How to properly and beautifully sculpt cakes from yeast and

What holiday does without cheesecakes, buns and pies? It is for them that the hostess’s culinary skills are often rated. Here you can and should not only show imagination in the choice of filling, but also demonstrate your aesthetic taste, paying attention to the form. Therefore, the question of how to sculpt the patties so that they look appetizing, always remains relevant.

Pies - our everything!

How beautiful is it to make patties?

The history of Slavic cooking is unthinkable without pies. Their recipes from century to century are transmitted from mother to daughter and granddaughters. Over its long history, the pies have been enriched with hundreds of recipes, dozens of fillings and a decent number of cooking methods. But the main secret of delicious cakes is still the principle of combining good dough, tasty filling and patience.

Patties are a very convenient dish. Depending on which filling you choose, they can be:

  • snack (vegetable, mushroom fillings);
  • main course (pies with meat or fish);
  • dessert (sweet or dairy fillings).

But it is not only homemade food. Many large domestic and foreign restaurants offer a large selection of cakes on the menu. The uniqueness of these flour products is associated not only with the variety of fillings, but also with the type of dough and form. As for the test, it can be:

  • yeast (rich, for fried pies);
  • yeast-free (puff, custard).

Not less than the "content" is important form of cakes The skill of the hostess is often determined by whether she knows how to properly sculpt the cakes from one or another dough.

The best forms for yeast dough

The best forms for yeast dough

From such a batch, pastries are soft and airy. What is the best way to make yeast dough pies? In form, these products can have the form:

  • ovals;
  • circles;
  • squares;
  • triangles.

These are the figures that become volumetric due to the yeast dough and look particularly advantageous.

How to sculpt oval pies?

How to sculpt oval patties from yeast dough?

The most popular form of pies with yeast is oval. It is suitable for any filling.

  1. Divide the dough into small balls.
  2. Each ball roll into a roll.
  3. We cut the roll into small cubes (about 4 cm).
  4. Roll pieces into oval cakes up to 5 mm thick.
  5. Put the stuffing in the middle, throw one edge over the other, pinch it in the form of a crescent.
  6. When frying or baking pies put on the seam.

We form round patties

How to make round cakes from yeast dough?

Cute round pirozhochki remind childhood. Especially well this form is suitable for fruit fillings, as it collects all the juice inside.

  1. Roll out dough small round cakes (about 5 mm).
  2. Put the center in the center.
  3. Raise the edges of the cakes and collect them in the middle.
  4. Fasten thoroughly so that the bag turned out.
  5. Spread bake clip down.

The best forms for non-yeast dough

For housewives who do not like to mess with yeast, there are many options for the test and without them. From yeast-free "base" pies are well obtained, the shape of which does not need additional volume:

  • mugs;
  • harnesses;
  • with embossed outlines.

At the same time, all the options for yeast dough molds can also be used.

How to make mugs patties?

Experienced housewives know how to make beautifully pastry from non-yeast dough - to make circles. This technology is very easy to master.

  1. Cut out circles of the same diameter from the rolled dough.
  2. Put the center in the center.
  3. Cover with another circle and pinch the edges.
  4. Spread on a baking sheet or pan.

Making pies in the form of harnesses

Making pies in the form of harnesses

Those who love to bake bigger ones will surely like plaits-pies.

  1. Roll out the dough cut into several rectangles.
  2. Each rectangle at the edges is cut into strips.
  3. Put in the middle of the filling.
  4. Fold the stripes crosswise, slightly pinching the edges.
  5. We spread on the surface for cooking.

Sculpt relief patties

Sculpt relief patties

If you want to surprise your loved ones with intricate pies, then use the embossed forms.

  1. From the rolled layer we cut out ovals.
  2. Put the sausage-shaped stuffing in the middle.
  3. Top and bottom of the billet tuck a quarter.
  4. Now take the corners on a wide edge and fold them crosswise twice.

We seem to "swaddle" our patties. It is beautiful, but only suitable for thick fillings.

Rules for making cakes from non-yeast base

Pies from dough of this type are very dense and, unlike yeast, can be lean. But in order for the baking to be a success, you need to know how to sculpt the cakes correctly if you work with a base without yeast:

  • To make the edges better stick together, brush them with egg white;
  • if you want to get baking with a gentle blush, grease it before baking brewed black tea;
  • if you make a wind patty, then start baking at 100 degrees and increase the temperature to the necessary gradually;
  • To make the baked pies soft and airy, after you get the pan, sprinkle with pastry water.

It is difficult to agree with the opinion that only an experienced chef knows how to sculpt pies. It is quite simple - just follow the 3 rules: make a pretty cool batch, avoid sticking dough and, most importantly, start baking only in a good mood. Then the pies of any shape will be beautiful and tasty.

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