Ossetian pie with potatoes and cheese

Surely many have heard about the favorite delicacy of the inhabitants of the Caucasus - Ossetian pie with potatoes and cheese. The recipe of this yummy has many dozens of years, and the appearance of such pastries on the table is a real tradition that is honored in every home.

Such a simple and tasty - Ossetian pie!

Ossetian Pie Recipe with Potatoes and Cheese

Of course, the most delicious Ossetian pies can be tasted only in the Caucasus, but not to go there, in fact, because of the pies! Although not quite real, authentic, but no less delicious pastries can be prepared at home, because the recipes are no longer kept secret.

Ossetian pies are closed plump yeast dough cakes. Bake them with a variety of fillings. The most traditional are:

  • potatoes;
  • cheese;
  • potatoes and cheese;
  • cheese and greens;
  • beet leaves.

These are the most common Ossetian pies. The fillings can be equally mixed or monolithic. Sometimes inside can put and meat, pumpkin, wild garlic, zucchini, cottage cheese, etc.

Any self-respecting Ossetian mistress can bake such pies, and moreover - even the degree of her culinary skill is estimated by them.

Ossetian pie with potatoes and cheese: a recipe from the Caucasus

It would seem that here is difficult - to bake potato cake? But the dough at the Ossetian pie should be thin (and therefore, it is easy to break it when baking), and the filling is plentiful. All the cakes should be the same size - both in diameter and in thickness - and one degree of roastiness, and this already requires certain skills from the chef. But do not worry! A little skill - and you will definitely get Ossetian pie with potatoes and cheese. A recipe with photos and a bit of inspiration will help you with this.

Ossetian Pie


  • potatoes - 1 kg;
  • Ossetian cheese or sheep cheese - 200 g;
  • sour milk or kefir - 3-4 tbsp. (you can take the milk, just have to add 100 g of sour cream);
  • flour - about 5 tbsp .;
  • vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • yeast - 50 g;
  • egg yolk (for lubrication) - 1 pc .;
  • salt, sugar.


  1. Dilute the pressed yeast with warm water, add 1 tbsp there. l sugar, pour in clabber (kefir, milk). If you use dry yeast, then they need to be mixed with flour.
  2. In the dough, add 3 tbsp. l vegetable oil.
  3. Pour 0.5 tsp. salt and 1 tbsp. l sugar sand. Stir.
  4. Add flour (slightly), stirring with a mixer, and then with your hands. To prevent the dough from sticking to the hands, it is necessary to lubricate them with vegetable oil.
  5. Leave the dough in a warm place, covered with plastic and a towel. When it rises, it will need to be pressed with the hands ("shake") and again left.
  6. While the dough comes, you should do the filling. To do this, boil the potatoes, make mashed potatoes (crush, salt, add half a cup of warm milk, a piece of butter, mix).
  7. Cheese grate on a coarse grater. Add to mashed potatoes, mix.
  8. When the dough rises a second time, you can bake.
  9. Divide the dough into several koloboks (calculate that each dough has the same amount of dough as the fillings - this is an important rule that should not be neglected). According to tradition, flat cakes (and therefore koloboks) should be an odd number (even - at the wake).
  10. Take the bun and hand flatten it into a cake. Put the stuffing in the middle (remember equal proportions). Pinch the edges to the center (you get a bag) and work your palms again, flattening the bun. Rolling pin in the preparation of Ossetian pies is not used - everything is done by hand (perhaps why they are so tasty?). Try to distribute the filling evenly. Turn the tortilla and flatten it too.
  11. In the center of the cake make a hole with a Chinese stick or fork. Grease the tart with raw egg yolk.
  12. Formed cakes (1 or 2 - depending on the size) can be sent to the oven (at 200 ° C they should be baked for about 20 minutes, but best of all, the end time of cooking will be shown to you by the rosy appearance of the cakes).
  13. Finished products can be greased with butter and cover with polyethylene and a towel so that they do not cool.

Gourmet pastries with cheese and herbs

Ossetian Pie with Greens


  • Ossetian cheese or sheep cheese - 200 g;
  • greens (traditionally used cilantro, dill, green onions, sorrel);
  • yogurt, kefir or milk - 3-4 st .;
  • flour - about 5 tbsp .;
  • vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • butter - 50 g;
  • yeast - 50 g;
  • egg yolk (for lubrication) - 1 pc .;
  • salt, sugar.


  1. The dough is made exactly the same as in the previous recipe.
  2. For the filling you need to grate the cheese and finely chop the greens, combine and mix well. Add more melted butter - the cake will be more juicy.
  3. Do the same from the previous recipe, starting with item 9. Remember that the amount of dough should be equal to the amount of filling.
  4. Put the finished flat cakes on each other, like pancakes, and coat with melted butter.

Ossetian pie with cheese and greens is a classic option, which you should definitely cook.

While the whole world goes crazy with pizza, in the Caucasus, savor no less tasty Ossetian pies. Try it too - and you will love it! Just do not get carried away, because the patties are pretty calorie, and sometimes it's just impossible to resist.

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