How to tasty cook juicy pork steak in a pan

The original steak is made from beef or veal, frying thick slices of meat cut across the meat fibers. There are various degrees of readiness of dishes depending on the depth of roasting. But since many people do not like beef, considering it too lean and dry meat, it will be about how to cook pork steak.

What is a steak and what is it eaten with?

What is a steak and what is it eaten with?

Cooking a steak according to the rules is a real art: this dish is not as simple as it seems at first glance. It is very important that the outside of the meat is not burnt, does not become dry and at the same time to the extent necessary was ready inside.

Several grades of readiness dishes:

  • Blue steak is grilled. First, the meat is slightly warmed to a temperature not higher than 450C, and then quickly and intensively fried. The meat remains raw inside, but it should not be cold;
  • steak, roasted to the degree of Rare, is covered with a crust on the outside, but inside - meat with blood;
  • Medium Rare steak is cooked a little more strongly, there is no blood inside, but pinkish juice;
  • Medium degree is characterized by medium roasting, but when pressed, the meat produces a pinkish juice;
  • Medium Well's light pink meat can be called almost roasted;
  • and, finally, Well Done - perfectly dry roasted steak.

Properly cooked dish, regardless of the degree of roasting will give the opportunity to feel the juicy, natural taste of meat. Steaks are delicious with vegetables, mushrooms, and sauce.

Steak in a pan: cooking secrets

Steak in a pan: cooking secrets

A classic steak is cooked on the grill, but at home this option is not always possible. If we talk about how to replace the grill and how to cook pork steak in a pan, then you should immediately make a reservation: the best option would be to use a special grill pan. Heavy thick-walled cast-iron dishes have a ribbed bottom - and the steak will look "right" and have a decent taste. It is necessary to heat the pan in advance, and then spread the meat on it - then the top layer will instantly “grab” and prevent the liquid from leaking out. The meat in the pan does not dry out.

Before frying, it should warm up to room temperature. You do not need to salt and pepper it in advance: the juice will not go away. Pork cut into pieces in 3 cm thick, lightly crush hand, but do not beat off, so as not to damage the fibers. The finished meat is smeared with vegetable (preferably olive) oil and spread on a hot frying pan. Salt and pepper need at this time. Fry steak must be on each side, turning 450. The time depends on the desired degree of readiness.

There are several secrets to learn how to cook pork steak deliciously using a skillet:

  • for cooking it is better to use meat from the back of the carcass;
  • meat should not be fried long. But if 4 minutes on each side is enough for thoroughly roasted beef, and 1 minute is enough for steak with blood, then pork should be kept on the fire a little longer to avoid unpleasant consequences;
  • seasonings and marinades can change the taste of meat, but you should not get involved in them;
  • Classic steak is natural roasted meat without the use of marinade. With him it is more likely about roast pork. However, many still prefer to marinate slices.

Pork steak in the oven: fast and appetizing

Pork steak in the oven: fast and appetizing

If the oven has a grill function, then the question of how to cook pork steak in the oven will not arise. But even if the kitchen stove of the old model and this function is absent in it, then you can do without it.

The meat is cut, slightly pierced with a fork, rubbed with spices, sprinkled with balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, soy sauce or red wine. Baking pan or cast iron pan greased with oil and spread on it (on it) steaks. If the grill is turned on, the meat is raised higher, fried, occasionally turning over, for 15 minutes. Released juice must be removed from the pan, otherwise it will not steak, but steamed pork. If there is no grill, then the oven is strong, up to 280-300 degrees, heated and set to roast meat.

Finished steaks are left on a wooden cutting board for a few minutes, allowing the heat to evenly distribute inside the piece. After served on warm plates with garnish, sauce, greens.

Speaking about how to cook a juicy pork steak in the oven, it should be noted that bone meat is perfect for this purpose. Such pieces are not deformed when frying, retain the taste of a natural product and look very aesthetically pleasing.

Grilled pork steak: classics of the genre

Grilled pork steak: classics of the genre

Grilled pork is an enchanting dish. It prepares quickly, exuding a magical aroma, and dealing with it is easy. For baking, the neck part is suitable. Before you cook the grilled pork steak, the meat must be kept at room temperature for several hours, marinating it. Excess fat is better to cut, leaving only small streaks.

Pork is cut into slices about 2 cm thick, each piece is thoroughly and thoroughly lubricated with vegetable oil, salt, pepper, and then put to marinate. In a container for pickling lay out a layer of onion, chopped rings, and chopped herbs (dill, parsley, cilantro). Layer of meat covered with the same "blanket". Marinate it in a cool place from 2 to 12 hours.

For frying on the grill, coals that have been burned out are needed. Steaks are laid out on a wire rack and fried over coals for 8-12 minutes on each side. Pork is better to overdo than underfill.

If there is no time for marinating meat, then you can do without this stage. Meat rubbed with herbs, salted, spread on the grill and fried until tender.

How to cook pork steak?

And a few more tips on how to cook pork steak.

  • Choose high-quality meat. In the fresh one, upon pressing, a trace remains, which quickly disappears, and the surface regains shape. It should not have any extraneous odors. If the product glitters, perhaps not very fresh meat rubbed with oil to attract customers.
  • The tenderloin should be a good thickness, do not take thin pieces.
  • Meat for steaks do not beat off. But if there is a need to slightly shape the slices, do not use a metal hammer - only a wooden one.
  • Red and black pepper, cilantro, basil, horseradish, thyme are well combined with pork.
  • For cutting meat, use only sharp, well-honed knives. The same use and during the meal.
  • Steaks do not serve directly from the heat of the heat, they need to stand for a few minutes under a lid or in a form covered with foil. But the plates for them should be warm, so that the dish longer retains the taste and aroma.

Pork steaks are a dish that can be cooked up in a hurry if guests suddenly appear in the house. They can make their family happy for dinner, it is perfect for a large company in the open air. The versatility of cooking - in the pan, in the oven or on the grill - allows you to pamper yourself and your family with juicy, appetizing pork at any time of the day and at any time of the year.

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