Limoncello at home

Limoncello is practically the most popular Italian lemon liqueur. Most often, it is insisted on lemon peel, which is why only the freshest and fragrant fruits of lemons from ecologically clean districts of Italy are used for its preparation.

There are two types of Limoncello: cream liqueur and classic Limoncello. For the preparation of the latter, warm water, brown sugar, and alcohol are needed, while for preparing a cream liqueur, cow's milk is taken instead of water.

Depending on the area where Limoncello is cooked, its preparation time and the proportions of ingredients differ. The usual taste of liquor acquires after about three months, but at home, this period is reduced to 15 days.

The classic recipe of limoncello

Liquor limoncello at home


  1. 95% alcohol - 0.5 l
  2. warm water - 650 ml
  3. brown sugar - 500 g
  4. lemon - 8-10 pieces (the largest).


  • Wash the lemons well and gently peel them.
  • Put the collected zest into a glass container, pour in alcohol, close with a tight lid and leave for 5-10 days. Do not forget to shake the resulting tincture daily.

Cooking limoncello at home

  • On the tenth day, you need to prepare a syrup, for this, pre-cooked sugar should be poured into a large saucepan and pour warm water there. This syrup is boiled until all the sugar in the water has dissolved, then it must be removed from the heat and cool completely.
  • Lemon tincture needs to be filtered through cheesecloth, and squeeze the zest thoroughly.
  • Then you need to mix the cooked tincture with the prepared syrup, bottled and continue to draw the drink for another five days.
  • Lemoncello is served as a standalone drink in tall glasses pre-frozen in the freezer.

Vodka-based Limoncello

Limoncello ovnovo vodka at home Composition:

  1. plain water - 150 ml
  2. regular sugar - 200 g
  3. Vodka - 700 ml
  4. lemon - 6 pcs


  • First you need to prepare a thick syrup of sugar and water.
  • Mince well-washed lemons through the meat grinder along with the peel.

Recipe limoncello at home

  • Then, the resulting mass of lemons should be mixed with warm syrup prepared in advance.
  • To the resulting composition add vodka, stir, pour into sterilized glassware (bottles or jars) and leave to cool in a dark place. After a month of insisting liquor is ready!

Drink with pleasure!

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