Many women can not always cope with the long daily cooking in the kitchen. That is why they acquire all sorts of devices to facilitate and accelerate their work. One of these helpers is a slow cooker. However, many housewives are confused by her name and the number of functions that she can perform. After all, we were taught from childhood that a quality subject has one main function.

Is it good or bad that they come up with a slow cooker? Should I buy it, especially since it is not as affordable as we would like?

Pluses multicookers

Pluses of the multicooker - there is for those who always do not have enough time.

  • Of course, many cooking modes - a huge plus for many women.
  • The slow cooker is designed for baking, boiling, stewing and steaming. All this helps women cook a variety of dishes. Your family will obviously enjoy the variety of culinary delights! Multicooker includes steamer function. Then why the last one, if there is one?
  • The advantages of the slow start can also be attributed to the advantages of the multicooker.

Multivarka: pros

  • The slow cooker can independently heat up food after the end of the cooking period, i.e. It keeps food warm.
  • The multicooker is very convenient if you and your family like stewed, fried and boiled food, but at the same time you do not want to cook it manually, even if you have time for it. In general, the slow cooker is the best find for lazy housewives.

About the pros all. There are not many of them, but they are so obvious that the small and numerous minuses do not deter customers from the multicooker.

Cons multicookers

  • There is no automatically opening cover. It seems to be a trifle, but the appearance of this trifle can spoil, because after the end of cooking on the closed lid condensate is collected.
  • There is no shuffle content. This is a minus for lazy or forgetful housewives who do not want or forget to mix food on their own.
  • You can cook only one dish at a time. The dish, of course, get tasty. Here are just a complex lunch will not work. And this is a very significant disadvantage, especially for husbands and children who love a tasty and varied meal. In addition, lunch, for example, in its essence can not consist of one dish.
  • Some multicookers cook for a very long time in a certain mode. For example, cooking soup can take 40 or more minutes. And this fact does not save you time (unless, of course, you have business outside the home).

Slow cooker: cons

  • In some cases, it is necessary to gradually add additional products to the dish or to independently change modes. From the hostess is still required presence in the kitchen, because in some recipes you need to switch modes and reporting products.
  • Imperfect steaming function. In this case, the steamer wins before the slow cooker, since you can cook more dishes in it. In the slow cooker, the same number of steamed dishes is limited to a small tray.
  • Multivarka makes you addicted to it. A strange drawback, it would seem. However, what if the slow cooker breaks and you forget how to cook on a regular stove? Here children and the husband will be glad to the unprepared dinner!

Here are the most common cons of multicooker. Undoubtedly, there are more of them than advantages. But whether they are significant compared with the pluses, it's up to you.

Now you have a choice: do you need a multicooker or not. Does it make it easier for your culinary part of life or, on the contrary, will it complicate? Make the right choice, so you do not regret about the money thrown to the wind.

Many housewives, with indifference related to cooking, praise the slow cooker very much, it became just an indispensable helper in the kitchen! You decide whether you need it and whether it can facilitate (or complicate) your life.