Margarita cocktail

Cocktails - the constant attribute of almost any holiday: from home get-togethers with friends to a magnificent buffet. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic - their diversity allows everyone to find an option according to their own taste, and in order to prepare most of them, no bartender skills are required. The most famous is margarita cocktail, which has several variations.

Margarita cocktail: composition and proportions of the classic recipe

Margarita cocktail: recipe

None of the cocktail has grown with so many legends about his appearance, like margarita. The most widespread is considered the version of Margarita Simes, well-known in secular circles, after whom a drink was served at her party in 1948. And in the directory of bartenders, margarita appeared more than 60 years ago, and during this period found a lot of fans. According to the general classification, this cocktail belongs to the category created on the basis of tequila, which is set off by a citrus flavor and aroma.

As part of the classic margarita, there are only 3 ingredients: besides the already mentioned tequil, you need lime, from which juice is squeezed, as well as triple-sec liqueur, which has an orange flavor. And special attention should be paid to the main component: tequila. Varieties of this alcoholic beverage, there are 5: blanco, joven, reposado, anejo, extraanejo. To consider the features of each of them, it takes a lot of time, so it is enough to understand the characteristics of the one that goes to the preparation of Margarita cocktail.

This is Blanco tequila, which is not aged, packaged immediately after distillation. It belongs to the premium class and has the more well-known name Silver Tequila for its crystal clarity and purity of taste and aroma of blue agave. The percentage of alcohol for this tequila is 38-40%, its rare variations can reach 50%: they are marked "extrasuaveblanco". It is also worth knowing that such tequila can be bottled only in Mexico: any other "points of production" indicate a fake product.

The traditional ratio between tequila, liquor and juice is considered to be 7: 4: 3 - this formula is documented by the International Barmen Association. However, not everywhere classic margarita is prepared according to this recipe. The proportions 2: 1: 2, 2: 1: 1 and 3: 2: 1 are used more actively. Those who like a mild taste, you can try to mix all the ingredients in equal proportion. This will take away the extra bitterness of tequila, bringing citrus notes to the leading positions. And for lovers of the flavor of blue agave, you can increase the proportion of tequila, based on a 3: 1: 1 scheme.

Vshaker pours crushed ice, the amount of which is not regulated, but its optimal volume is 150 g, the rest of the liquid ingredients are also added there. All components are vigorously agitated, after which the drink must be filtered through a strainer to leave ice in a shaker, and pour into a pre-chilled and decorated cocktail glass.

Cooking strawberry "Margarita"

Margarita cocktail: recipe

A sweeter variation of margaritas, in which sour lime is replaced by strawberries, has spread among the girls. In addition to it, it is necessary to make changes in the part that is devoted to the liqueur, so that the orange flavor does not conflict with strawberry. In addition, the ratio of all components is slightly modified, and the rim of the cocktail glass is no longer decorated with salt: only sugar.

In addition, it should be noted that strawberry margarita does not require filtration after mixing the ingredients in a shaker: crushed ice goes into a glass, where it continues to cool the drink. For this reason, this version of the famous cocktail is considered ideal for a hot summer day, although it is not very well shown at this time because of the high percentage of alcohol.

Tequila in the recipe of strawberry margarita is used the same as in the traditional recipe: silver Blanco. Triple-sec liquor (or "Cointreau") is complemented by strawberry liqueur, and lemon juice is used instead of lime juice. And be sure to have fresh strawberries. As for proportions, there is also no clear regulation, but the following scheme is especially popular: tequila, orange and strawberry liqueurs, lemon juice in the ratio 3: 2: 1: 2.

The strawberry in the amount of 4-5 pieces is thrown in the stitcher. (depends on their size). The amount of crushed ice also varies in the range of 120-150 g. To decorate a glass for strawberry margarita, its edges are dipped in pomegranate or cherry juice, and then into finely ground sugar. Connoisseurs of sourness can replace these juices with freshly squeezed lemonade.

"Margarita Blue" for true ladies

Margarita cocktail: recipe

Every girl knows that a priori alcoholic drink cannot be safe for a figure, because its caloric content sometimes outweighs the energy value of chocolate and other "harmful" products. However, sometimes with the most strict mode, you can pamper yourself, but make a choice in favor of the easiest option. Perhaps it was precisely this that guided the creators of the blue margarita recipe: a cocktail that tastes no less than the traditional version, but much lower in calories. In addition, it has a very mild taste, in which tequila is almost not felt, and the mysterious blue tint of the drink gives visual freshness.

Blue Margarita has 3 components as well: in addition to silver tequila, Blue Curacao liqueur and lemon fresh juice are added to the shaker. Connecting them is recommended in the ratio of 2: 1: 2. If you want to get an even more pronounced sweet taste, you can replace fresh juice with sorbet: lemon astringency will be lost, but its light taste will remain. The crushed ice from the shaker is not filtered, as in the strawberry margarita. It is transferred to a glass decorated with a slice of lime and sugar. Salt is not recommended here, because the drink is sweet, and the salty note will discord with the basic taste.

Useful tips

Margarita cocktail: recipe

  • Contrary to the prevailing opinion that it is better not to change the ingredients in the recipe of cocktails, because then nothing remains of the original combination, margarita is loyal enough to any manifestation of fantasy. In its variations, discussed above, the assortment of this cocktail does not end there: only by constantly replacing the fruit ingredient can you achieve new highlights in your favorite drink.
  • Professionals emphasize that the use of ready-made juices is undesirable: only fresh, not having extra additives in the form of sugar, dyes, etc. should fall into margarita. Also, 2 liqueurs can be used in the preparation of margaritas: Triple-sec or Cointreau. By taste, an outsider will not notice the difference in them, so most often the choice is made by examining the percentage of alcohol in each: Triple-sec has a figure of 40%, which makes the cocktail fairly strong, Cointreau is lighter - only 25%.
  • Like other cocktails, margarita is demanding for its design: after all, they recognize it not only by its taste, but also by its appearance. The glass for this cocktail on the medium height of the stem has a corresponding name - margarita, and resembles a martini glass, but its neck after the divergence to the sides tends up, the sides more rounded. The volume of the glass varies in the range of 150-200 ml. Its edges, depending on the preferences of the one served cocktail, are decorated with salt or sugar. To this end, they are first dipped in lime juice, and then in salt or finely ground sugar. It is also allowed to design a cocktail with a thin slice of the fruit used in its preparation: lime, strawberry, melon, etc.
  • Since the margherite’s margarita cocktail is decorated with salt by the edges of the glass, it is served and drunk without the use of a straw: salt must be mixed with the other components of the cocktail to get the full flavor of traditional margarita. The same applies to the sugar rim.
  • In some cases, decorating a glass with something other than a fruit slice is refused. Instead, the back of the hand (the gap of the thumb and index finger) must be licked, put salt or sugar in it, take lime or other fruit that is in the recipe with your fingers. Salt or sugar lick, take a sip of a cocktail, and then you need to eat a slice of fruit. And even in such a situation, a straw is not served to margarita.

As once Margarita Simes, a lover of alcoholic mixes, created a cocktail that women and men from all over the world fell in love with, you can also get an unknown version of the drink, which will later become your favorite, by changing the proportions and components by this day. Do not be afraid to experiment - creativity is always for the better!

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