How to make fruit ice at home


Lovers of sweet ice cream will not save enough in the summer heat, and in the winter cold. For the sweet tooth, we offer you to make the ice cream ice cream.

Tasty and healthy fruit ice at home

This recipe will require you to desire and a little time. It turns out very tasty ice cream, which you can eat yourself or treat them to guests.


  1. natural yoghurt - 500 ml
  2. berries and (or) fruit - 500 g
  3. Mint leaves - 2-3 pieces
  4. sugar - 150 g
  5. lemon juice - to taste.

Cooking method:

  • As fruits or berries, you can take any that is on hand. It can be apricots, and peaches, and oranges, and strawberries, and raspberries - everything that you love and have in stock. Moreover, popsicles can be from one fruit or berry, or from several.
  • Pour the yogurt into a blender, pour the pieces of fruit or berries into it, mix well until a homogeneous mass.
  • Then pour the mixture into the molds. You can use molds from baby yogurt or small plastic cups. And put the molds with the future ice cream in the fridge in the freezer. After several hours, insert an ice cream stick into each mold. You can, if you wish, do without it.

The next day (the next day), remove the molds from the refrigerator. Homemade fruit ice at home is ready! Sweet tooth, enjoy! And remember about the benefits of ice cream - you can read about it in the article Why is ice cream good for the body ?.

Enjoy your meal!

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