Mirror icing for cake

Decorate homemade cakes can be different. However, oil roses or inscriptions will not surprise anyone, but the mirror icing for the cake is the height of confectionery perfection. In our article we will discuss the main aspects of the preparation of the glaze, in which you can see your reflection.

Sharing culinary secrets

Mirror icing for the cake: recipes

To prepare a mousse cake with mirror icing, which you have recently tasted in one of the restaurants, it is not necessary to go to a catering facility again. Having mastered some skills, you can easily reproduce this pastry masterpiece at home. We hope that these tips and little culinary tricks will help you:

  • To prepare the glaze, you can use a tile of black or milk chocolate, cocoa powder.
  • Food gelatin acts as a thickener. It must be properly diluted so that the glaze subsequently becomes homogeneous and does not drip from the baking.
  • Before applying the glaze, it is recommended to pre-cool and then reheat slightly.
  • The icing on the cake is best applied using special tools. Cake put on a rotating grid, and a uniform layer of glazed coating is applied so-called spatula.
  • To glaze plastic, you need to add glucose syrup. In the absence of this component, thickeners or corn syrup can be used.
  • In order to prepare multicolored glaze, it is enough to add food coloring.
  • Milk and cream are usually taken as the basis for preparing a glazed coating for a cake.
  • You can not smooth the icing, but just pour plenty of cake on it. It will independently drain and evenly cover the entire baking surface.
  • Remains of glaze can always be reused.
  • It is better to freeze biscuit baking or other cakes before applying the glazed coating.
  • You need to work with glaze very quickly, because it freezes in a matter of minutes.

Minimalism and clarity: a design solution for decorating the cake

If you want to surprise your household or guests not only with delicious pastries, but also with its exquisite, truly designer decor, prepare a classic mirror chocolate coating to cover the cake. And if you comply with the proportions and basic rules of cooking glazed coating, the surface of the baked cake will shine with gloss.

Mirror icing for cake


  • 3 tbsp. l cocoa powder;
  • 3 tbsp. l sugar sand;
  • 4 tbsp. l milk;
  • 60 g of creamy softened butter.


  1. Add cocoa powder and granulated sugar to a deep enamel container.Cocoa powder and granulated sugar
  2. Then pour the milk.
  3. Put this mixture on a moderate heat and boil until the sugar crystals completely dissolve.Mirror icing for the cake: cooking
  4. Next, add the creamy softened butter and boil the mixture until it is completely dissolved.Mirror icing for cake
  5. Cool the prepared icing slightly, take a kitchen spatula or a stainless steel knife and distribute it evenly over the surface of the cake.

Let's arrange a small holiday for children: prepare a colorful cake

Sometimes I want to pamper my children with something delicious. As you know, kids are attracted to all bright and colorful. Why don't we make a mirror-colored icing for the cake? The recipe for such a glazed coating is absolutely not difficult. The main thing is to buy in the nearest cooking department a food dye of the desired color. And if you want to give the kid a rainbow, you can make several small portions of glaze and distribute it over the surface of the cake in any order.

Cake with colorful icing


  • food gelatin - 10 g;
  • filtered water - 135 ml;
  • condensed natural milk - 110 ml;
  • 150 grams of granulated sugar or refined sugar;
  • white chocolate pieces - 150 g;
  • invert syrup - 140-150 ml;
  • food dyes in the form of a gel.


  1. At once I would like to draw attention to the fact that if there is no inert syrup at hand, it can be safely replaced with honey. In this case, the cake will have a honey flavor.
  2. We prepare all the necessary ingredients.Colored glaze: ingredients
  3. Put the food gelatin in a deep bowl and pour 60 ml of filtered water, then stir thoroughly.Food gelatin
  4. Pour 150 ml of invert syrup into a separate container, add 75 ml of filtered water and pour sugar or lay out refined sugar.Syrup
  5. Put this mixture on a moderate fire.
  6. Boil the mass until the sugar crystals are completely melted, and the mixture becomes homogeneous.Mass for glaze
  7. In a convenient way for you to melt the pieces of white chocolate.
  8. Mix the melted chocolate with condensed milk and pour in the hot mixture with invert syrup. You should have this mixture.Mix melted chocolate with condensed milk
  9. We try to mix this mixture with a spatula. It will be quite difficult to do this due to the special consistency, but we are trying to bring it to homogeneity.Cooking glaze
  10. Then pour into the chocolate-milk mixture the dissolved gelatinous mass. It is important not to overheat the gelatin, because after heating above 70 ° it loses its properties.Pour the dissolved gelatinous mass into the chocolate-milk mixture
  11. Add food coloring and first mix the mixture with a spatula, and then beat with a blender until a glaze is formed of a uniform consistency.Glaze with food coloring
  12. If bubbles appear on the surface of the glazed coating, then it is urgently necessary to correct it, otherwise the icing will not be distributed evenly along the baking.
  13. Strain the cooked icing. For this it is better to use a fine sieve.Strain the cooked icing
  14. That is such a beautiful glossy and delicious icing you should get.Multicolored Cake: Glaze Cooking

By analogy, a white mirror icing is prepared for the cake, with the exception of the addition of food coloring. For its preparation, you can take a bar of white chocolate or milk cream mixture. Be sure to place it on the tray before coating the cake with icing. Remains of glazed coating can be used to decorate muffins or croissants. Enjoy your meal!

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