Pickling bacon at home

It has long been believed that people who eat fat are very strong and powerful. Many of us love to feast on baked pork with a crispy crust. And some like salted lard. In the store, you can buy both salted and smoked lard, but it is best to prepare such a natural product at home. Today, there are many recipes for salting fresh bacon. Each hostess chooses her favorite and proven method. How salting is done at home is discussed in our article.

What kind of fat to choose?

How should I choose the fat for salting?

Just imagine: you go to the destruction meat pavilion or shop and your eyes run away from so much lard and meat. It is all beautiful in appearance, but this does not always mean that the product is tasty and fresh. To choose the best and most suitable for salting lard, you need to consider some aspects:

  • you need to buy only fresh fat, which has a white or pinkish color;
  • for salting is suitable thin fat, its thickness from the skin should be about 2.5-3 cm;
  • for salting, it is better not to take bacon with meat layers, since the product will be a little tough;
  • the pelt should be separated from the fat easily;
  • fresh and high-quality fat can be easily pierced with a knife, smoothly and without strain;
  • there is an opinion that the fat of the pig "girls" is softer and tastier than the fat

What are the ways to salting fat?

What are the ways to salting fat?

There are several ways to salting fat, in particular:

  • dry;
  • brine;
  • boiled;
  • smoked.

Many consider the dry method of salting fat as the most simple and optimal. Salo is salted after about 2 weeks, but it cannot be stored for more than 1 month. But when using brine, lard can be stored in the refrigerating chamber for about 1 year.

If you prefer savory dishes, then choose the variants of salting of lard by boiling or smoking. You can use different spices, and the finished product will acquire an unusual aroma and taste.

Pickling bacon at home in brine

Virtually every housewife knows that lard is considered one of the traditional delicacies of the Ukrainian people. Therefore, all classic recipes for salted bacon are called Ukrainian. If you want to cook a truly traditional dish in compliance with all the rules, then the following recipe for salting fresh bacon in brine will be useful.

Pickling bacon at home in brine


  • whole piece of fresh bacon - 1.5-2 kg;
  • boiled cooled water - 1 l;
  • table or sea salt - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • ground pepper and peas;
  • garlic cloves;
  • bay leaves


  1. A solid piece of bacon should be cut into portions, which in appearance should resemble bars. It is best not to make the pieces big so that the fat is salted evenly.Pickle bacon
  2. Then you need to take a separate container and prepare the brine. To do this, pour into the dishes boiled, but already cooled water.Salting water
  3. Next, add salt to the water (it is better to use sea food), a tablespoon of ground black pepper and peas. Also several laurel leaves are laid out in a container, and then everything is thoroughly mixed.

    Pickle for salting salo
  4. Then chop the garlic and put it in a container with brine.
  5. In the cooked pickle you need to put the chopped pieces of bacon and carefully press them down.Pickled bacon in brine
  6. Salo is salted for 3-4 days. To do this, the container must be removed in the refrigerator.
  7. After this time, the already salted lard should be removed from the brine, thoroughly dried and grated garlic.Lard, grated garlic
  8. You can store salted product in the freezer, prepacking it in bags or trays.

Salt lard for smoking

If you prefer smoked bacon and cook it at home, then you know that before the procedure, bacon must be salted. Smoked lard taste depends on the quality of salting.

Pickling bacon for smoking at home


  • fresh lard - 1-1.5 kg;
  • salt - 200-220 g;
  • boiled chilled water;
  • a mixture of peppers;
  • garlic cloves;
  • bay leaves


  1. A solid piece of bacon must be thoroughly washed and dried.
  2. In a bowl, chop the garlic cloves, you can under the press.Garlic for salting salo
  3. In a separate container you need to lay out salt in the form of a pillow, and on top put a whole piece of bacon.
  4. Salo should be seasoned with chopped bay leaves, a mixture of peppers and garlic. All you need to thoroughly rub in the fat.
  5. Water should be poured into the container in an amount necessary to fully cover the fat.
  6. Dishes should be covered with a lid and put in a refrigerator for 5-6 days.
  7. After the specified time, the fat should be removed from the tank, thoroughly rinsed and smoked.

How to pickle fat in the bank: a recipe

Simply and quickly saline fat can be dry. For this, many housewives use a salting recipe in the bank. Remember that salt can be poured without restrictions, because during salting the lard will take only the necessary amount of salt and cannot salt it excessively.

Salting of fat at home in the bank: a recipe


  • chilled fresh bacon;
  • a mixture of peppers;
  • spice;
  • garlic cloves.


  1. Wash and dry the whole piece of bacon thoroughly, for this you can use paper towels.
  2. Cut the fat into portions. The size of the pieces for salting can be any. Some housewives choose only whole pieces for salting.
  3. In a separate bowl, mix chopped garlic, a mixture of peppers and any seasoning to your taste.
  4. Each portion piece of bacon to be thoroughly rub the prepared mixture.
  5. Take a jar, the best three-liter, and pour in the table salt.
  6. Put the lard in layers in a container, sprinkling them with salt. Best of all pieces of fat spread very tight.Pickling bacon in a can
  7. Cover the container with the fat lid and send to the refrigerator. Salting time on average is 7-10 days.
  8. After this time, remove the salted fat from the jar, peel and wrap it with a piece of parchment paper. In this form, salted lard should be stored in the freezer.
  9. Here's a simple way to dry salted fresh fat can be applied at home.

For salting the fat dry way, some housewives use bags or parchment paper. It is quite simple to make it, however, the fat should be salted well not earlier than in 2-3 weeks.

Choose a recipe you like and surprise your household and guests. If you want to add spicy fat, then when salting, you can use hot spices and red pepper. Some housewives prefer salted boiled lard. It all depends on your taste preferences. The main thing is to choose a fresh and high-quality product. Enjoy your meal!

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