Everyone has their own childhood memories. For some, this is a magnificent omelet with an appetizing crust, which the nurse provided in kindergarten. Even if you do not have small children at home, adults will like this breakfast. You can cook it in the pan, in the oven and the slow cooker.

ABOUTMllet in the oven, as in kindergarten: a recipe

Omelet in the oven like in kindergarten: a recipe


  1. Eggs - 3 pcs.
  2. Milk - 160 ml.
  3. Salt - to taste
  4. Peasant butter


  • Beat the eggs until the yolks are mixed with the whites (this is very important - do not do this with a mixer!). Just a few quick movements with a whisk for 30 seconds.
  • Salt it. Add milk. Stir (without beating).
  • Grease the form with high sides.
  • Put the omelet in the oven heated to 200 degrees. The secret of high omelette as was in kindergarten - high form.
  • Cooking time in the oven depends on the height of the selected form and the number of eggs. Your omelette should be about 10 cm high. It is baked for exactly an hour. The readiness of an omelet is very convenient to determine in a transparent form - you will see how gradually the raw egg mass begins to bubble. Where bubbles appeared - the omelet is ready. Once your entire omelette becomes so bubbly, you can remove it from the oven. As a rule, by this time a beautiful, appetizing crust appears.

DEtsky omelet: cooking in a slow cooker

Children's omelet: cooking in a slow cooker


  1. Eggs - 10 pcs.
  2. Milk - 2 tbsp.
  3. Salt - 1 tsp.


  • In a deep dish, break the eggs, salt, add milk.
  • Stir with a fork or a whisk until smooth, but do not whisk!
  • Oil the bottom of the cartoon with sunflower oil and pour the prepared mixture into it. Cook in baking mode for half an hour.
  • Would you like to diversify the taste of the omelet, then in the cooking process, add in it pieces of cheese, favorite ham, bright greens and tomatoes.

How to fry an omelet in a frying pan?

Omelet in kindergarten: how to cook in a pan?


  1. Eggs - 6 pcs.
  2. Milk - 1/4 tbsp.
  3. Water - 1/4 tbsp.
  4. Salt - to taste
  5. Peasant butter


  • First, wash the eggs well and break into a bowl for beating.
  • Then add water, milk and salt.
  • Beat the egg-milk mixture a little, then pour it onto a pre-greased preheated pan.
  • Cook, stirring lightly, for 1-2 minutes, then cover with a lid on top and cook another 5-7 minutes.
  • To make an omelette tasty, there are secrets:
  • For an ideal omelet, the volume of liquid ingredients added to it should be exactly equal to the volume that the eggs took. Pour the eggs into a transparent container, mark the level, and then measure the desired volume of liquid.
  • It is better to beat the yolks and whites separately at first, and only then combine.
  • Do not overdo it during whipping, do not use a mixer for this.
  • Pour the resulting omelet mass into the pan should be in one motion. At the same time keep in mind that an omelet needs a place to rise, so do not fill the pan to the top.
  • During frying in a pan, periodically raise the egg mass with a spatula so that the upper liquid layer is leaked down.
  • It is most convenient to use for the preparation of a frying pan with thick walls and non-stick coating.
  • To make the omelet dense, add a little flour to it. For greater fluffiness, pour in hydrated soda.
  • The greater the proportion of water in the recipe in the liquid component of your omelet, the easier it will be to make it airy.
  • A little sour cream or mayonnaise, added to the egg mixture, will make the taste of the omelet much more tender.

The secret of the kindergarten omelet is more eggs and milk and no mixer. And the duration - you can’t cook a good one in 5 minutes. Remember that scrambled eggs can be cooked with different fillings, and also use it as a basis for pl. other tasty dishes.

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