Mastic for cake

Often mastic figures are used to decorate cakes. Mastic is a kind of substance, which is distinguished by its elastic texture. It is easy for you to make various edible figurines for decoration from mastic.. Previously, only confectioners owned the art of making such decorations. Now, every hostess can create her own original decoration for a baked cake in her kitchen.

Mastic is easy to make. All you need is a little practice, a little skill and a lot of imagination.

Cake marshmallow: first recipe


  1. Marshmallow - 90-100 g
  2. Lemon juice or water - 1 tbsp.
  3. Sugar powder - 1-1.5 st.


  • If the package of marshmallows, which you purchased, the soufflé are not the same color, then it is recommended to separate them. Put white halves in one dish and pink ones in another.
  • Now take the marshmallows of the same color and add a tablespoon of lemon juice or water to it and heat the microwave for 10-20 seconds. You can also heat in a water bath. This should be done before increasing the amount of marshmallows.
  • You can add a certain color to the mastic using food dyes. You need to add them after you get the heated marshmallows from the microwave. After adding the dye mass must be thoroughly mixed with a spoon.
  • Sugar powder needs to be sifted and administered in portions, stirring everything using a spatula or spoon. When you begin to experience difficulty in stirring the mass with a spoon, put the mixture on the table, dusted with powdered sugar, and knead it with your hands until the mass ceases to stick to your hands.
  • Wrap the resulting mastic in a plastic wrap, so that the film fits tightly to the mastic on all sides. Air must not get inside the bag. Put the wrapped paste in the fridge for about half an hour.
  • From the resulting mastic, you can mold various figured decorations for the cake or simply cover it with a mastic sheet, having previously rolled out the mastic.

Making mastic from marshmallows: second recipe


  1. Marshmallow - 100 g
  2. Butter - 1 tbsp.
  3. Icing sugar - about 200-300 g
  4. Food colors


  • Place the marshmallows in the form, add the butter there and put in the microwave for 15-20 seconds. After this time the marshmallow should increase in volume.
  • Then, add marshmallow powder (50-100 g) to marshmallows and mix everything.
  • If you have conceived colorful figures, then add food dyes to the resulting mass. Pre-divide the mass.
  • Then add the powdered sugar to the mixture until the mass acquires the consistency of clay. Now mastic is ready. You can roll it or cut out various figures.
  • Drying finished products should be about a day. Keep them in the refrigerator can not. The remaining mastic can be wrapped in cling film and sent to the refrigerator.
  • Cake, covered with cream, to decorate with mastic should be immediately before serving.

Chocolate Mastic Recipe for Cake


  1. Dark chocolate 100g
  2. Marshmallow - 90 g
  3. Cream (30%) - 40 ml
  4. Butter - 0.5 - 1 tbsp.
  5. Cognac - 1-2 st.l.
  6. Powdered sugar - 90-120 g


  • Put the chocolate in a saucepan, which must be broken into pieces. Place the saucepan with chocolate on a low heat. Melt the chocolate completely.
  • Add the marshmallows to the melted chocolate. Stir the whole mass with a spoon.
  • After about half of the marshmallows have melted, pour the cream into the resulting mass, and also add brandy and butter. Stir it all without stopping until you get a homogeneous thick mass.
  • Remove the saucepan from the heat and stir constantly with a spoon, gradually pour into the mass of sifted icing sugar. When the mass becomes difficult to interfere with the spoon because of the increase in its density, mix with your hands.
  • Sugar powder should be poured until the mass becomes tight and elastic. Such a mass does not stick to the hands.
  • Roll the paste into a bowl and place in baking paper. Mastic can be stored in the refrigerator, if you keep it there in a tightly closed. If you want to use the mastic again, just slightly heat it in the microwave.

General rules for the preparation and use of mastic

  • Do not put the mastic on a wet basis (for example, soaked cakes or sour cream). Mastic quickly dissolves when moisture gets on it. You can cover the cake on top with a thin layer of marzipan or butter cream. If you are going to use the cream, then keep the cake in the fridge until the cream hardens.
  • If you want to combine several pieces of mastic or stick decorations on the surface of their mastic, then apply some water to the place of gluing.

  • Mastic dries from a long stay in the air, so some volumetric figures should be done in advance so that they can dry.
  • Volumetric pieces of mastic must be attached immediately before serving, otherwise they will begin to absorb moisture and fall off.
  • By the way, it is possible to paint marshmallow figurines from above with the help of the same food dyes.
  • If mastic has lost its plasticity, you can heat it in a microwave or in an oven.
  • Figures of mastic are stored for several months, if they are placed in a tightly closed box and dry place.

Decorations from mastic can make your baking not only delicious, but also turn it into a real work of art. If you follow all the rules, you can get beautiful and original decorations for your cakes. Delight guests and business with delicious and beautiful sweets of its own production. Good mood and positive sea are guaranteed for you.

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