How to fry potatoes with mushrooms in a pan

Perhaps every housewife every day is faced with the question of how to pamper their household for dinner. Options for cooking side dishes, there are countless. If you want to cook a hearty, tasty, fragrant and unusual side dish, try frying potatoes with mushrooms. The variety of mushrooms and their pretreatment have absolutely no effect on the taste of the finished dish. In this article, you will not only learn how to fry potatoes with mushrooms in a frying pan, but also get acquainted with the advice of experienced chefs, and also find some simple recipes.

How to fry potatoes with mushrooms in a pan: cooking tips

How to fry potatoes with mushrooms in a pan

This side dish can be easily ranked as a number of fast dishes. Its preparation does not take you much time. If you want your household to be pleasantly surprised and appreciate the masterpiece you have prepared, listen to the advice of experienced chefs:

  • Fresh mushrooms should be carefully cleaned and washed, they can even be boiled beforehand;
  • pickled mushrooms can be sent to the pan directly from the jar;
  • If you want to get rid of the taste of the marinade, then the mushrooms can be washed under running water;
  • for frying, it is best to use butter or olive oil;
  • vegetables are first fried, mushrooms are fried, and potatoes are added last;
  • mushrooms are perfectly combined with sauces, especially on sour cream basis;
  • if you use frozen mushrooms for cooking potatoes, they should first be thawed in a natural way;
  • Dried mushrooms before cooking should be well soaked in lightly salted water;
  • You can add various vegetables, meat and fish to potatoes with mushrooms;
  • if you want to add a savory flavor to the garnish, add seasonings, for example, oregano or basil;
  • the dish must be served hot.

Fried potatoes with mushrooms - fingers you will lick!

Champignons are one of the types of mushrooms that are grown in artificial conditions and are sold all year round. Such mushrooms before cooking enough to wash and get rid of the film. They do not require preliminary heat treatment.

How to fry potatoes with champignons in a pan?


  • potatoes;
  • sour cream with any percentage of fat - 6 tbsp. l .;
  • Champignon mushrooms;
  • Sweet pepper;
  • tomatoes;
  • onion;
  • garlic cloves;
  • sunflower oil;
  • carrot;
  • seasonings;
  • fresh fat - 50 g;
  • greenery.


  1. Cooking such a side dish should start with the processing of mushrooms. Mushrooms need to be washed, remove the film from them and separate the legs from the caps. Then the mushrooms should be crushed according to your preferences.Frozen champignons
  2. Now you need to prepare the remaining vegetables: potatoes, onions, carrots and peppers need to be peeled and chopped.
  3. Put a piece of bacon on the preheated pan and melt it. The remaining greaves should be collected from the pan.Melted lard
  4. Put melted onion into melted fat and fry it until a characteristic golden crust is formed.Fried onion
  5. Next in the pan you need to put chopped tomatoes, chopped carrots and bell peppers. Within 5-7 minutes, the vegetables should be fried.

    Fried vegetables
  6. After the specified time, chopped champignons, sour cream and spices should be added to the browned vegetables. All should be well mixed and simmer for 15-20 minutes.Mushrooms in sour cream
  7. Then add sliced ​​potatoes to vegetables and mushrooms, salt all the ingredients, season with ground pepper and mix well.How to fry potatoes with champignons in a pan?
  8. Stew over moderate heat until the potatoes are completely cooked. A few minutes before being ready, you should add chopped garlic cloves and greens to the garnish.

Features cooking with porcini mushrooms

True gourmets prefer to prepare side dishes with the addition of porcini mushrooms. If you are one of them, or there is a small portion of such mushrooms in your refrigerator, then you can cook a tasty and fragrant side dish easily. This dish will be a great addition to the festive and everyday table.

How to fry potatoes with porcini mushrooms in a frying pan?


  • potato;
  • fresh dill;
  • onion;
  • White mushrooms;
  • sunflower refined oil;
  • salt and spices.


  1. Take the white mushrooms, wash them well and chop.
  2. Before frying, white mushrooms must be subjected to heat treatment. To do this, they should be boiled over moderate heat for 15-17 minutes in lightly salted water.White mushrooms
  3. After boiling the mushrooms, transfer to a colander in order to drain the excess liquid.
  4. Peel and chop the potatoes and onions.
  5. Heat refined sunflower oil in a frying pan and fry well chopped onion. After that, place it in a separate container.
  6. In the same oil, fry the porcini mushrooms until tender, and then put them in a separate bowl.
  7. At the final stage should be fried chopped potatoes.
  8. After roasting the potatoes in a skillet, add the mushrooms and onions, mix well and salt.
  9. Add spices and chopped fresh dill.
  10. Allow the side dish to simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Delicious potatoes fried with butter

If you want to make a very tasty dish with sour cream sauce, be sure to try frying potatoes with butter. Such a side dish will turn out not only tasty and fragrant, but also very beautiful, since you can cook the whole butter, and sour cream after cooling will give your dish a kind of casserole. Often it is this recipe for frying potatoes with the mistress of the hostess used to prepare a festive dish.

How to fry potatoes with oil in a frying pan?


  • boletus mushrooms;
  • sour cream of any fat content - 200 g;
  • potato;
  • sunflower oil;
  • onion;
  • flour - 1.5 tbsp. l .;
  • cream - 1.5 tbsp. l .;
  • salt, seasonings.


  1. Mushrooms always rinse thoroughly, peel off the film and cut into portions. If desired, boletus can be fried whole.
  2. Onion peel and chop.
  3. In hot sunflower oil, fry oil with onions until ready.
  4. Peel and slice the potatoes into cubes or rings.
  5. In a separate frying pan in sunflower oil, fry the potatoes until half cooked.
  6. Add flour to the mushrooms and onions and mix well.
  7. Put fried mushrooms and potatoes in a saucepan or deep frying pan, then add salt and seasonings.
  8. In a separate bowl, mix the sour cream with cream and fill the dish with the resulting mass.
  9. Stew should be potatoes until complete cooking and the formation of a thick sour cream film.
  10. Ready garnish can be decorated with lettuce leaves or fresh chopped greens.

Dish change options

If you want to diversify your diet and modify the classic fried potatoes with the addition of mushrooms, then you can safely experiment by adding new ingredients. Mushrooms go well with various sauces. You can try adding tomato, sweet and sour or spicy sauce. If you need to prepare a side dish in a hurry, then try frying the mushrooms and potatoes separately, and then combine these components.

To add a savory flavor to the dish, you can add various seasonings and dried herbs to chips with mushrooms, for example:

  • oregano;
  • saffron;
  • basil;
  • sesame;
  • Provencal herbs;
  • a mixture of peppers, etc.

A side dish will be very tasty if zucchini or eggplants are added to potatoes with mushrooms. Gourmet mushroom dishes are prepared with the addition of pineapples. You can cook a full main dish if you add meat or fish fillets to mushrooms. Dietary get a dish of chicken breast with mushrooms, for example, with mushrooms.

There are many different recipes for cooking side dishes with the addition of mushrooms. Potatoes fried with mushrooms are very nourishing and tasty. Do not be afraid to experiment, add various ingredients and indulge your household every day with a new dish in the diet. Enjoy your meal!

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