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Before the side dishes for meat or fish is quite a difficult task - to correctly shade the flavor of the main course. Mistresses know that one of the universal options is boiled long grain rice. However, quite often even experienced chefs are afraid of this cereal, because they do not know the exact answer to the question of how to cook long grain rice.

What is long grain rice good for?

What is good long grain rice

Rice groats are of three types, differing in the amount of starch in the composition:

  • round (suitable for cereals, casseroles, making sushi and rolls, that is, dishes, where it is important that the croup stick together; there is quite a lot of starch in this kind of rice);
  • medium grain (added to soups);
  • long grain (when properly prepared, it turns out crumbly, ideal for a side dish for meat and fish, since the starch content in it is minimal).

It cannot be said that one or another kind of rice is better or worse: they do an excellent job, each with its own task. But you should not rely on long-grain rice, preparing sushi, and try to cook a crumbly side dish from round. It is also worth considering the variety: yellow - the most useful, black or red is indispensable for the diet.

How to cook it?

The ability to cook long grain rice is one of the indicators by which culinary excellence is assessed. To make the garnish crumbly and tasty, it is necessary to prepare it in good faith for the heat treatment:

  • sort out the cereal and put it in a colander;
  • Rinse;
  • shake rice slightly in a colander to dry.

In order not to waste time on sorting the grains, it is better to purchase not a bulk product, but a selective one, in packages. The croup is washed with warm water until the water flowing from it ceases to turn white. But before drying the rice is still worth rinsing with cold water - then the grains will again become elastic. Only after preparation can you start cooking rice.

How to cook long grain rice


  • 1 tbsp. long grain rice;
  • 2 l of filtered water;
  • 2/3 Art. l salt.


  1. Pour water into the pan and bring to a boil, add some salt.
  2. Add rice and cook for 20-25 minutes, stirring occasionally, so that the grains do not stick to the bottom of the dish.
  3. The finished cereal is washed with cold water, and before serving it is doused with boiling water - the garnish will become hot again.

How to cook long grain rice in a slow cooker and a double boiler?

Kitchen appliances can significantly reduce the cooking time of a particular dish. This is true for long grain rice.

The secret of friability during heat treatment in a multicooker is to respect the proportions of rice and water - 1: 2. Also, all products are loaded into the bowl of the unit at the same time. And one more important point: the most delicious is the side dish, cooked in the "Pilaf" mode. However, note that the full cycle of this program can fry your rice. Therefore, it is better to turn off the device 15 minutes before the automatic shutdown.

In a double boiler, the timer should be set to 30 minutes, and the proportions of cereals and water should be taken as for cooking in a slow cooker - 1: 2. In the steam cookers of the new generation there is the mode “Krupa”, which will automatically turn off the device when the garnish is ready.

Features cooking ground and steamed rice

How to cook ground and steamed rice

Ground (white) rice differs in cooking speed: just 10-15 minutes is enough to bring it to the desired condition. However, there are no particular subtleties in the question of how to cook long grain polished rice. In addition to the fact that due to the multi-level cleaning it does not have long to wash.

As for how to cook steamed long-grain rice, it is important to take into account the fact that a sheath remains on the grain during steaming (which is why the croup has a yellow tinge). So, it will have to cook longer. In general, whatever type of rice you choose, be sure to periodically try out the readiness of the product - this is the only way to determine the condition of the garnish.

What to serve with rice garnish?

How to serve long grain rice

Universal side dish served on wide plates. To rice are perfect:

  • meat (fried, stewed);
  • fish (baked, fried);
  • browned vegetables;
  • tomato sauces.

If you cooked a lot of rice and did not eat at one time, it does not matter. It can be quite simply heated in a saucepan or microwave - 1-2 minutes is enough. Just add a little water, so as not to overdry the side dish.

Knowing how to cook long-grain rice, you can not worry about the lack of side dishes. Only 30 minutes - and crumbly, tasty, nourishing and healthy companion for the main dish is ready. The main thing - do not forget to pay due attention to the preliminary preparation of cereals. It is also important to take into account the property of rice to absorb a lot of water and to add liquid if necessary.

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