Oven baked potatoes

The potato itself is a very nutritious and healthy vegetable. If it is properly prepared, it will enrich the body with a large number of valuable substances. And although many diets limit the use of this root, there is a simple and tasty dish that you can pamper yourself, even adhering to the principles of proper nutrition. Meet - baked potatoes in a uniform!

Calories and nutritional value

Oven Baked Potatoes

The energy value of the finished dish depends directly on the amount of oil and additional ingredients. If you bake potatoes with a minimum of salt and fat, its caloric content will be only 80 kcal per 100 g. On average, this indicator varies between 90-100 kcal. It is clear that with an increase in the volume of oil and the addition of onions, cheese, meat and other goodies, the number of ill-fated calories will tend upwards.

As for the nutritional value of the product, most of the mass falls on carbohydrates - almost 19 g out of 100. Baked potato with peel contains only 2.5 g of proteins and very little fat - 0.13 g. These indicators allow us to conclude that the root vegetable very quickly creates a feeling of satiety, which lasts for at least 2-3 hours.

More useful than purified? Benefits of Unshrimp Potatoes

Oven baked potatoes

All valuable substances of potato are mainly concentrated under the skin. Cutting off too thick a layer, you lose yourself a lot of useful elements. And there are enough of them in the product. First of all, vitamin C should be noted. Bake the potatoes in a uniform, and you will make the dish a rich source of ascorbic acid. Only use it immediately after preparation, because over time this substance is destroyed.

Baked potato in the oven is rich in vitamins B2, B3, B6, D, E, PP and others. It contains high-grade protein, fiber, pectic substances, organic acids, and that's not all. The fruit is recommended to use during gastritis and high acidity. Also, the potato prevents the occurrence of diabetes, eliminates tinnitus and improves memory.

Remember: cooking potatoes in an unpeeled form, you save almost all valuable elements in it! Root without peel during heat treatment loses almost 50% of vitamins and minerals.

Baked Potatoes in Oven in Uniform

So that all newly acquired knowledge does not remain a theory, try to prepare a dish according to our recipe. We will tell how to bake potatoes in the oven so that even the most naughty child will ask for supplements.

Baked Potatoes in Oven in Uniform


  • potatoes;
  • spices (coriander, ground ginger, oregano, paprika, turmeric, black pepper, etc.);
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt;
  • flour.

We do not indicate the specific amount of ingredients, since in this case it is better to proceed from personal needs. Seasoning can take any, what will be at home. Just do not pour them too much, because they need only emphasize the taste of the dish, and not drown it.


  1. Rinse the potatoes thoroughly. It is advisable to brush over it to remove dirt.
  2. Cut the roots in large pieces (can be in 4 pieces).
  3. Put them in a deep plate or bowl - the product should be marinated. To do this, add your favorite seasonings, salt, mix well and leave for 10-15 minutes, you can for half an hour. However, if time is tight, skip this step.
  4. Dust the potatoes with flour (quite a bit), mix and add butter. You can take olive or sunflower, at your discretion. Their caloric content is about the same, the difference is only in the benefits to the body and taste.
  5. Stir the ingredients and place them in an open baking dish. The oven at this time should already be heated to 250-320 degrees.
  6. Submit the form to the oven. Cooking time - about 30-50 minutes, depending on the temperature.

It turns out a delicious dish! And if this is a young potato in a uniform baked in the oven, then it will fly away from the table in a matter of moments.

Variations of recipe dishes

With each new preparation, you can add other seasonings, and this will make the taste of the dish every time special. Try to cook it with dried dill and sea salt. And if you do not want to mess around for a long time with potatoes, bake whole tubers! Rinse and dry well. Then pierce the skin with a fork, pour oil on it and rub it into the skin, treat the fruit with sea salt and send them to the oven for 1.5-2 hours at a temperature of 225-2750. When the rind becomes crispy, the dish is ready.

baked potato in skin

Cooking secrets

To make the potato crispy, lay it out in one layer. Half an hour after the heat treatment, mix the product - this will create a ruddy crust from all sides. And one more secret: if you want the skin to crunch, put the potatoes in the oven when it is still not very warm.

A potato baked in the oven is a salvation for any hostess when the dish should be both tasty and quick.

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