How to wrap shawarma

Shawarma has long become a popular version of hearty fast food, in addition, not the most harmful. True, this refers only to the product purchased in a checked place or prepared at home, when it is possible to control the process of creating the filling. But the most difficult thing in the independent process is the packaging of the filling in pita bread. How to properly wrap shawarma, so as not to tear its shell and not allow the filling to fall out?

How to wrap shawarma in pita bread?

How to wrap shawarma in pita bread?

Pita bread is the easiest option to create a shawarma in haste, but there are a few nuances in working with it if it is bought from a store and not cooked at home.

  • Wrap shawarma will turn out only in fresh, soft pita bread - the slightest hint of dryness will lead to the fact that the sheet will crumble when deformed. If you are unable to purchase a soft product, before starting to work with it, you should hold it over the hot steam for a few minutes.
  • There is no way to stand above the pan, and the double boiler is missing? Spread the pita bread on the tabletop or board, grease its surface with mayonnaise or other sauce, leave for 20-30 minutes. for impregnation. However, this method will only work with lavash that has not fully dried out.

The algorithm for filling and fixing it inside will take only a couple of minutes, but will require caution.

  1. Expand the pita bread so that it lies across the table: the long side towards you, the short side to the side. In shape, it should be almost perfect rectangle.
  2. Visually divide the entire surface of pita bread into 4 parts (vertical), put the filling on the 2nd lobe on the right. At the same time, make sure that the filling is about 1/3 the height of pita from the bottom edge, and 2-3 cm from the top. Distribute the stuffing in these boundaries, trying to give it the same maximum thickness.
  3. Fold the right edge inward so that it half covers the filling, then turn it so that the filling disappears completely. Half of the pita will be used at this stage, and now it is important to protect its contents from spreading to the edges.
  4. Carefully bend the lower part of the pita, putting it inward, exactly 1/3 of its height: this is the same area that was previously left free from the filling. Smooth the place of the bend with your finger, because the safety of the product will depend on its density.
  5. Continue to twist the shawarma left - with the correct calculation, this will require only 2 turns. To keep the edge, also run several times with your knuckles at the bend, but try not to press on the stuffing, otherwise it will crawl out

According to the described technology, they wrap classic shawarma with the 1st open end. This is aesthetically pleasing and attractive, but there is an important nuance - in the process of warming up, this shawarma most often spreads out, since the hot filling flows from a non-closed area. Eat it cold or not on the go. And what if you want a hot shawarma?

Closed shawarma

Shawarma in squares:

  • This version, like the subsequent ones, requires roasting or roasting in a pan, so that the edges are fixed better. In the not processed thermally form such shawarma can break up into parts.
  • The rectangle of pita must be cut into several squares, but their number must be even. Half of the sauce to handle, on the center, departing from the edge around the perimeter by 2-3 cm, put the stuffing.
  • The edges of the free squares of lavash around the perimeter, smeared with egg yolk, put these squares on the ones with the filling, press down the edges so that the yolk tied them.
  • At the last stage, the edges should be bent on those free 2-3 cm, pressed down to the surface of the product. Shawarma bake in the oven, laying seams down on a baking sheet.

Shawarma Rolls:

Shawarma Rolls

  • The algorithm is the simplest, but is only suitable for creating snacks based on this dish, since the filling will not be kept in pita bread.
  • Thin lavash must be spread out on the table top, carefully process the sauce and distribute the filling over it. Stretch it so that it closes 2/3 from the right edge, and the layer is thin. From the upper and lower boundaries, it is desirable to indent a few centimeters, which, when folded, will squeeze a portion of the filling.
  • Begin to roll the shawarma into a roll: turn the right edge by 3-4 cm, then continue to make turns, gradually increasing the width of the product.
  • Before placing the shawarma on the left free edge of pita, sprinkle grated cheese mixed with mayonnaise along it. Bind the finished roll with a thread, send it to bake in the oven or in the pan, be sure to press it down.
  • Before serving, the thread can be removed: due to the melted cheese, the outer edge of the pita will be held. Oshuzhennuyu shawarma need to be cut into slices 2-3 cm wide.

In order not to break the pita in the process of its use, professionals advise to monitor not only the degree of its softness (which usually leads not to ruptures, but to breakdowns), but also to the thickness. It is better to work with a folded sheet in half, because this increases its strength.

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