How to peel a pineapple

A pineapple- tasty and exotic fruit with a mass of beneficial properties. Recently, it is often bought on the holiday table, and it is also a frequent ingredient in many salads and dishes.

Pineapple is rich in bromelain- an enzyme that breaks down proteins and increases metabolism. That is why pineapple is often consumed by women struggling with extra pounds. But nutritionists do not advise abusing pineapple diet, as there is a risk to earn a stomach ulcer and other unpleasant diseases of the esophagus. The fact is that pineapple contains a large amount of acid, which negatively affects the intestinal mucosa.

How to peel a pineapple?

Exists several ways to peel a pineapple. All methods are similar to each other, but there are differences.

How to choose a pineapple?

The choice of pineapple can play a big role in the formation of dishes and festive table. Also the correct choice of pineapple can significantly facilitate the process of its purification.

You need to pick ripe pineapples to ensure the sweet taste and pleasant fruit flavor. Ripe pineapple can be identified by the top of the fruit: leaves can be easily removed from the ripe pineapple. If brown spines protrude from the fruit, this also determines the ripeness of the pineapple.

How to peel a pineapple? How to serve pineapple to the table?

The ripe pineapple smells very tasty, the smell reminds of ripe Uzbek melon. Color does not play a significant role in the selection of ripe fruit, as it can retain its green color even when ripe.

How to clean pineapple?

Using a sharp knife, cut the leaves from the pineapple together with a piece of the top - about 1 cm thick. Try to make the cut as even as possible.

How to peel a pineapple correctly?

Cut the bottom of the pineapple in the same way as you cut the top of the pineapple. The thickness of the slice should be about 1 cm. The flesh is too hard on the skin, so do not regret and throw it away.

So, cutting off the two tops, you got something similar to a cylinder that can stand on a cutting board without any help, which greatly simplifies the process of pineapple cleaning.

Put the pineapple on one of the cut pieces and cut off the peel. The peel is cut vertically in strips. Remember, the thinner the peel strips, the more pulp on the fruit you save.

How to peel a pineapple?

When you peel the pineapple, you will have one pineapple flesh, but on it, just like the potatoes, have eyes that taste hard and bitter. The eyes on the pineapple are cut in the same way as on the potatoes. For convenience, use a knife for cleaning potatoes.

You’ve almost peeled a pineapple, but there’s one more part left to be removed — this is the core. The core can be removed in several ways - it depends on what the pineapple slices will look like afterwards.

How to peel a pineapple - cut the core

If you try, you can cut the core right in the cylinder, then cut the pineapple into rings. You can cut pineapple flesh into rings, then remove the core from the rings. The result is the same pineapple rings.

Cut the pineapple in half and cut the core from each half of the fruit. As a result, you will get two halves of pineapple, which can be cut into half rings or cubes - as you wish.

How to clean a pineapple with a knife?

Or cut the pineapple vertically into four pieces. it the easiest option, as in this case, the core is cut by a single movement of the knife with a strip, and you do not have to make extra efforts. This method is also convenient if you need small pieces of pineapple.

How to clean a pineapple with a special knife?

There is a special knife that can be used to clean the pineapple with little effort. To make a pineapple ring, you just need to cut the top of the fruit. The knife will be screwed into the pineapple, cutting circles of pineapple, saving them from the core. As a result, you will receive equally cut pineapple rings, which can be served on the table as received or cut them as you like.

How to feed pineapple?

In order not to be trapped in front of the guests, you need to learn how to properly serve pineapple. Think about how you prefer - cut the pineapple into large or small pieces, as well as with what to feed the pineapple and how to decorate it.

How to clean pineapple at home?

Small pieces of pineapple are well suited for making salads or pizza. Pineapple rings can be decorated with baked meat. Pineapple rings can be served with ice cream, whipped cream and hot chocolate. This way you will get a delicious dessert. Fresh pineapple can decorate the cake or put it as a decoration in the middle of the table along with other fruits. Half rings can be placed on the edge of a dish.

Knowing how to clean pineapple, you can surprise your loved ones with fresh dishes, without spending money on canned fruit. Fresh pineapple is healthier than canned one, so it’s better to learn how to peel it than to receive less vitamins.

With the help of fantasy, you can decorate the holiday table with pineapple by making beautiful figurines from this fruit!

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