How to pickle bream

Traditional cooking bream comes down to frying, baking, cold smoking, salting. Smoke out a fish at home without special tools is almost impossible. Many housewives refuse frying because of the abundance of bones. Salting this fish remains the best cooking option.

Salt, water, a little patience, and now the finished bream is on your table.

Of course, there are secrets to cooking. First, if you buy bream, you need to choose the right fish. It is better to use live.

How to pickle bream?

Another secret in achieving a good result when salting a bream is the time of year in which it was caught. The most delicious salted fish - spring and winter. In summer and autumn bream spawns and becomes not very fat.

How to pickle bream?

There are several ways to salt a bream. One of them - dry ambassador. With this preparation, about 100-200 grams are consumed per 1 kg of fish. salt. In this case, the salt should be stone (not iodized) and coarse grinding.

  • First you need to prepare the fish. If it does not exceed 350 grams by weight, then the carcass can also not be gutted. Large bream free from viscera, washed in cold water. Next, we find the correct capacity for salting. It should be wide and not very low.
  • During the cooking process, the brine will be released, which should completely cover the fish. At the bottom of the dishes pour salt. Roll the salt carcass outside and inside. Sprinkle it with gills. Otherwise, with insufficient salinity, they can give the dish a bitter taste.
  • We put bream in the tank. If you have not one large, but many small fishes, then you can lay them in dense rows. We send under oppression in a cool dark place for 7-10 days. A small diameter dish and a can filled with water can serve as a nest.
  • In the process of salting, make sure that the fish was covered with a layer of brine. If it is not enough, it is better to add freshly prepared. In 1 liter of water add 300 gr. salt. Bring the mixture to a boil, cool, pour the fish.

Bream salted, if his back has ceased to be soft. The finished carcass is washed and left for 2-3 hours in cold water. So leave the excess salt. The final stage of cooking - drying. The fish is hung on a string or line in a shed or loggia. In order that on it flies did not sit down, cover with a gauze. In addition to gauze, it can cope with insects with such a solution: 40 ml of vinegar is taken for 1 l of water and fish is sprinkled.

Hanging bream dried for 7-10 days. When the fish is bent, the carcass of the finished fish should be straightened.

Wet Salted Bream

Another option for correct salting bream - wet salting. It is also called spicy salting. The essence of wet salting lies in the fact that the fish is not dried. Bream can be eaten raw a few hours after salting. This method is suitable for the most impatient gourmets - reduces the process of cooking fish for 7 days. In addition, you do not need a room for drying.

  • For this recipe, choose small fish carcasses. Bream with giblets, clean and lay out layers, starting with the big fish, in the prepared dish. Pour each layer of salt, add a little coriander, pepper, bay leaf.
  • We send the tank with fish under the press in the refrigerator for 5-7 days. After that, we send the fish directly in the pan under running cold water and rinse it off with salt. We do this until the water in the tank becomes transparent. We leave bream for 1-1.5 hours.
  • Drain the water, lay the fish on a table covered with paper in several layers. Dry it for 2-3 hours. Bream is ready for tasting.

How to pickle bream?

Large fish can be spiced salted a little differently. Bream cleaned, cut off the head, washed. Rubbed with salt and spices, wrapped in gauze, tightly tied with a rope and left in a container on the balcony for 10-12 days. The temperature outside the window should be from 0 to 8 degrees. Every day you need to drain the fish secreted juice. Then the bream is washed, wiped with a towel.

How to pickle bream: tips

  1. With dry pickling, the fish can be decapitated to speed up the process. So it dries faster.
  2. If you are going to salt the bream regularly, then it is advisable to make a special tray for drying. It is a rectangle of rails, covered with gauze, inside which the string strings are stretched.
  3. As a container for pickling, it is better to choose any dish, except aluminum. Aluminum can spoil the taste. Traditionally, fish has always been salted in wooden boxes.

How to pickle bream? First you need to decide which fish you like the most - dry or softer. In accordance with the preferences you need to choose the type of pickles. Dry salting lasts about 2 weeks, consists of two stages and requires the use of additional devices. Wet salting of bream takes only 7 days.

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