How to fry potatoes in a pan

Few can resist the fragrant, ruddy, crispy fried potatoes! But not everyone is able to cook it that way. Therefore, it is worthwhile to adopt some recommendations on how to fry potatoes correctly, and to conquer even the most capricious eaters with an amazing dish.

It would seem that there is nothing difficult in frying potatoes. But how often it happens that the result looks more like roasted mashed potatoes than tasty golden slices! This business has its own tricks. If you follow our useful advice, your potato will not have such incidents.

How to choose a suitable grade for frying?

Potatoes for frying

There are several dozen varieties of potatoes. In addition to differences in shades and flavor nuances, different types contain different amounts of starch. The more starch, the more loose the vegetable turns out. In order not to memorize a table of starch content in a particular variety, you can use a proven recipe: put peeled potatoes in cold water for a few minutes - the excess starch will be gone. And so that the potatoes do not darken, you can drip lemon juice into the water.

How best to chop the potatoes?

One of the most important moments of preparing potatoes for frying is the correct cutting of the vegetable.

  • If the slices are of different sizes, they will be fried unevenly. So, you need to ensure that the pieces were the same (that's why the fried potatoes should be prepared by one person).
  • The size of the stone should not be thicker than 1 cm.
  • After the potatoes are prepared, they are washed again with running cold water.
  • Next, the cut is dried on a paper towel.

Potato strips for frying

How to heat the pan?

After preparing the potatoes comes at least a crucial stage - frying. The griddle should be well heated, so that a reddish crust forms on the vegetable slices. Some housewives before the start of frying put salt on the pan to increase the heat. The main thing - do not forget to remove it before putting the sliced ​​potatoes. Vegetable, getting to the pan, should hiss, but do not smoke. In the latter case, the fire should be reduced. By the way, housewives often wonder how to fry potatoes in a frying pan - with or without a lid? There is no single answer, it all depends on your preferences. If you like potatoes softer, cover the pan with a lid. If you like it when it is drier, cook without a lid.

How much sunflower oil to fry potatoes?

Potatoes are a very "smart" product: it will not take more butter than it needs. Therefore, make sure that the slices do not float in the oil. But you shouldn't allow the pan to be dry either. By the way, for frying, you can use not only sunflower, but also olive and even corn oil (potatoes on it are obtained with a light sweetish taste).

How to mix and salt the fried potatoes?

How to mix and salt the fried potatoes?

In order for the vegetable not to become a porridge, you need to adhere to the rule of four: stir no more than 4 times over frying and salt 4 minutes before readiness. For mixing, it is better to use a wooden spatula and turn the potatoes as if it were a cake - in one piece. And only when the golden crust begins to form. And so that the pan does not turn out juicy mashed potatoes, you can not salt the dish at the beginning of cooking. Garlic and spices can also be added with salt.

Fry delicious potatoes with mushrooms

The classic combination of potatoes and mushrooms is loved by many. However, there is still no single opinion as to how best to fry them - together or separately. Of course, if this is a variant of a camp-style dish, then there is no place for frills: they cleaned, washed and put everything in a frying pan. But if there is an opportunity, then it is better to still tinker and prepare mushrooms and potatoes separately.

How to fry potatoes with mushrooms?


  • 1 kg of medium-sized potatoes;
  • 500 g of mushrooms (fresh champignons, butter or syroezhek);
  • 1 large onion;
  • 150 g sour cream with a small percentage of fat;
  • vegetable oil;
  • greenery;
  • salt, spices (to taste).


  1. We clean the potatoes and put them in cold water so that extra starch is gone.
  2. Mushrooms clean the spots, cut off the soft areas.
  3. We wash the mushrooms with water (but do not let them soften them much).
  4. Onion chop.
  5. Pour the oil on a hot skillet, put onion and, stirring, fry it until transparent.
  6. Add the mushrooms, salt them and add the spices.
  7. Fry everything on low heat for about 40 minutes.
  8. A couple of minutes before readiness pour sour cream.
  9. In the second pan, fry potatoes, previously dried on a towel.
  10. Salt the potatoes, add the onion-mushroom mixture, greens and simmer with the lid closed for 5 minutes. Serve hot.

Potatoes fried with onions

What could be more fragrant than fried potatoes with onions, sprinkled with black pepper? This is a taste of comfort and spiritual company. And everyone can cook such a dish.

How to fry potatoes with onions?


  • 1 kg of medium sized potatoes;
  • 1 large onion;
  • refined sunflower oil;
  • salt;
  • ground black pepper;
  • greenery.


  1. We clean the potatoes, put them for 5 minutes in cold water and lay out on a paper towel to dry slightly.Dasting potatoes before frying
  2. Pour the oil on a hot skillet, lay the potatoes.Hot Frying Pan Butter
  3. Fry the potatoes for about 7 minutes on medium heat and gently turn over one layer with a wooden spatula.French fries
  4. Chop the onion into rings, add to the potato and fry all together for about 5 minutes.Fried Potatoes with Onions
  5. Add salt and pepper, mix and fry for another 3-4 minutes.
  6. Sprinkle with finely chopped greens before serving.

Know how to properly fry potatoes, should every self-respecting person, not indifferent to delicious food. This is a simple, but such a hearty meal is prepared very easily and quickly. It is only necessary to clearly control the entire cooking process and not to miss 2 points - when to turn and when to turn off the finished dish. And, of course, do not allow yourself to eat all the potatoes straight from the frying pan, trying the degree of its readiness.

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