond, Kenwood, etc. How can cook rice in a Panasonic multicooker or other brands of appliances?

Dishes from rice in a slow cooker

Dishes from rice in a slow cooker

From rice you can cook a lot of delicious, original dishes, the simplest of which is the usual rice garnish. All housewives thoroughly know how to cook porridge in the usual way. That is, how much water to use for the amount of cereal, and how long the cooking process will take. The classic recipe for crumbly rice porridge - 1 serving of cereal for 2 servings of liquid. And if you cook rice in a Redmond multicooker, what are the proportions of water and rice?

Regardless of what brand you have a multicooker, the process of cooking crumbly rice porridge is the same for all devices. You need to cook on the cooking programs (some devices in the settings have pointers, rice, rice, groats, and so on). The proportions of water and rice for rice in a Redmond multicooker are similar to conventional cooking. Before the “start” we place water and grits, salt and spices, a piece of butter in a container.

The device will turn itself off after the expiration of the time set on the timer. At the same time the miracle pot has some unique properties:

  • keeping food warm for 48 hours;
  • automatic settings program (switching on the multicooker offline, for example, in the morning while you are still sleeping);
  • food does not stick, does not stick to the bottom of the pan, it is not necessary to stir and follow the cooking process, add water, etc.

Similarly, rice is prepared in the Panasonic multicooker. Note that before starting, you can add vegetables, corn, beans, mushrooms, and more to classic rice. etc. And if you want to cook rice not a simple side dish, but some full-fledged dish, say, pilaf, then this task is easier than simple.

Delicious pilaf from the multicooker

Recipes for cooking pilau set. This dish is included in the national cuisines of some eastern nations. The most famous is Uzbek plov with lamb. In addition to rice, some meat must be present in the pilaf, as well as vegetables (onions, carrots, garlic), raisins, fragrant spices and spices.

And then the question arises: how to calculate the proportions of water and rice for pilaf in a slow cooker, because there is so much besides cereal? We offer one of the ways to cook crumbly, delicious pilaf using a multicooker.

Departing from the classic recipe, you can use not lamb, but pork, veal, chicken or turkey. Find a good lamb - it is necessary to try, and not everyone loves such specific meat. But to buy pork or chicken is not difficult. And in cooking, these products are unpretentious.

The basis of any pilaf - zirvak - is a mixture of animal fat and heated sunflower oil. You can use lard or collected fat after roasting meat. In the original, after roasting the meat so that it retains its juiciness, the pieces are temporarily removed from the pan, and the vegetables are fried in the same fat. Next, return the meat to the vegetables, add boiling water and simmer for an hour. Only then add rice to the container. But cooking according to the classic recipe is a long time. Delicious pilaf in a slow cooker can be cooked much faster.

Pilaf in a multivarka the proportion of water and rice: 2 tbsp. cereals 3 tbsp. fluid. Instead of water, you can use meat or vegetable broth in the same amount. Rice is better to choose long grain.

Delicious pilaf from the multicooker

Other Ingredients:

  • 400 grams of meat;
  • 1 good onion or 2 medium;
  • 1 large carrot;
  • salt, black pepper and bay leaf or a mixture of spices for pilaf;
  • cooking oil for frying.

The technology of cooking pilaf in a multivark should be divided into stages: frying and boiling. The meat is cut into small pieces, chop onions into cubes, and carrots into strips. The rice is washed and left aside.

By installing the frying program, you can proceed to direct cooking. The timer for 25 minutes of the frying program, pour in silent oil and put the meat. We press start, do not close the cover of the multicooker, periodically stir the meat. 15 minutes after the start, pour the chopped onion, and after 3-5 minutes - carrots. Stir and fry until the device turns off.

The next and final stage is cooking. To the fact that we already have in the saucepan, add spices, rice cereals and hot water (broth). In the multicooker menu, select the command "plov", set the timer for half an hour. Close and start. Ten minutes to the end you can check how our pilaf is there. Leave the lid open before turning off the device to evaporate the remaining liquid.

If your multicooker does not have a “pilaf” mode in the menu, but there is a “rice” mode, on such a program you can also easily cook delicious flavored pilaf.

While frying meat with vegetables, set the mode "frying - meat". Then the dish will have a distinctive flavor. After we pour in the rice and add water so that the liquid a couple of centimeters covered the entire contents of the pan. Do not forget about spices and seasonings. Select the mode "rice". Half an hour later we put the whole unpeeled head of garlic into the container, close all this tasty food and wait for the end of the program.

The consistency of the pilaf may depend on how the meat and vegetables are sliced. The quality of the meat also affects the fat content, dryness and richness of the dish. If, for example, you use chicken breast, the pilaf may turn out to be rather dry. Rich chicken pilaf is better to cook from the hips.

We clean the meat from the bone, remove the skin.

Onion cut into half rings, carrots - straws.

It is not recommended to rub carrots for pilaf, otherwise the dish will acquire a pasty consistency and will not be crumbly.

Turn on the slow cooker in the "frying" mode, pour a little sunflower oil into the container.

Pieces of chicken and sliced ​​vegetables fall asleep at the same time, fry for 15 minutes. Further actions: seasoning, adding cereals and boiling water, cooking in the "plov" or "rice" mode.

By serving, you can decorate the top with chopped green onions and other herbs (for example, cilantro). Fans use hot peppers and other savory spices.

Having in her kitchen a modern slow cooker, any housewife will be able to pamper her household with amazingly delicious dishes, without spending a lot of time and effort on it. The delicious pilaf from the multicooker is proof of that.

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