How to store red caviar correctly

Red caviar is one of the most delicious delicacies, without which it is impossible to imagine a New Year's table or Maslenitsa. Many people buy it for the future - red caviar is eaten quickly, and an extra jar never hurts. It is very important to store caviar properly. Bad conditions can affect the taste of the product. The simple rules described below will help you maximize the freshness of red caviar.

Interestingly, 100 years ago red caviar was not considered a delicacy. They ate it not only on holidays, but even in the post - for example, eggs were kneaded into pancake dough. Only in the second half of the last century, red caviar became a symbol of prosperity. Far from everyone could afford sandwiches with her.

Now with red caviar they prepare a lot of various snacks, tartlets of isalat.

Now manufacturers offer a huge selection of caviar. Unfortunately, many jars of delicacy contain processed caviar of not very good quality. It is very important not only to choose a good product, but also to store it correctly.

Where can I store red caviar?

Storing red caviar involves the use of low temperatures. It is considered that the optimal temperature for storage is from -3 to -8 degrees. Unfortunately, in the refrigerator it ranges from -1 to 0, and in the freezer it reaches -20. The way out of this situation is simple - the eggs are stored in the lower sections closer to the wall.

How to store red caviar correctly?

Despite the fact that experts believe that freezing red caviar is not worth it, many housewives use this method quite well. Chilled caviar can be stored for about a week. Freezing helps to preserve it for several months.

Another way to store caviar is to use ice. Split ice is laid in a separate deep plate. A jar of caviar is put on a plate with it and hidden in the refrigerator. By the way, in this form it can be served. Traditionally, caviar is eaten chilled. The cold improves its taste. To do this, it is served on a beautiful plate with crushed ice.

Some housewives use sterilized jars for food storage. To do this, clean sterilized container smeared with a thin layer of odorless oil. Then, caviar is put into it and 2 more tablespoons are poured on top. l oils. The jar is closed with a lid. In a sealed form, such red caviar can be stored for up to 6 months.

If you bought caviar in cans, then after opening it should be packaged in glass containers. Tin is oxidized and affects the taste of the product, so it deteriorates faster. In this case, you need to remember the dates that were stamped on the bank and keep it in accordance with these terms. If the caviar after storage begins to taste bitter, then it is better not to eat it.

How to store loose red caviar?

Bulk caviar is stored in the same way as caviar in banks. Most often it is sold in large plastic containers. Before storage, it is better to pack it up - put it in smaller containers so that 1 portion is enough for several times.

There is one small trick that residents of the Far East know. Before you lay out the caviar, the tanks need to be treated with a special solution that will allow it not to deteriorate for a long time. Tuzluk, just so called this solution, is very simple. In boiling water, dissolve the salt in such quantity that a liquid resembles brine to taste is obtained. She carefully rinsed all the containers for caviar. Then they put the delicacy in them and store it in any way - in the refrigerator or freezer.

How to store red caviar correctly?

If you decide to freeze caviar, then remember that the portion after defrosting should be completely eaten. It is impossible to freeze again - the delicacy will turn into mush, and the taste will not be the same. When storing red caviar in the freezer, it is important not only to use glass or plastic containers for storage, but also to close it tightly. Otherwise, it will be less stored. Another rule - get the caviar out of the jar with only a clean spoon. Microbes on the surface of the device used can get into the product and spoil it. Also make sure that water does not get into the jar of caviar.

It is important not only to think about the storage of red caviar, but also to choose a quality product. The easiest way to do this is if you buy caviar in clear glass jars or by weight. Attention should be paid to the eggs. Ideally, they should be whole, without crushed peas. The amount of liquid in a jar with high-quality caviar is minimal.

The quality of caviar processing and its appearance directly affects the quality. The most popular red caviar are trout, pink salmon and chum. The quality is influenced by the time of delivery of the caught fish to the processing plant. If brought quickly, caviar will be dry. Usually it is sifted through a special sieve, which does not actually damage the eggs. It happens that the fish are taken to the plant for several days. As a result, caviar bursts after processing, there is a lot of liquid in the finished product.

It is better to choose caviar trout. Fish are grown on special farms and processing workshops are located right there. Therefore, caviar is packed almost fresh.

When buying caviar, pay attention to where it is produced and what is included in its composition. Unscrupulous manufacturers add vegetable oil, ascorbic beauty and even hexamine to the product. The last ingredient is especially dangerous, it was banned in 2009. This substance is labeled E239.

Urotropin allows you to extend the shelf life of red caviar. At the same time, it breaks up in the human body, forming toxic substances. If there is a large amount of red caviar with hexamine, then health problems may arise. With a high content of this substance in the body, its decay products affect the vision, nervous system, kidneys and liver. Very often, red caviar with hexamine tastes bitter.

Many try to choose caviar Far Eastern producers. But it is not made there much. If the bank states that a delicacy is packaged in a place far from the seas, then most likely it is an American product. Such red caviar is bought by weight, and then laid out on the banks.

The popularity of the manufacturer on the quality sometimes does not affect. Even the most popular company can deceive the buyer. Therefore, try to carefully select the product.

Weighted caviar is better to buy in proven places. This may be processing plants. On the packages you need to check the date of packing, the availability of GOST. You can also ask the vendors for certificates. Legal shops will provide you with them without problems, but those who sell caviar in the markets can not always provide the documents.

Another trick - adding to the real caviar artificial. It is usually made from eggs, gelatin and dyes. By the look of such a product is not easy to distinguish from the present. Artificial red caviar does not usually have small dark spots inside. The most effective way to check is to throw a few grains into hot water. Artificial caviar dissolved in water. By the way, a common way to check the quality of caviar is to turn over the can. Container with overturned plate. If the product remains in the container, then it is of sufficient quality.

Red caviar should be stored in the refrigerator. To do this, it is laid out in clean containers, tightly closed and placed closer to the back wall. In this form, it is stored for about a week. The delicacy can be frozen. For this, small portions are placed in the freezer. Some housewives use for caviar stylized jars, oiled. The last 2 ways allow you to store the product for many months.

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