How to marinate chicken and quail eggs

If you want to surprise loved ones with an exquisite culinary recipe, then by all means learn how to pickle eggs. This nontrivial way to serve the familiar product will definitely appeal to lovers of original dishes. All the more so for cooking eggs in this way do not need intricate ingredients and a lot of time at the stove.

The idea of ​​marinating chicken eggs (and later waterfowl) originated many decades ago. Initially, it was a way to save the product from fading, which came up with the wives of British farmers. However, now pickled eggs - one of the most popular dishes in American and Bavarian beer, which serves as a snack to a foamy drink. Of course, in different countries, marinade for eggs differs in a set of ingredients, but in general there are several of the most sought-after and versatile options.

For pickling quail eggs, be sure to use ginger.

As mentioned above, almost all types of eggs are marinated - from poultry to waterfowl. The main thing is that they are small in size and as fresh as possible - then the dish can be stored for 3-4 weeks. This is a great appetizer that can be served alone or in combination with vegetable sliced. Some chefs use pickled eggs as an ingredient in salads. In addition, they are decorated with meat and fish dishes.

If you add beets to the marinade, the dish will turn out to be an original pink color. The classic version of the composition includes vinegar and spices. The correct proportion of these ingredients will provide a tasty result.

Marinated quail eggs: a recipe

For pickling quail eggs, be sure to use ginger - it will give the dish a unique spiciness and flavor.


  • 8-10 eggs;
  • 150 ml of boiled cold water;
  • 100 ml of apple or wine vinegar;
  • on 8 peas of black and fragrant pepper;
  • 4 pieces of small carnations;
  • 5 sheets of laurel;
  • 1 small ginger root;
  • 1 tsp. sugar sand;
  • 2 tsp. salts;
  • 5 cloves of garlic.


  1. In salted water (so as not to cracked) boil eggs.
  2. Cool and clean them.
  3. Put eggs and garlic in a glass or enamel bowl.
  4. In the filtered water add vinegar, grated ginger and sugar. The mixture is boiled for 7 minutes, salt.
  5. Fill the eggs with a slightly cooled mixture, close the lid, let cool and set for 2 days in the fridge.

Quail eggs with mustard in french

In French cuisine, quail eggs are pickled with mustard.


  • 35 quail eggs;
  • 2.5 Art. vinegar;
  • 4 tsp. cayenne pepper;
  • 7 cloves of garlic;
  • 12 grains of allspice and black pepper;
  • 2 tsp. mustard (seed);
  • 4 buds cloves;
  • 2 leaves of laurel;
  • 2 tabasco type peppers.


  1. Boil eggs, cool them and clean.
  2. Fold in sterilized jars.
  3. For the marinade, mix all the ingredients with water and set on fire.
  4. Cook marinade 5 minutes. Insist 2-3 hours.
  5. Pour the eggs with brine, close the lids and set in the cold for 2 weeks. The dish is ready.

Marinated boiled eggs

Snack of pickled chicken eggs with vodka called

Snack of pickled chicken eggs with vodka called "Far East Eggs".


  • 5 chicken eggs;
  • 1.5 Art. water;
  • 1 small onion;
  • 3 tbsp. l soy sauce;
  • 30 ml of vodka or brandy;
  • 1.5 Art. l sugar sand;
  • 1 pod of hot pepper;
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • 1 lime;
  • spices (a mixture of peppers, cloves);
  • ginger root;
  • salt (to taste).


  1. Peeled eggs are punctured in several places with a toothpick or fork and put in a bowl.
  2. Shred onions and garlic, rub ginger, fall asleep in water and set on fire.
  3. When the mixture boils, add spices, soy sauce. After 2-3 minutes, pour in vodka, sugar and salt.
  4. Put eggs into boiling mixture and cook for 5 minutes.
  5. Chill, cut in half, spread on the leaves of lettuce and pour half the lime juice and soy sauce - a great snack is ready.

American-style eggs with beets

American Pickled Eggs with Beetroot

There are 2 options for marinating eggs in an American way. One of them - with beets.


  • 6 chicken eggs (or waterfowl);
  • 1 tbsp. beet juice;
  • 1 tbsp. wine or apple vinegar;
  • ½ tbsp. brown sugar;
  • 1 medium onion;
  • 3 buds cloves;
  • salt.


  1. Boil eggs in salted water.
  2. Let them cool and clean. By the way, in order for the eggs to be well cleaned, they must be placed on an ice cushion (put cubes of people in a bowl) and wait until the ice begins to melt - then the product can be easily freed from the shell.
  3. Chop onions finely.
  4. We put onions, cloves, sugar, salt in a saucepan, pour beetroot juice, add vinegar and set on fire. Cook for 10 minutes.
  5. Fill eggs, let cool and set for 3 days in the fridge. The dish is ready.

Fast marinade for eggs in American

The second recipe for cooking pickled eggs is to add garlic

The second recipe for cooking pickled eggs is to add garlic, but without the beets.


  • 10 eggs;
  • 1.5 Art. vinegar;
  • 1.5 Art. filtered water;
  • spices (to taste, but you can mix peppers, cloves, lavrushka);
  • 1 clove of garlic;
  • salt.


  1. Boiled hard boiled eggs put in jars.
  2. In an enamel pan, boil water with spices, salt, vinegar and finely chopped garlic.
  3. Fill the eggs with hot marinade, cool and set for 7-10 days in the cold. The dish is ready.

How to pickle quail eggs with honey?

Those who like to impress the people around with original culinary recipes will certainly be interested in the preparation of quail eggs with honey.


  • 20 pcs of quail eggs;
  • 1.5 Art. fruit vinegar (apple or wine);
  • 1 tbsp. boiled cold water;
  • 2 tsp. honey;
  • 1 small cinnamon stick;
  • salt (to taste);
  • 1 tsp. turmeric;
  • 2 tsp. black and allspice;
  • 1/3 tsp dry celery.


  1. Boil hard-boiled eggs, cool and gently clean.
  2. Fold the eggs into the jars and put in the fridge.
  3. Put spices, salt in a saucepan, add water, honey and vinegar and set on fire.
  4. Cook for half an hour, pour the eggs, let cool.
  5. Close the lid and put in the fridge.

Eggs are ready to eat in 2-3 days, and can be stored for about a month. For the same amount of spices you can take a dozen chicken or 8 duck eggs.

How to pickle eggs is useful to know if you like to amaze with your culinary abilities. Moreover, these recipes do not require special skills, but the dish always turns out original and tasty. Therefore, it does not upset even the need for a long time to insist eggs in marinade.

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