Oregano oil


Oregano oilOregano (oregano) is produced from a plant. It is a pale yellow liquid with a warm scent. Over time, smell and color may change. Oregano oil is made differently, so the types of oil may vary in concentration. You can combine oregano oil with linseed, cedar, olive oil.

If we talk about the composition, the main active ingredient are essential oils, in second place are flavonoids - antioxidants, then acids, vitamins A and C, a number of trace elements. And oregano oil, unlike a living plant, boasts a concentrated bouquet of all useful components. On the therapeutic, cosmetic and culinary abilities of this oil and will be discussed.

Properties of oregano oil

In ancient times, oregano oil was used for medicinal purposes: headaches, snake bites, bronchitis, sinusitis, the common cold, and cough. You can get rid of all this. Today known antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties of oregano oil.

With the help of oil, you can get rid of germs that cause skin and digestive tract problems. Also strengthen the immune system, make the muscles more flexible, get rid of breathing problems.

How to choose oregano oil?

Before you use oregano oil, make sure that it is of high quality. The product may be diluted with substances harmful to the human body. Available and cheap options for oil may not always be the right product: it may be thyme oil or oregano. They are also good and useful, but do not have the power of oregano oil.

Here are some tips on choosing oregano oil.

  • In oregano quality oil, the concentration of corvacrol - a strong antibacterial agent - must be at least 70%. But the percentage of thymol should be low - about 5%.
  • Present oil must be obtained from the natural cooking process - steam distillation.
  • The product must not contain any chemical additives.

And, of course, you need to look at the price tag. By itself, the oil is quite cheap - it all depends on the dosage. For example, 5 ml of oil will cost you about 60 rubles. This oil can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Application of oregano oil

Apply oregano oil in the treatment, cooking, cosmetology, everywhere with great success. It treats 13 types of fungi, has anthelmintic and antibacterial action. Apply oil to the skin undiluted can not, it is best to dilute it with olive, coconut.

  • The oil is effective for allergies, bacterial infections, thrush (in the mouth), headaches and muscle pain, eczema, skin diseases, dandruff, rashes, bites of bees, poisonous spiders and snakes.
  • When problems with digestionjust add a few drops to a glass of juice.
  • Cold is treatedin the early stages. The recipe is the same, only the dose should be slightly increased and 5 drops, consumed about 5 days. The sickness will leave you immediately.
  • With nasal congestion the same recipe: juice and butter - 3 drops every day.
  • In cookingOregano is used quite often and mostly by Italians. Cooks love to add oregano to fish, pizza, pickles, sauces, salads, meat - in a word, everything.

In cosmetology and aromatherapy Oregano oil is a great helper for relaxation and comfortable rest.




4, 5 drops


Up to 2 drops


3, 4 drops

Hot / cold inhalations

Up to 2 drops for 5 minutes

Cosmetics enrichment

2, 3 drops per 15 grams of base


5 drops to 15 grams of base oil


Oregano oil along with powerful useful qualities has a number of minuses. For example, oil serves as a barrier to the absorption of iron by the body, therefore you should not use it during pregnancy.Allergy sufferers with "hostility" to basil, mint, thyme and sage should be very careful, because oregano oil is an active allergic product.

Oregano oil is a wonderful and natural product, it can both cure and soothe you. A couple of drops of wonderful oil of oregano can work wonders, so after a long working day, surrender to his power and you will not regret!