How to make an inscription on the cake


When a baked cake is meant not just for evening tea with your family, but is made especially for a special occasion, you want to make a beautiful inscription on it. A cake with an inscription looks very beautiful, and the person for whom it is intended will be very pleased to receive such a birthday cake, for example. So how to make an inscription on the cake?

General recommendations for creating the inscription on the cake

General recommendations for creating the inscription on the cake

  • The easiest way to write on the cake is to write using special food markers and helium dyes in a tube. The tube is equipped with a special hole. Through which a small amount of substance is squeezed out, which allows to make an elegant thin inscription.
  • Before you write on the cake, make a neat line with a toothpick. This is necessary so that your letters in the inscription do not "dance". When the inscription on the cake will be ready, these lines will not be visible almost.
  • Do not write a large number of words. Still, this is not a congratulatory sms or postcard. The inscription should be clear and concise.
  • If you make a mistake by making an inscription, or your hand trembled, do not rush to remove the error immediately. Finish the inscription, then put the cake in the fridge. And when the inscription hardens, you can easily remove the unresolved fragment, and make a new one.
  • Great way make a beautiful inscription on the cake. Print the necessary phrase on the computer. Letters must be as large as they are on the cake. Then put the sheet in the file. Put an inscription on top of the file and put it in the freezer with the file. When the inscription hardens well. Carefully transfer it to the cake.

  • You can, for inscription on the cake, buy a special stencil. Then do not have to worry about. That the letters come out curves and different sizes.
  • A very beautiful inscription on the cake is obtained if you make it from mastic. For this, you need to make a mastic, and when it hardens a little (that is, it will be soft and plastic) we cut into thin flagella and make, with their help, a beautiful inscription.
  • With the help of a stencil, you can apply and the inscription on the cake, which will be made of chocolate chips. This is done very easily, but it looks no less impressive.
  • Beautiful inscription on the cake can be made with the help of fruits, berries, nuts and candied fruit. In addition, the inscription on the cake, made with pastry beads, looks very beautiful.
  • Before you start creating the inscription on the cake, think over the final inscription. Keep it as short as possible. Also, avoid long words. For example, do not display on the cake the inscription: "Happy twenty-nine!" It looks very ugly. Moreover, the whole word is unlikely to fit entirely in one line, and the transfer of words on the cake spoils the whole picture. Therefore, it is better to replace the inscription with the following: "Happy Birthday!"
  • Watch carefully for spelling errors in your lettering. It will be very unpleasant if you make such a mistake. If you doubt the spelling of a word, it’s better to double-check yourself by looking in the dictionary.
  • The inscription on the cake should be a contrast. Otherwise, it will simply merge with the cake. In addition, it is practically not noticeable in the photos of the holiday cake.
  • Do not write on other cake decorations. It will come out a curve. The inscription on the cake do in the first place, and only then place on it the rest of the decorations.
  • Expect in advance where to start the inscription, so that all the letters have enough meta. Fix the mistake, then it will be very difficult.
  • If you want to make a florid inscription on a cake, for example, in the Roman style, look for various fonts on the Internet, print the word and write on it.

How to make a chocolate label on the cake?

If you decide to make a mixture for the inscription on the cake, the following recipe will be useful to you.


  • soft butter - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • cocoa powder - 2 tbsp. l


  1. Cocoa surely sift through a fine sieve, then combine the ingredients and grind until there are no lumps in the mass.
  2. The mixture is ready!

Having prepared the mixture according to this recipe, do not use the straw for writing on the cake, even if this straw is very small and thin. Best of all, for this purpose, use a full-felted bag with a cut off tip or a disposable bag. Before you start to put an inscription on the cake, practice on a plate, is the inscription sufficiently thin?

How to make an inscription on the cake of white chocolate?

Write the right words on a white sheet of paper. Melt a white chocolate bar on a water-bath, pour it into a pastry bag, and make chocolate on the paper. Then put the sheet in the freezer. When the inscription hardens, carefully transfer it to the cake.

How to make a protein inscription on the cake?

Take the protein of one egg, add so much powdered sugar to it, so that the mass becomes thick. Beat briefly, then add a little lemon juice and keep beating until mass is firm. Put it in a pastry bag and write on the cake.

With the help of the above recommendations and recipes, you can easily make an inscription on the cake. And your guests will be amazed at your culinary skill!

Enjoy your meal!