How to store dried fish


Dried fish is a salted fish dried in the air.In order for the fish to come out tasty and well-dried, choose bold or oily fish. From such individuals it turns out the highest quality and delicious product.

Anyone can cook dried fish The recipe is quite simple. All you need to do is to salt the fish well to taste. Drying in the air takes several days, but does not require constant monitoring, so this occupation will not take much of your time.

Salt should be 12% more than fish. Small fish salted one or two days, and large up to 6 days. One good stirring of fish one day before the end can be well salted, it will make it tastier. After salting the fish should be washed and sent to dry.

In the open air, fish are hung out, pre-tied in small bunches of several pieces. A draft or three weeks (the size of the fish plays a role here, the amount of weather conditions) and your fish will be ready. You can learn this here: dried back, firm meat, in the cut should be a smooth yellowish-pink color and orange-red caviar.

After harvesting, you need to save your strategic stock somewhere. In order for your fish to remain safe and sound for quite a long time, familiarize yourself with the rules for storing dried fish.

The main methods and rules of storage of dried fish

There are several "home" ways to store dried fish.

  1. The first and easiest is to wrap it in a newspaper / paper and leave it in a cool place.
  2. In a large jar with the fish, place a burning candle, and close it with a lid. After the oxygen is over, the candle goes out and the fish can be stored for several months in this way.
  3. The freezer compartment of the refrigerator is another place where you can store dried fish. If you want to eat, you can just defrost the need amount.
  4. The most reliable way is to store the fish in a can with the lid tightly closed. But the best way to spoil it - "lock" in a plastic bag. It is better not to risk personally dried fish and choose one of the ways that will precisely save the product.

Some subtleties are important, attention to which must be shown.

  • Dried fish is a seasonal product, therefore, it is better to use it quickly (do not store for 12 months and eat on holidays). Of course, it is kept beautifully, but still the "bred fish" is much tastier and healthier than the "lay down"
  • You must be prepared for the fish to mutate after shrinking. It can become less mass and size, though not by much. Due to improper storage, mold and decay may occur, rodents and other pushers may fish for fish. That is why storage conditions must be strictly observed.
  • On an industrial scale, for the storage of fish using special packaging. There is a huge choice: wooden boxes, corrugated cardboard containers, wicker baskets, flax food bags, paper multi-layer bags and much more. Cellophane and foil, as already mentioned, are absolutely not suitable for the storage of similar products.

The fish itself is an amazing product, because there are 8 of 8 essential amino acids in it. With all this, they are perfectly balanced and designed to saturate the human body. A fish feeds our body for a long time.

Fish snacks - almost the basis of Russian cuisine. What table does without the most delicious salted herring, dried or dried fish? The composition of fish meat includes protein substances, minerals, vitamins and fats useful for humans. And dried fish retains all its positive properties and qualities.

If we talk about calories, dried fish is not very packed with calories. Dried vobla has about 235 kcal per 100 grams, but bream - 221 kcal. In any case, even if you are on a diet, a small dried fish will not make you harder. Therefore, eat fish in any form and be healthy!