Pickling trout at home


Trout belongs to the salmon family. Almost all species of this fish family are salted at home, but unlike chum salmon or pink salmon, salted trout at home will not be so dry.

One of the advantages of trout when salted at home - it is almost impossible to spoil it with salt, because she absorbs it as much as she needs. It is possible to pickle at home both fresh-frozen (which is done most often) and fresh trout.

How to pickle trout at home?

At the beginning of the trout salting process at home It is necessary to prepare all the necessary ingredients.

Pickling trout at home

  1. The first is a mixture for salting. It consists of stone salt and granulated sugar. It is necessary to prepare the mixture at the rate of 4 spoons for each kilogram of fish. To add flavor to the fish, ground pepper and dried herbs can be added to the mixture.
  2. Next, you need to take bay leaf and allspice peas - to taste. Stick to the rule - seasonings should not interrupt the taste of the fish itself.
  3. Next step - trout cuttingIf the trout is whole, then, first of all, separate the tail and the head from it, of which you can then cook soup or fish soup. Next, cut the fins of the fish. After cut the trout into as large pieces as possible, separating the fish fillets from the bones.

Salting trout at home in brine

  • Take a bowl (in any case, do not take a container of metal, so that the surface of the bowl does not react with the brine). Place a little salt, allspice and a few bay leaves on the bottom of the bowl.
  • Put the first piece of trout on top, down with the sandpaper, sprinkle it with the mixture for pickling, put a bay leaf and allspice on top, then again a piece of fish and spices, and perform such manipulations with each piece of fish alternating with spices.

Salting trout at home in brine

  • When all pieces of trout are laid, cover the bowl with a lid and put it in a dark cold place (for example, in the refrigerator, on the balcony, the room temperature should not be higher than 10 C) for 1-2 days. The brine formed in the process of salting should be periodically drained.
  • Before cutting fish for eating, you need to drain the brine from it and remove the remaining seasonings on it, for this, each slice can be wetted with a napkin.
  • Sliced ‚Äč‚Äčtrout can be sprinkled with lemon juice.

How to pickle trout in a can?

  • You will need a glass jar, salt, olive oil, bay leaf, allspice peas.

Salting trout at home in a can

  • Cut the trout into thin slices and start all the ingredients, alternating between them, put in a jar in the following order: fish, salt, pepper, bay leaf, olive oil.
  • The jar needs a little shake and put in a cold place for half an hour. Fish is ready!

Salting trout at home in vodka

  • Sprinkle salt on trout fillet, add dried dill, sugar and some vodka.
  • Place everything in a bowl, cover it with a lid on top and place it under the press for a couple of hours.

Salting trout at home in vodka

  • Then put the fish container in the fridge for 6 hours.
  • Next, remove the bowl from the fridge, cut the trout into slices and serve the dish to the table!

How to pickle trout with smoke?

Take two pieces of trout fillet, pepper, salt, add sugar with sand and literally 1 drop of liquid smoke. Foil the fish in foil and put in the refrigerator or on the balcony for 12 hours.

Salting trout at home with smoke

Fish turns slightly smoked and very tasty!

Salting trout at home in marinade

  • For this method you need cook marinade: put a pot of 1 l of water on the fire; when the water starts to boil, add 2 tbsp of it to it sugar and salt and 5 grains of allspice. After 3 minutes of boiling, cool the marinade.
  • After you have prepared the marinade, chop the trout with thick strips, pour the marinade over it and place something heavy on top so that the fish do not float.

Salting trout at home in marinade

  • Then put the container with the fish in the fridge for a day. Before serving, trout can be rinsed with vegetable oil.

Salted at hometroutcan be an excellent snack, the process of its preparation takes very little time and effort, and the result is excellent!

Cook on health!

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