Is it possible to freeze cottage cheese

Every housewife sooner or later faces the problem of storage of cottage cheese. It can be eaten fresh only for a few days. A reasonable question arises, is it possible to freeze cottage cheese?

Fresh cottage cheese is stored in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days. If you put it on the top shelf of the refrigerator, under the freezer, you can add another day. All this concerns homemade cottage cheese. Shelf life is about 7 days. The fact is that in the manufacture of its process, add preservatives, increasing the shelf life.

It is believed that the curds sold out can not be set aside in a plastic bag, because the product can become dry. It is advised to put it in an enameled pan and cover with a lid. Also suitable for storage of ceramic and glassware.

Is it possible to freeze cottage cheese?

Rules for freezing cottage cheese

  • You can freeze cottage cheese, but you need to follow certain rules. Usually, a freshly prepared product is sent to a deep freeze. Such a curd after defrosting can be eaten without heat treatment. Storage temperature - from 18 to 35 degrees. For home freezing is recommended to set the temperature of the refrigerator at 18 degrees. Conventionally, this is 2 or 3 divisions of the scale on the knob that regulates the temperature. The most delicious after such storage will be granular, not pasty curd.
  • The defrosting process is also of great importance. Cottage cheese for cheesecakes, casseroles, etc. Baking can be left for 2-3 hours to thaw at room temperature. After that, you need to drain the water. If the cottage cheese is supposed to be eaten fresh, then it is better to choose slow defrosting. The product is left on the lower shelf of the refrigerator for 10-12 hours. The excess liquid is also drained.
  • Other types of cottage cheese after freezing should be used only as part of various dishes cooked with heat treatment. Under the influence of low temperature, the structure of the product changes. Moisture contained in it crystallizes and freezes. When thawing is the delamination of cottage cheese. Taste changes due to the fact that the microorganisms contained in it are activated, the process of fermentation begins.
  • By the way, the freezing of cottage cheese is widespread in the scale of state production. In some countries, in the summer period, the obtained cottage cheese is specially frozen. Cottage cheese is placed in special containers, tubs and frozen at 35 degrees. Next, for 6 months, stored at 18 degrees.
  • Extend the storage of cottage cheese can be in other ways. Cut off a white cotton cloth and moisten it in ice water. Put the cottage cheese in this cloth and send it to a cool place. The temperature should be no higher than 15 degrees. It is even easier to solve the problem of storage by preparing semi-finished products. Cottage cheese is used as a filling for pancakes, for cooking dumplings and cheesecakes. All these dishes are made according to the usual recipe, packaged and frozen. These semi-finished products are stored for a long time. In this form, cottage cheese does not change its taste.

Frozen cottage cheese: recipe

Frozen cottage cheese: recipe


  • Kefir 2.5 percent - 1 l.


  1. Cook cottage cheese from kefiraprosto. Put the package of kefir in the freezer for the night or for 7-10 hours. During this time it should freeze well. After that, cover the colander with gauze. Take out the package with kefir, open and pour the contents into a colander. On the gauze will remain small pieces. You must leave the product in the sink until all the defrosted whey is drained. As a result, fresh cottage cheese will remain in the dishes.
  2. Is it possible to freeze cottage cheese? This storage method is suitable only for fresh product. Keep it in the freezer can be quite a long time - up to 2 weeks. It is best to use cottage cheese dense structure. During thawing, thawing serum should be decanted. Due to the low temperature, the taste and texture change, so it is better to use the defrosted product for cooking various dishes.

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