Philadelphia rolls home. video

The desire for development is commendable, it is because of this there are favorable changes in life. For example, in a restaurant, food prices are quite high due to the qualifications of a chef who has been successfully studying throughout her life. Many practical applications of their skills allow you to confidently feel your knowledge, to be able to experiment in an accessible area.

Philadelphia rolls home. Video

Sushi bar offers a choice of delicious sushi made from rice and various seafood. So what to do? Go to a public institution or try to do yourself? Resolved! Cooking at home rolls Philadelphia !!! These sushi belong to uramak-rolls and are among the most popular in Russia. What is necessary to create Japanese motifs at home? Of course, the desire to do it and the availability of the necessary products.

Products for the preparation of rolls Philadelphia


  1. rice - 240 g;
  2. nori seaweed - 1 sheet;
  3. salmon - 120 g;
  4. Philadelphia cheese - 70 g;
  5. fresh cucumber - 1-2 pcs .;
  6. 1-2 avocados;
  7. wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce as you like.


  • Rice, of course, boiled separately.
  • All other ingredients are used raw.
  • Cucumber and avocado cut into thin strips.
  • This roll is created by the technique of cooking uramaki (rolls inside out).

To make it easier to understand the principle of the formation of sushi, you should view the video clip, describing in detail the basics of technology.

Cooking Philadelphia rolls at home. Video

Successful experiments and enjoy your meal!

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