How to melt chocolate at home


Chocolate is the most delicious and most ancient sweet product known for its beneficial properties.

Liquid chocolate can be obtained in three ways: cook it in the oven, in a water bath or in a microwave. For melting it is necessary to use only real high-quality chocolate, it should contain at least 50% cocoa.

We will discuss each of the methods separately, in more detail.

How to melt chocolate in the oven?

The quickest way is to make chocolate in the oven.

It is necessary to turn on the oven, put on a low, low heat, use a metal pan, put the right amount of chocolate there and simmer for 10 minutes.

How to melt chocolate in the microwave?

This method is not for the most lazy people, as it requires strict responsibility and discipline. It is best to cut the chocolate into small pieces before cooking, so it will evenly be heated in a microwave and will not burn.

If you are going to melt chocolate in a microwave, you should know that you will put chocolate in ceramic or microwave dishes, the dishes should not have any reflective surface, otherwise you will hear a big explosion inside the oven and break it.

Therefore, after choosing the right dishes, place the chopped chocolate in there, close it and put it on the first or weakest microwave oven mode for about thirty seconds. After that we will need to check the level of readiness of chocolate, you will see how the chocolate begins to slightly thicken, so it must be diluted with low-fat milk, otherwise the chocolate will dry and burn. Do not forget to stir the chocolate with a spoon all the time. We do the same thing again: close the chocolate, cook for thirty seconds and watch.

As soon as you see that the chocolate starts to rise and boil - immediately turn off the microwave, chocolate is ready for use and consumed. However, hurry, the chocolate can quickly harden, and you can not do anything with it.

How to melt chocolate in a water bath?

A good way, not burdened, by any serious effort, is also known as tempering. We take a saucepan, pour chopped chocolate into it and begin to prepare a water bath.

For a water bath, you need a pan the size of a chocolate one. We place one into the other so that it does not get stuck in it, by the way, you can generally take an iron bowl and place it on the pan, then heat it over a small fire. All the time you need to stir the chocolate best with a spoon made of wood, and you can use metal.

Chocolate should not be allowed to come into contact with water or water vapor, chocolate may lose its taste, it is also impossible to bring chocolate to a boil, otherwise it will turn into a burnt mixture of bitter taste.

If you decide melt chocolate at home, Be patient, this occupation requires perseverance and patience.

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