Mastic cake for men

Today mastic cake has become especially popular. Such a dessert can not only decorate the feast, but also become an unforgettable surprise. As a rule, many people prefer to buy ready-made mastic cakes in the pastry shop. Of course, such a dessert can be prepared independently, but for this you will need to have at least elementary culinary skills and artistic talent. It's not enough just to bake a biscuit, it still needs to be beautifully decorated.

With just a little effort, each housewife can easily learn how to create real culinary masterpieces at home, using a simple set of products that is practically in the refrigerator.

Mastic Cake: Cooking Step by Step

It is believed that women are the main sweet tooth, but it is not. Many men love to treat themselves to a sweet dessert. If the anniversary is coming soon or is approaching February 23, it is possible to please the hero of the occasion with a delicious cake cooked according to the following recipe.


  1. Gel dyes
  2. Fresh strawberries - about 240 g
  3. Dark dark chocolate - about 190 g (1 tile)
  4. Fine salt - 1 pinch
  5. Eggs - 6 pcs.
  6. Baking powder for dough - 0.75-1 t. ​​L.
  7. Vanilla sugar - 0.75-1 tbsp. l
  8. Dry milk - 280-310 g
  9. Sugar powder - 640-650 g
  10. Sugar - 180-190 g
  11. Flour - 180-190 g
  12. Condensed milk - 1 b.
  13. Cottage cheese - 480-250 g


  • First we take pre-cooled eggs and carefully separate the yolks and proteins.
  • In a container with yolks add fine sugar (about 100 g) and using a mixer, whisk thoroughly until sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Add a pinch of salt to the container with proteins and beat. While whipping, gradually, add sugar (100 g) in small portions.
  • As soon as the proteins turn into quite strong foam, it is necessary to mix them with beaten yolks.
  • We take flour and sift together with baking powder through a fine sieve. Then in small portions we add the flour into the egg mixture and mix it carefully - you need to make sure that the flour does not form lumps.
  • Put the dough in a prepared baking dish, everything is neatly leveled so that the cake is even.
  • In the oven heated to 190 degrees, bake the cake for 20 minutes, periodically checking its readiness.
  • In a deep container, mix powdered milk with powdered sugar (about 300 g).
  • Mix the dry ingredients well, then add the condensed milk and knead with a spoon - you should get a mass of uniform consistency.
  • Then continue kneading the mixture with your hands for about 4-6 minutes.
  • We shift on a chopping board, then knead another 3-4 minutes.
  • Then we roll it into a ball, shift it into a plastic bag or wrap it with cling film, leave it for half an hour on the table (do not put it in the cold).
  • We embroider cottage cheese with the remaining icing sugar - a mass of homogeneous consistency must be obtained.
  • Take a chocolate bar and grind on a fine grater.
  • My strawberries, remove the tails and cut into thin slices.
  • By this time, the biscuit will be ready, which should cool down a little. Cut into 2 equal halves biscuit.
  • Cottage cheese cream coat the bottom of the sponge cake, sprinkle chocolate chips on top and spread the strawberries.
  • From above we put the 2nd half of the cake and lubricate with cottage cheese cream.
  • We take mastic, roll out an even layer, then gently cover the cake with the top and align.
  • On paper, we make a collar pattern for men's shirts, ties and cuffs. We apply to the mastic and cut the necessary elements.
  • Ready cake decorate these details. If desired, it will be possible to make buttons or colored stripes from mastic (food gel dyes are used).

Making a cake for a man: features

Making a cake for a man: a bottle

Making a cake for a man: a hat

Making a cake for a man: a wheel

For decorating cakes, lately, it is more and more often used not mastic, but mastic, which you can buy ready-made in a store or prepare it yourself at home. To this end, powdered sugar is mixed with a variety of ingredients. The most important thing is to use only high-quality ingredients, otherwise the mastic will not roll out well.

Today, there are several varieties of cake paste. Food coloring dyes can be used for coloring, and adding vanillin, cocoa or other additional components, you can adjust the taste.

As a basis for mastic, fine sugar, powdered sugar or marshmallow (only soft) will always be used, and gelatin is taken for the binder, but glucose is also suitable. Taking into account the type of decoration chosen for the cake, you need to choose mastic.

  • Honey mastic. For the preparation of this type of mastic used honey. As a result, the product will be softer, more elastic than sugar. From this look it is much easier to make figurines, as well as other decorative details of the most diverse forms. Mastic will not crumble or crumble.
  • Gelatin mastic. This species can still be called pastilazh. For the base gelatin is taken. Because of its addition, the mastic will harden faster, it becomes very strong, elastic. With this type of application you can make small and complex elements. For example, if small leaves, flowers, various items of clothing and other decorative details are used in decorating a cake.
  • Milk mastic. This species is one of the most popular. To get this type of mastic is used condensed milk. It can be used to cover the cake, as well as sculpting a variety of parts.
  • Marzipan mastic. This type has a soft texture, so it is suitable for rolling into thin layers, the thickness of which can be a couple of mm. This mastic is perfect for decorative decoration of desserts, ideally covering the surface of not only cakes, but also cakes.
  • Industrial mastic. The main distinctive feature of this type of mastic is that it is simply not possible to cook it yourself at home, as the formation takes place only under production conditions. The advantages of this type of mastic include the fact that it is universal and can be used to make a variety of confectionary decorations, figurines, cake stitching. Both in terms of external indicators and taste, industrial mastic has practically no differences from homemade.
  • Mastic flower. This mastica is ideal for complex, one might say, jewelery. Most often, this species is used to form flowers. It can be used to cut thin leaves, as well as other small parts and decorations. Among the advantages of decorative elements of floral mastic is that they look natural and do not lose their shape and original appearance.

Ideas cakes for men: what to choose?

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Making a cake for a man

You can decorate cakes with various figures, which can be easily made from mastic. If three-dimensional decorations will be used, it must be remembered that it is recommended to attach them almost before serving the dessert, since, being in the refrigerator, due to high humidity they can simply fall off.

You can arrange the dessert, taking into account the interests of the man, relying on his hobby, profession, hobbies, etc. Experienced pastry chefs can display objects, thematic scenes, people, animals, as long as the stylistic mood is clearly maintained.

For example, for business men and businessmen, the perfect gift will be a cake made in the form of a diplomat or a gentleman’s dessert in the form of a shirt and tie. If a man is keen on fishing, you should think about cake fish, football fans will be delighted with the sweet ball autographed by your favorite players.

Some may like cakes decorated in the form of classic themes. An excellent choice would be a cake car or a glass of beer. If a man is interested in photographs, you can order a dessert in the form of a camera. The policeman will like the cake in the shape of a pistol, and the dentist in the form of a big, smiling tooth.

Mastic cakes are real works of art! Surprisingly, but they can be done independently at home. To do this, you need to stock up on the necessary confectionery materials and attract creative thinking and your creativity to help.

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