How to store carrots

Many people want to see vegetables from their own vegetable garden on their tables not in summer, but in winter, when there is more of a lack of vitamins in the body. So that vegetables do not lose their beneficial properties, they must be properly stored. One of the most fastidious vegetables in storage is carrots. However, it can also be stored for a long time using suitable methods.

How to store carrots in the winter?

As is known, preserving carrots in the winter is not an easy task. Often, even in the cellar, it begins to rot or becomes soft. It is uneconomical to use rotten carrots, as you have to cut off all the rot from the vegetable. I soft vegetable loses taste, it is difficult to grate and cut with a knife.

However, these problems can disappear by themselves if properly stored.

How to store carrots?

How to store carrots?

This may seem strange, but good preservation of the root by 50 percent can be achieved even in the summer. Preparations for storing vegetables should begin before they are picked..

  • About a week before the intended harvest, start abundantly watering the beds. Watering will help to get carrots richer taste, a greater supply of juiciness and will give a little more grow. In addition, due to abundant watering, the earth softens and the roots become easy to pull out.
  • A couple of days before the collection should also conduct preparatory activities. Slightly trim the tops, leaving a few cm, well weed the beds with carrots. This is necessary so that the roots will not lose moisture and retain more useful substances.
  • After digging the vegetables you need to sort out and get rid of damaged root crops. Even minor damage can have a significant negative impact on their storage. No, even the most favorable conditions will not help save the damaged carrots.
  • Experts do not recommend cleaning it from the ground, as the ground protects the vegetable from drying out and possible diseases. It is recommended to clean the vegetable from the soil immediately before use.
  • Collecting carrots, you have to dig it up (pull it out with your hands), shake it a little and carefully put it in a pile. Harvest should be left on the air for 2-3 days. Cover the carrot while it dries. During their stay on the street, spoiled vegetables will start to lose their shape, and you can easily take them away.

One of the main factors in the storage of any vegetables is the correct temperature. Therefore, the space reserved for this purpose must be equipped with a thermometer.

How to store carrots in the cellar?

How to store carrots in the cellar?

To store carrots in the cellar, quite a few methods have been invented by now. The main thing, remember about the temperature regime. Hang a thermometer in the cellar and make sure that the temperature remains optimal (0-2 degrees).

Carrots in the cellar can be stored in polyethylene bags or large bags. Put it in the bag, make large holes in it on the sides. The bag should not be closed on top.

You can do without side holes if you fill a bag of root vegetables with sand. Also, many housewives prefer to store vegetables in packages with sawdust. They also need to be left open. On top of the packages it is recommended to put a little onion peel.

You can use another way to store carrots in the cellar. Shoot down the wooden box. It should not be gaps. The size of the box must be such that a sufficient amount of sand and root crops fit into it. Put a few cm of sand on the bottom of the container. Put the carrots on the sand so that there is a small distance between the roots. Top with another layer of sand so that it hides all the roots. And again put a layer of carrots.

According to this scheme, it is necessary to act until the box is filled. This method of storage is the most reliable and most often used.

In order not to bother with the sand, you can leave carrots in the cellar on the shelves. Spread the vegetables on them so that there is a distance between them. The number of shelves and their capacity is taken into account. The harvest must fit them all. You do not have to invent ways to further protect it. It is only necessary to monitor the temperature regime.

To keep the carrot in the cellar better, it can be coated. There are two methods of coating: dry and wet. When dry, sprinkle it with chalk powder (150–200 g of chalk per 10 kg of root crops). The wet method involves keeping carrots in a 30 percent chalk suspension, and then drying.

This process allows you to create a weak alkaline environment on the surface of root vegetables. It serves to prevent the development of diseases.

How to store carrots in the apartment?

Freezing carrots for the winter

If you are not able to leave vegetables in the garage or basement, one option remains - storage in the apartment. The main problem in this situation is finding a place to store vegetables.

  1. If you are a happy owner of a spacious balcony, you will not have to think long. This is a very suitable place. It is enough to put boxes and harvest bags on the balcony. In the heat you will have to cover the carrots or rearrange the container in the shade. In cold weather, root crops will have to be wrapped or brought into the room.
  2. It is also quite simple to store them in the refrigerator. (Although this latter method is the most unreliable.) To do this, root vegetables should be folded in cardboard boxes and placed in a vegetable tray. Also for storage in the refrigerator can be used sealed plastic bags.

To make the carrot not spoil for several months after harvesting is not easy. True, there is such a method as conservation. But fresh vegetables are much healthier! Left in the cellar or on the balcony, the carrot retains its taste and healthy properties longer. Wherever you have to keep it, remember that this vegetable is extremely capricious. However, choosing the appropriate method and observing all the rules, you will not be left in the winter without vitamins.

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