Pea soup in the redmond crock-pot with smoked meats

With the taste of pea soup, we met in early childhood. In one voice, all around asserted its usefulness and nutritional value. This first course was often the head of the school canteen menu. Fortunately, at home, this soup turns out much tastier. Today we will cook pea soup in the Redmond multicooker.

Culinary subtleties

Pea soup in a slow cooker

The basis of pea soup is, of course, cereals of the same name. You can use half or whole peas. It all depends entirely on your taste preferences.

Many housewives refuse to prepare such a first course, since this requires a lot of time. Peas, as a rule, are cooked for a long time, and it does not always turn out crumbly and very tasty. But if you tried to cook pea soup in a multi-cooker-pressure cooker "Redmond", then your opinion would have changed dramatically.

Firstly, you no longer need to cook peas for hours and worry that it will burn, and secondly, you can put all the components into a multi-container in advance, and for dinner you will have an ideal, delicious and very tasty first course.

And if experienced homemakers know perfectly well all the subtleties of cooking pea soup, then novice housewives need help. In this regard, we have compiled a selection of the best, and most importantly, useful tips:

  • Pre-pea grits should be soaked in cold filtered water. The longer the grains of peas are in the water, the faster they will cook.
  • If you want to cook the soup faster, then choose half the peas.
  • Pea groats must be repeatedly washed in running filtered water. This procedure is best repeated 4-5 times until the water stops foaming.
  • Pea soup will be lean and low-calorie if cooked in water.
  • To give the soup nutritional and savory taste, cook it in broth with the addition of pieces of meat.
  • Traditionally, pea soup is seasoned with peppercorns, laurel leaves, salt and dried garlic.
  • Serve the described dish should be hot. Do you want to surprise your household? Fill the soup with fresh croutons in garlic sauce.

In this article, as already mentioned, we will discuss the preparation of pea soup in the Redmond multicooker. To date, a huge number of models of kitchen appliances are produced under this brand. The duration of the heat treatment of products depends on the power of the device and its functional features. If in your kitchen arsenal there is a multicooker of this particular brand, then our advice will be useful:

  • Pea soup can be prepared in two program modes - "Stewing" and "Soup".
  • Vegetables are pre-pasted in a multicasting container. Ideal for this program is suitable "Frying". By the way, the minimum cooking time is 15 minutes.
  • Multivarki brand "Redmond" have a mode "Multipovar." You can set the desired cooking time and the corresponding temperature conditions. It varies on average from 60 to 130 °.
  • These multicookers have a unique "Auto Heater" feature. Even after a few hours you can serve a hot first course.
  • Another useful option is “Delay Start”. Such a function will become simply indispensable for busy housewives. Before work, you can put all the products in a multicooker container, and in the evening try tasty and fresh soup.

Let's resort to the help of the multicooker

Today we will cook pea soup with smoked meats in the Redmond multicooker, taking into account all the rules. Please note that the cooking time of the soup may vary significantly. Multivarki described brand make it possible to choose the appropriate functional mode. Let's cook pea soup, which in childhood we were fed by grandmothers and mothers.

Pea soup in a slow cooker


  • 0.4 kg of pea groats;
  • potatoes - 3-4 pcs .;
  • 200-300 g of smoked meat;
  • carrots - 2 pcs .;
  • laurel leaf;
  • a pinch of dried thyme;
  • fresh herbs - to taste.


  1. Pre-soak peas for several hours.
  2. Prepare the vegetables. Clean them and rinse thoroughly.Pea soup in a slow cooker
  3. We put pea groats in a multi-cooker container and rinse thoroughly several times.Pea soup in a slow cooker
  4. In the washed cereal add a few leaves of laurel, dried thyme, pepper mixture and salt.Pea soup in a slow cooker
  5. Multivarochny container fill 2/3 of the filtered water.Pea soup in a slow cooker
  6. We close the lid, select the "Soup" mode, and set the timer for 60 minutes.
  7. Using a spatula, stir the soup periodically.
  8. While the pea groats are boiled, prepare the vegetables.
  9. Cut potatoes into large pieces, and onions and carrots - small.Pea soup in a slow cooker
  10. As soon as the slow cooker beeps, add chopped vegetables.Pea soup in a slow cooker
  11. Set the same program mode, set the timer to 30 minutes.
  12. After this time, stir the soup, add finely chopped greens.Pea soup in a slow cooker
  13. Before serving, add chopped smoked meats to the soup.

By analogy, pea soup is prepared in the Redmond M90 multi-cooker. The only significant difference may be in the cooking time. Pay attention to the power of the multi-cooker. You can use different sauces and meat fillets to give the pea soup a delicate taste and spicy notes. By the way, if you cook the described first course in the broth, then the boiled meat is removed from the multi-cooker container, crushed and added to the finished soup. Enjoy your meal!

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