How to pickle sorrel for the winter

Sorrel - a plant not only healthy, but also tasty. Because of this, it is often used in cooking. Stuffing for pies, green borsch, salads ... Many housewives preserve and freeze sorrel for the winter.

How to prepare sorrel for the winter?

How to pickle sorrel for the winter?

In one summer, up to 5 sorrel crops can be harvested. Greens grow in 2-3 weeks. In this situation, it is better to think in advance how to prepare it for the winter. There are several ways. Sorrel is frozen, dried, salted, canned. Whichever of the options for the workpiece you choose, the preparation of the sorrel will be reduced to the same actions. Collect young shoots about 8-10 cm long. Rinse the cut greens thoroughly, peel off yellow, fading leaves and chop.

Recipes harvesting sorrel for the winter

  • One of the fastest ways to harvest sorrel for the winter is salting. It is better for him to choose a small container - cans with a capacity of about 300 ml. This amount of product is enough for you, on average, for one preparation. For pickling you will need sorrel, green onions, parsley, and salt. The amount of greens varies according to your taste preferences. All the ingredients are finely cut, laid out in a bowl, sprinkled with salt. On 300 gr. sorrel leaves 2 tbsp. salt. Greens should stand for 30 minutes. During this time, the juice will stand out. After that, lay out the mixture in a dense layer of clean sterilized jars, cover with lid and roll.
  • You can pickle sorrel without sterilization. For this method, chopped greens are poured with salt (5-6 tsp. Salt per 0.5 liter jar) and mixed. After the mixture fits tightly into small jars (0, 5 l.) And is poured with a small amount of refined vegetable oil. Banks close plastic lids and sent to the refrigerator. Such storage is stored almost all winter. When adding salt sorrel to the soup, you no longer need to salt the dish!

Recipes harvesting sorrel for the winter

  • Even easier to dry sorrel. This method allows you to prepare not only young leaves, but also greens of medium maturity. Sorrel is cut, laid out on a baking sheet, covered with paper, dried for 1–1, 5 weeks. All this time, the greens need to be turned in order to dry it evenly. Then the sorrel is smoothed down to the state of powder, put in a glass jar, tightly closed with a lid and sent to the kitchen cupboard. The resulting spice is usually added in winter to green soups.
  • Most of all vitamins remain when freezing greens. If you want to prepare not just tasty, but also especially healthy sorrel, greens are better to harvest in May and June. At this time, sorrel leaves contain the most vitamins. As with drying, the shoots of the plants are finely cut, put in a bag or container and sent to the freezer. It is best to freeze sorrel in portions, for one cooking.

Recipes for harvesting sorrel for the winter are simple. Most often, it is just finely cut, shredded and frozen. No less popular is salting and canning of sorrel. With all these methods of preparation in the finished product as much as possible vitamins are saved.

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