How to make a snack for a buffet at work cheap and tasty

Buffet menu at work always includes a variety of snacks and salads - this is its basis, which is easiest to prepare. What can you think of here quickly and at no extra cost? Of course, any meat, cheese and fish cuts, decorated in an unusual way, or salads in tartlets or on wide chips. You can not forget about the sandwiches with a huge number of varieties.

Original buffet sandwiches at work

Original buffet sandwiches at work

The main snacks on any stand-up meal are sandwiches of all stripes: these can be both light and familiar options with cheese and sausage additions, as well as more multi-layered and unusual flavor combinations. In addition, it is not always necessary to use bread as a basis: why not replace it with other flour or starch products: crackers, chips, bread? And on the surface there can be not just plastic bacon, but a whole small salad.

Original buffet sandwiches with shrimps

  • Want originality? The basis of the sandwich will be chips (large and wide, such as Lays), and complement their mixture of grated soft cheese, greens, mayonnaise, ham and olives.

Original sandwiches for a buffet with sausage

  • Need something very satisfying? Take rye bread with sesame dressing, put the folded bacon on it, put lettuce and parsley between the layers, put a half of cherry tomato on top.

Original buffet sandwiches

  • Easier yet? Dry in the oven slices of white loaf, put on top a layer of soft cheese, a circle of tomato, chopped clove of garlic, a new layer of cheese, and sprinkle with chopped green onions. Send to a hot oven for 10-15 minutes, so that the cheese swam a little.

Original sandwiches for a buffet with cheese

  • Change the usual form? Mix the curd cheese with greens and chopped pear, put a thick layer on the pita bread, roll it into a roll and cut into slices 1-1.5 cm thick.

Chef's advice: even a simple creamy filling can be given a zest, if you squeeze it onto the surface of a sandwich from a pastry syringe through a carved mold.

Buffet Snacks: Fast and Cheap

The simplest snacks for the buffet table, which can be made in a hurry from almost any product, of course, canapés: this is a peculiar kind of sandwiches, but in most cases they are made without bread. Canapes do not have a base as such - they are just small pieces of food strung on a skewer or even a toothpick. They are used as an aperitif for alcoholic beverages and do not completely satisfy your appetite. The only rule-recommendation when creating such a quick snack is tasty, attractive and not multi-layered. What options can you think of?

Buffet Snacks: Fast and Cheap

  • Take cheese cubes as a basis (feta or brynza will be especially good, but you can also have hard cheese with large holes), fasten it with a skewer with bacon, prunes, half a cherry tomato or even dried cherries. Cheese is universal, and any product can become a “tandem participant”. The most traditional union is cheese, olive and basil leaf.

Snacks for a buffet table

  • More complex and nourishing canapés, almost like sandwiches: a slice of avocado, canned sprat, cherry tomatoes and quail eggs, with a small leaf of parsley. Or rolled salmon, capers, olives and mint leaf.

Buffet Snacks: Fast

  • If guests have a sweet tooth, you can make fruit canapes: from any pieces of fruit and berries, to which lemon slices and nuts will be added to a small bowl.

Snacks for a buffet with fruit

Snacks for a buffet with pate

Remember that even an unpretentious and inexpensive snack for a buffet at work can be decorated with taste, turning into a work of art. For example, spread out the sandwiches around the circumference of the dish, and in the center lay out a lotus of slices of boiled eggs. Or add the same halves of eggs with soft slices of bacon, put on a skewer, crown with a berry of lingonberries and get a small sailboat. But the greatest variety is in the layout of cuts, as thin plastic slices make it possible to give them any shape.

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