How to sprout peas


Pea - annual legume herbaceous plant.It is used for culinary purposes in preparing various dishes of cuisines of different countries. It is very convenient to grow peas on your own plot. For this it is necessary to germinate.

Germinated peas are eaten.

Sprouting peas

  • Take the right amount of pea seeds. Please note that you need to take more so that the prozapas remains.
  • Rinse the peas well.
  • Put the peas in a container (in a jar). Note that the peas will increase by 2-3 times.
  • Soak the peas in cool water. Pour some water, but not so much as to cover the surface of the peas.
  • Mix the seeds well in water.
  • Put the seeds at night in a warm place.
  • Then drain the water. This water can be poured over the indoor plants, since it contains nutrients after soaking the peas.
  • Pea seeds should be thoroughly rinsed. Dry it.
  • Put a jar of seeds in a dark place. It is important that the sun's rays do not fall. Make sure the seeds get good access to air. Peas are actively breathing during seed germination., he therefore needs oxygen, and in a closed space after some time there will be only carbon dioxide emitted by the peas. Therefore, bankus peas cover with a lid with holes.
  • In the evening (after 12 hours), remove the pea seeds, rinse, dry and put in the jar again and put in the same place.

  • In the morning, repeat the washing procedure.
  • Usually this is enough, the seeds are already germinating.
  • The only thing you can not arrange is small seedlings. Then repeat the procedure again. Do the peas wash after 12 hours (it is possible in the morning and in the evening) until you get the desired seedlings.
  • Once you have received them, wash them one last time and dry them well.

Przschenny peas, thoroughly dried, can be kept in the refrigerator, where they can be stored for a month.