How to make sugar candy

In every family there are people who adore sweets. And it can be not only children, but also adults. To date, please sweet teeth is not difficult. In the confectionery departments all kinds of sweets are sold: cakes, sweets, chocolate, cookies, gingerbread, halvah, Turkish delight, sherbet, etc., etc. But it is nice to please your sweet teeth with not only taste but also care. For this you need to cook their favorite joys themselves. Let's talk lelentsah from sugar.

The composition of sugar candy:

To make fifteen candy you will need:

  1. 1 cup of sugar;
  2. 1 tbsp. l butter.

Cooking methodsugar candy:

  • Melt the butter in a saucepan over low heat. Do not bring to a boil!
  • Add a cup of sugar to the butter. Mix well.
  • Put on a medium heat and, while continuing to mix, wait for the moment when the sugar is melted. Carefully ensure that the sugar does not burn, otherwise spoil the candy.
  • You will get a light brown, viscous mass.
  • Then pour the hot mass into molds. Insert a toothpick or ice cream stick into each mold.
  • After thirty minutes of cooling, put the candy from the molds in the fridge.
  • Feel free to give a sweet tooth and enjoy yourself!

Finally, you need to say a few words about candy canes. You can buy them in the store. They are very different: cockerels, bunnies, etc. But if, for example, you did not have time to stock up on molds, and you really want to make candy, then it does not matter. You can use teaspoons or other small containers of similar size as a mold.

You can also not make lollipops on sticks at all, then you will not need any form at all. There is the option of making candy in parchment paper. The resulting piece is simply broken down after cooling into small pieces. This method is suitable for everyday treats. The first method is festive or gift.

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