Orange peel jam


In our latitudes, citrus fruits are considered exotic. But few people remain indifferent, having tasted the amazing fragrant orange peel jam, for the preparation of which the fruit itself is not needed. We offer incredibly tasty and at the same time economical options for making sweet treats. More orange peel will never be in the trash!

Why is orange peel jam useful?

Why is orange peel jam useful?

If you like jam in principle and are not indifferent to citrus fruits, then jam from orange peels will be an excellent way to combine these two passions. Moreover, it will be a very useful delicacy, as the orange peels (peel) contain:

  • a lot of ascorbic acid;
  • flavonoids and fibers that improve digestion;
  • vitamins B1, B2, OT and A, as well as calcium and phosphorus;
  • pectins, citric acid and phytoncides, which conquer harmful microorganisms;
  • essential oils that eliminate unpleasant odors in the oral cavity and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

It is believed that a spoonful of orange peel jam for the night will have an excellent sedative effect and improve sleep.

Orange delicacy is used for filling cakes, pies, for decorating desserts and pastries. It is convenient to cook it during the New Year holidays - unless, of course, not too lazy. Indeed, at this time there are citrus fruits in almost any home. After them, often there are mountains of peel - a great time to try out a new recipe with her participation!

How to prepare the peel?

How to prepare the crusts for jam?

Cooking orange peel jam, the recipe for a photo of which will be described later, may even be a novice cook. The main thing is to prepare the ingredients correctly. Orange peels require certain preparatory manipulations so that the taste of the final product is refined and rich.

  1. First, gently remove the peel from the fruit. The easiest way to do this is by cutting the fruit into 8 pieces.
  2. Eat the juicy part, and soak the remaining zest in warm water. Room temperature will quickly release the base of jam from bitterness.
  3. We put water-drenched crusts in a dark place for 2-3 days (the thicker the peel, the longer it takes). Periodically water needs to be changed.How to prepare the crusts for jam?
  4. Well-defended zest peel off the white shell with a knife or vegetable cutter - depending on the thickness of the peel. Orange peel ready for cooking.

Cooking delicious orange jam

Preparing such a jam, despite the long process of preparation, quickly. And the resulting orange candied sugar candies with a unique flavor will be a real delight for gourmets.

How to cook a delicious orange peel jam?


  • peel 4 medium oranges;
  • 400 ml of purified water;
  • 400 grams of sugar;
  • 70 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice.


  1. Prepared orange peels are rolled up in a spiral or cut into small squares, add water and boil over low heat.How to cook a delicious orange peel jam?
  2. After boiling, pour out the syrup and pour cold water, boil again. Repeat the procedure 3 times.
  3. At this time, cook the syrup from sugar and water. Sugar can be taken brown - then the crusts are obtained with a caramel flavor.
  4. Fill the zest with syrup, add lemon juice, which is not only considered an excellent preservative, but also adds refined sourness to the jam.
  5. Let the orange jam cool to room temperature and place it in a glass container. Keep in the cold.

Orange peel in sweet syrup can be eaten in the form of jam, and can be added to desserts or pastries.

Original zucchini jam with lemon and orange

A few years ago, resourceful housewives introduced young squash jam into fashion: the vegetable is inexpensive, unpretentious, and in sugar syrup it opens its own special, unusual taste. But if citrus fruits are added to zucchini, you get an absolutely incredible delicacy.

Cooking original jam from zucchini with lemon and orange


  • 3 kg of the average size of vegetable marrows;
  • 2.5 kg of granulated sugar;
  • 6 pieces of oranges;
  • 2 lemons.


  1. We clean zucchini and three of them on a coarse grater.
  2. In a meat grinder, chop the slices of lemon and orange (to give a spicy bitterness of the crust, you can not remove).
  3. Mix citrus fruits with zucchini, add sugar. Leave for half an hour to give the mixture juice.
  4. Boil on medium heat for an hour and a half.
  5. Give cool and shift to the banks.

Orange jam with peel

Even the most passionate jam fans know that oranges make an excellent dessert, which you can enjoy with great pleasure. To cook it, take a little time and follow the instructions exactly.

How to make orange peeled jam?


  • 1 kg of medium fine oranges;
  • 1.5 kg of granulated sugar;
  • 3 tbsp. purified water.


  1. Wash, dry oranges.
  2. Cut into thin circles, removing the seeds.
  3. Blanch in boiling water.
  4. We prepare separately syrup from water with sugar.
  5. Fall asleep orange slices in syrup, waiting for boiling.
  6. Cook on low heat for about 2-3 hours, collecting the foam.
  7. Give the jam to cool and arrange it in jars.

Additives for jam from oranges

Of course, oranges are fragrant in their own right, but some additional components of jam can reveal the edges of its taste in a new way. The most common companions of these bright citrus are:

  • ginger (among other things, enhances the healing properties of jam);
  • walnuts, dried fruits;
  • cardamom;
  • carnation;
  • vanilla sugar and others.

Any additional ingredients are a matter of taste. But, perhaps, in any case, orange peel jam will not disappoint.

Tricks of cooking citrus delicacies

To the process of cooking jam from the peel and its result did not cause you negative emotions, you need to know some tricks:

  • if you cook jam slices with peel, then be sure to get the bones, otherwise the finished product will turn out bitter;
  • oranges in any form need to be blanched, otherwise the jam will be too cloying and bitter at the same time;
  • the principle of cooking is that oranges are poured ready syrup. The exception is recipes, in which these gifts of nature act as additional ingredients;
  • it is better to prepare a delicacy of citrus fruits in large enamel basins;
  • before decomposing the finished product in banks, they must be sterilized.

Orange peel jam is a great way to take advantage of all the beneficial properties of this sunny fruit. After all, it is known that valuable nutrients do not concentrate exclusively in the pulp. While the skin of tropical fruits is usually thrown away, the delicacy made from it will surely please even the most demanding consumers. Citrus harvesting will be even more budgetary option, if you add to it young zucchini - the taste of such savings at least does not suffer.