How to roast peanuts

Peanuts are loved in many countries of the world, and each of them has its own secrets and recipes for its preparation. The simplest way to work with peanuts is its usual frying, but it also has a number of nuances and a wide range of techniques that you should definitely get acquainted with.

How to fry peanuts in a pan?

The most basic way of roasting peanuts is to do this through the use of a frying pan. Dishes should have thick walls and bottom, as well as high sides. The layer of product poured into it should be made thin so that each nut can be roasted on all sides.

Husk before this shoot is not necessary. It will disappear on its own when arachis warm from the inside and lose excess moisture. Including, and received in the course of its washing under flowing water before frying. But it is desirable to strip him of the shell. Otherwise, the cooking scheme will change a little.

In pure form, the nuts are roasted for 15 minutes. with a small fire, which will not allow them to burn, but will allow evenly to burn not only the upper shell, but also the inner part. In the process of cooking peanuts need to constantly turn the spatula. Readiness is checked very easily. The selected nut is cracked, and if the central part has a golden hue, the product is ready.

Zharimarahis in the microwave

How to cook peanuts

In the microwave, probably roasted peanuts are made the easiest. And the time spent here is exactly as long as it takes to brew tea and turn on your favorite movie. 5 minutes. waiting - and he is ready.

On a glass dish for a microwave oven (it must bear the corresponding marking), pre-peeled nuts are poured out. They are distributed in the dishes so that they do not create heaps, but lay in an even layer. Do not cover the dish in any case!

For frying peanuts, you must turn on the microwave at maximum power and set for 4-5 minutes. on the timer. This short period is enough to bring the product to full readiness. It will only cool to room temperature and serve. Or use for more complex dishes.

Features cooking in the oven

Cooking peanuts in the oven is one of the easiest. But at the same time, one of the longest. In comparison with heat treatment in a frying pan, where it takes no more than 15 minutes, it may take 30 minutes and an hour to roast on a baking sheet.

Preparing peanuts for this process looks the same as for the pan. It can be fried both in pure form and in shell. The algorithm does not change. The oven will need to be heated to 175 ° C without forced convection. On a non-greased baking sheet you need to decompose the nuts. Moreover, be sure to thin layer. It is desirable that there is a small distance between them. So if you want to cook a lot at once, you will have to act in several passes, and not dump all the nuts in one pan.

The first 15 minutes peanuts are dried without any interventions. After the specified period, you need to shake the baking sheet so that the nuts turn over. After that, the temperature in the oven rises from 175 ° C to 200 ° C. Now you can not leave the kitchen, because you have to wait for the moment when the crackle starts to come from the oven. It will signal the readiness of the product.

As soon as the required sounds are heard, the temperature decreases to 0. The baking sheet remains in the oven for another 15 minutes, slowly cooling down. Only after that it is necessary to take it out, pour the peanuts in a glass bowl and serve it to the table.

As for how to fry peanuts in the shell, then do it better in the oven. The process of heat treatment itself does not greatly differ from that where peeled nuts are used. It also takes about 20-30 minutes. Before being sent to the oven, peanuts must be carefully selected. In addition to a visual assessment, it is necessary to carry out another check: shake the nut, and if the core fights from the inside against the walls, it will not work for frying. Then the product is poured in a very thin layer and is heated at a temperature of 175-200 ° C.

Diverse variety with new flavor

How to cook peanuts

In addition to the simplest recipe, when the nuts are roasted for a few minutes. one of the above methods, there are still recipes that allow you to give a variety of peanuts tastes. The most popular variation with salt. And for connoisseurs of spices fit garlic and a range of spices.

Ordinary salty nuts are made very simply. They must be peeled and placed in a glass bowl. In a glass of warm water dilute 1 tsp. salt, pour this solution product. Give 30-40 minutes. infuse and soak, and then fold in a colander. After that, the nuts are roasted by any of the previously discussed methods.

Peanuts with spices are prepared in a similar way. First, the kernel must be freed from the shell and husk. The latter is removed quite easily if the product is placed in boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Then the nuts are dried on a paper towel. At the same time, 1 tbsp is heated in a frying pan. olive oil, there poured 1 tsp. Sahara. It is better to take brown, although it melts longer.

As the butter and sugar are heated, a pinch of pepper is added to this mixture, as well as 1 tsp. jeera, garlic powder and curry. If some of the seasonings do not like it, of course, you should not add it.

After 1 min. already dried nuts are poured into the pan. They are stirred for 2-3 minutes to soak the peanuts with spices.

The final stage is to bring the product to final readiness in the oven. It will take no more than 15 minutes. Additionally, nuts can still be salted before the pan is sent to the oven.

Simple Peanut Dishes

Undoubtedly, peanuts are good even in solo form. It is eaten, washed down with beer or tea. There are also a number of interesting dishes that are prepared in seconds and allow you to make some variety in the diet, if the nuts themselves had time to get bored. There are recipes for every taste: both for those who want something savory, and for sweet teeth.

Peanut kozinaki is a sweetness of oriental origin, especially in the people of Armenia and Georgia. The classic version involves only 2 components: honey and walnuts. But what goes on sale in stores, for the most part, is very different from the original recipe. Therefore, it is much easier to prepare such a delicacy on your own. It does not require many ingredients.

  1. 200 gr. peanuts taken the same amount of hazelnuts, as well as 0.5 liters. not liquid honey and 1 tbsp. Sahara. Brown is preferred. Nuts must be washed and dried in the oven at 175 ° C with forced convection. 10 min. will be quite enough for this. After that, both peanuts and hazelnuts are peeled.
  2. Honey with sugar is heated in a metal bowl, nuts are poured into the hot liquid, and everything is thoroughly stirred. The mass is poured on a silicone mat, leveled with a rolling pin and formed into a rectangle. She needs to give time for complete cooling. After that, you need to divide it into portions. Serve chilled with herbal tea.

A product popular in America — peanut butter — can also be made at home. For this 500 gr. nuts crushed in a blender with 200 ml. pure boiled water. 150 ml are added to them. liquid honey. The mixture is kneaded until smooth and sent to the cold.

For sweet teeth, chocolate peanut butter is suitable. 2 tbsp. peanuts, which must be stripped of the husk, roasted in the oven. After that, chop the nuts in a blender or in a food processor. Beat with a mixer with a pinch of salt 2 tbsp. cocoa and the same amount of powdered sugar. Pour nuts into it. The final point - add to the mixture 3 tbsp. l any refined vegetable oil. Keep the paste to be in the refrigerator.

Regardless of how exactly you will fry peanuts, all the nuts must be selected before cooking. On the shell should not be dirt or damage. Kernels are checked for mold. Dried nuts are best not to use. Also, the smell should not cause discomfort. Otherwise, you can not only spoil the dish, but also harm your health.

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