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Oatmeal Kissel is an old Russian drink with amazing properties. This kind of jelly is somewhat different from the usual sweet drink, because it contains a large amount of starch and looks like brawn on the surface. The taste of oatmeal kissel is sour, as prepared by fermentation. There is a truly medicinal kissel-elixir, invented by the scientist Izotov, which can be easily prepared at home.

Izotov's Oat Kissel: A Brief Reference

Izotov's Oat Kissel: A Brief Reference

This amazing drink was developed in 1992 by virologist Vladimir Kirillovich Izotov, although the first mention of oatmeal can be found in Domostroi. Izotov only remembered the recipe of a long-forgotten healing drink, studied it in detail, perfected it and patented it. Ever since the drink is called Izotov oat kissel. Due to the unique and wonderful composition, kissel is used as a treatment and prevention of various diseases. Benefit of the drink was appreciated not only in Russia, but also in the West, naming it "Russian balsam".

The chemical composition of this drink contains beneficial minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, fluorine and potassium), amino acids (lecithin, lysine, choline, methionine and tryptophan), as well as essential vitamins of group B, A, E and PP. This drink is useful to people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and pancreas. During dysbiosis, constipation, slow metabolism. With diseases of the cardiovascular system, nephritis, kidney stones, inflammation of the urinary system, nephrosis, diabetes mellitus. Izotov's oatmeal effect was noted during depressions, apathy, chronic fatigue, lethargy and irritability. In the period of viral and colds, the drink improves immunity. Kissel helps with mental disorders, stimulates efficiency and helps concentration.

With the help of Izotov's oatmeal kissel, it is possible to strengthen and heal the body as a whole, increase the tone, slow down aging, remove toxins, toxins, slags and carcinogens. Vladimir Kirillovich himself noted the effectiveness of his patented drink for tick-borne encephalitis and for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. Oat jelly contributes to the formation of proper hormonal levels, improves the condition of nails, hair, skin and complexion, lowers blood cholesterol levels and is an excellent prevention from various tumors (benign and malignant).

Experts say that Izotov's oatmeal kissel has no contraindications. It can be drunk at any age, in any health condition. This is due to the unique composition and beneficial properties of the drink. Kissel is recommended to be consumed 3 hours before a meal and it is worth refraining from taking it at night, because it will cause insomnia due to fermentation in the stomach and increase the efficiency of the gastrointestinal tract.

For many years, the use of the drink did not reveal its harmful properties, it even passed a serious examination of scientific research institutes, which confirmed its beneficial properties and called it unique, unparalleled.

Recipe making a drink

Izotov's Oat Kissel: RecipeIzotov's Oat Kissel: Recipe


  • Oatmeal - 300 g
  • Coarse oats - 7 tbsp.
  • Kefir - 100 ml
  • Water


  1. Healing oatmeal drink is cooking in 3 stages. First, raw materials (oats and flakes) are poured into a three-liter container, kefir is poured in there and the whole mass is poured with warm water to the top.
  2. The mixture is stirred, covered with a lid and cleaned in a warm place for fermentation. Beforehand, Izotov advised to wrap the jar with the composition with a warm scarf so that direct sunlight would not fall on it. If this is not expected, you can skip this item.
  3. After 2 days, using a gauze or sieve, strain the contents of the jar. After this stage, only 3 liters of liquid should come out of the three-liter can. The oatmeal remaining after filtration is washed with running water over a can. Do not pour out the liquid after washing the flakes, it will be useful to you. Put both jars of oatmeal in a dark place for 17 hours. When time runs out, the contents of the cans will be divided into 2 tiers: the upper part - oat kvass, and the lower part - the concentrated product, which is the basis of Izotov oatmeal jelly.
  4. Oat kvass gently poured, and the concentrate is collected in a separate container and can be stored for 3 weeks. Using this concentrate, the kissel itself is directly prepared. For this, take 3 tbsp. concentrate, pour it 400 ml of water and put on a slow fire. Izotov oatmeal boil and boil to the desired consistency. After cooking, you can flavor to taste with salt, butter, herbs, honey, etc. It can be eaten with black bread or crackers.

Reviews of healing broth

Oat jelly Izotova: reviews

  • Maria: I read about this jelly in one of the magazines and immediately decided to test its useful properties on myself. She prepared according to the instructions and began to drink. I can say that I feel much better, my working capacity has improved, my stomach has stopped hurting. During the cold and flu epidemic, I give Izotov oatmeal kissel to my children and husband.
  • Valery: Even as a child, oatmeal kissel was prepared by grandmother using Izotov's recipe I can say with confidence that thanks to him, at 43, I have no health problems, my immunity is simply excellent, and my performance is up to par. Now this drink is prepared by the whole family, my wife.
  • Tatyana: I stumbled upon the recipe for Izotov jelly on the Internet. I decided to try, there is no harm from him. In general, I can’t say anything bad. Strengthened health, cleansed the body and even lost weight. Another distinctive feature of the drink is that it is well saturated, so it can be used instead of dinner for anyone losing weight.

Oatmeal kissel is a useful and rather ancient drink, which was revived in the 90s of the last century with the help of the virologist Izotov. You can prepare it at home, following the exact recipe and step-by-step instructions. With the help of a wonderful drink, you really strengthen your health and get rid of many problems with the digestive tract.

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