How to store a pumpkin

The fact that the pumpkin is incredibly useful, we know from childhood. All doctors are unanimous in the opinion that it is a panacea for many diseases. Its seeds contain a huge amount of vitamin E, which stimulates the function of the sex glands, slows down aging, improves potency, and is also an excellent anthelmintic agent.

In addition, the seeds contain in their composition an essential amino acid - arginine and a whole complex of vitamins and minerals that help to fight against many ailments. Pumpkin pulp doctors recommend to use for weight loss, kidney disease, prostate, bladder, constipation, tuberculosis, gout, cholecystitis, pressure, etc. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of pumpkin and, of course, it is desirable that this wonderful product appear on our table all year round. In fact, this is more than realistic, because the pumpkin is completely unpretentious in storage and can last a whole year without problems.

How to store a pumpkin?

How to store a pumpkin in the cellar in the winter?

If you have a cellar at home, then there will be no problems with the storage of pumpkins. It is important to choose for this storage method mature, not damaged fruits with a whole stalk. Spread the pumpkin should be on the racks with the stem up so that the vegetables do not touch each other. The racks on which the pumpkins are located should be wooden, and the cellar should be cool and dry, since high humidity and heat can contribute to the development of mold. Periodically check your crop for the presence of rotting areas, it is important to detect and remove damaged fruit in time.

This amazing fruit, like pumpkin, has advantages: it is easy to grow, store and cook. You can talk about its incredible benefits for a very long time! It is used in cooking, medicine, cosmetology and decoration.

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