Piti soup

In recent years, Azerbaijani cuisine has confidently entered the menu of restaurants. Some recipes of national dishes are so easy to prepare that they are used at home. Connoisseurs of oriental delicacies are advised to definitely try dolma, pilaf and piti. The last dish differs markedly from other Azerbaijani soups.

Peaty Soup: Key Cooking Points

The first thing that is immediately noted by all experts in the cuisine of the peoples of the Transcaucasus is the need to purchase ceramic pots for cooking piti soup. Moreover, it should be chosen correctly the right pot for such dishes.

  • It is better to buy a pot of 0.5-0.75 liters. Special attention must be paid to the neck. It should be as narrow as possible to prevent significant evaporation of the liquid. Otherwise, only well-extinguished ingredients will remain from the soup.
  • The quality mark of the pot is a sound made by a slight click on its walls. After competent firing, the sound is clear and clear.
  • It is necessary to track the uniformity of the wall thickness and the state of the glaze with which they are covered. The frozen composition should not have bubbles, chips, rough areas. All these defects can lead to changes in the taste of the dish, to an increase in the time of its preparation and to many other unpleasant moments.

Cookware selected. Now it is necessary to understand what is to be cooked in it. What is the difference between soups and soups? For example, from the same Bozbash? They basically have one basis. This soup is cooked in most cases on lamb brisket. In some areas, the practice of oxtails is practiced, which is not quite usual. But the versions of the piti soup on the beef have nothing to do with the original recipe.

Among the required ingredients are Nohut peas, as well as chestnuts and dried mint. These are components of the classic recipe, which, of course, do not always go into action because of their inaccessibility. Therefore, the same chestnuts are replaced by potatoes, which, it turns out, is allowed in the Baku version of the soup. We should not forget about onions, complemented by vinegar or sumac. These products are served to the ready-made soup, but they are just as important as the tkemali sauce on the table by an Armenian.

Original Piti soup: recipe of Azerbaijani cuisine

Meat, as already mentioned, is selected from the brisket area. Usually these are ribs. Kidneys are sometimes added to them. Since, piti soup is not prepared for a week, the ingredients are selected in small quantities.

Piti soup: recipe for beef and lamb


  1. Mutton - 250 gr.
  2. Fat (in preference fat tail) - 20 gr.
  3. Raw chestnuts are selected - 0.5 kg.
  4. Bulb
  5. Seasonings, salt, garlic - to taste
  6. Nohut peas - 0.75 tbsp.
  7. Cherry plum - 3 pcs.


  • Chestnuts clean. Nohut is soaked for 12 hours. As soon as the peas swell, the upper shell is removed from them. The bottom just goes to the soup. Additionally, you need sour plums, in the original - plum. Their number is only 3-4 pieces. Immediately it is worth remembering that the original Azerbaijani recipe for piti soup provides for long cooking. The process takes about 5-6 hours, since it is necessary to bring the meat to the desired condition as much as possible. Lamb - not a chicken, which is enough 40-50 minutes. Therefore, if you want to get a real Caucasian dish, you should be patient.
  • An important and interesting nuance - in the pots all the components for piti soup must be laid in layers. And the first in this improvised pyramid becomes an onion, carefully chopped. From the specified number of products will be 2 servings in 0.75 l containers. Lamb is cut into large enough pieces, the bones are removed. The meat is laid on top of the onion and slightly salted. You can rub it with salt for 10 minutes. before lowering into the container.
  • Now the previously soaked and cleaned nohut is filled up, crushed cherry plum is flying behind it. In each of the pots poured about 2 tbsp. freshly boiled water, after which the container is closed with a lid. Put the dishes only in a cold or heated to 70 ° C oven. This moment is important at least for reasons of preservation. Then the temperature inside the oven is brought to 190 ° C, convection is not connected. An hour later, it will take more water to fill up, as it is evaporated.
  • After 50 minutes garlic cloves are thrown into pots. If the water is low, it is added again. With all the same temperature, but with convection, soup piti will reach for another 2 hours. Then pour all the necessary spices, and the dish is infused for 10-15 minutes. To the table it is served not one. In separate bowls put shredded onion rings with wine vinegar. In addition, in Armenia, often a part of nohut and chestnuts, already softened in a few hours in the oven, is removed, mashed in a mashed potatoes and offered to drink piti separately. It is allowed to add fresh finely torn herbs: parsley, dill, basil.

How to cook piti lamb in a slow cooker?

Not everyone likes to work with the oven. And since the moment when the multicooker appeared on the kitchen appliances market, the lion’s share of hostesses gave it preference, forgetting about other cooking methods. This unit has reduced the time spent in the kitchen in meticulous observation of the stove, and calmly do other things.

Of course, the taste in the pot and in the slow cooker is somewhat different. Therefore, gourmets are unlikely to appreciate this version. But for those who are not trying to find 20 differences in dishes, the soup will remain the same. Is that cooked much faster. And the composition of the ingredients can be taken slightly modified.

For example, use 0.5 kg. lamb, making piti for the whole family and for a couple of days. 2-3 potatoes suitable for cooking (usually these are yellow sugary varieties). It is necessary 350 gr. Of a nut, prepared through soaking. The recipe modification assumes the presence of tomato paste or fresh blanched tomatoes in a volume of 250 gr. Additionally connected onions, hops-suneli, garlic and hot peppers in the pod.

In the bowl of the multicooker, all these components are lowered at one time, filled with water, which should reach the top mark inside the bowl. Extinguish mode is set, the timer for 1.5 hours.

Cooking piti soup in its classic version, and in a simplified version, will not be difficult. This dish can be your favorite hearty meal for the whole family, and the highlight of the festive table. You can cook this soup in pots from both beef and lamb.

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