How to fry in a pan liver - chicken

About the benefits of the liver to the human body is known, perhaps, to all. But few love this by-product to eat. The thing is that it is not always possible to cook it successfully. Therefore, it is very important to know how to fry the liver in the pan correctly and reveal all the nuances of the taste of this product.

How to choose the right liver for frying?

How to choose the right liver for frying?

The main factor in choosing the right liver is its freshness. Do not forget that any by-product is stored for no longer than 3 days, and only in the refrigerator. Liver is no exception. Therefore, you need to buy it only in trusted outlets. And, of course, there are a number of signs that determine its quality:

  • the by-product color must be saturated (a lighter or darker shade indicates that it was stored incorrectly);
  • films on a piece of liver must be transparent, whole and free from damage;
  • fresh offal is smooth, not grainy.

Features of various offal

The appearance of the liver plays a big role as a taste of the finished dish. Therefore, before buying a product, you need to consider that:

  • The liver of a calf or a cow has a very rich taste, and the dishes from it are not soft, but not hard (with proper preparation);
  • lamb liver is very tender, but the smell can be repulsive;
  • pork by-product is rather dry, therefore it is considered not the best option for frying;
  • chicken, turkey liver turns tasty with any method of cooking.

How to prepare the liver?

How to prepare the liver for frying?

Liver must be prepared before frying. Beef, veal and pork offal are treated the same:

  • we remove films (we pour boiling water over a piece of liver, then we immerse in cold water - the films will become more noticeable and can be easily removed);
  • soak the liver in milk (so it will become softer, and the unpleasant smell will disappear);
  • cut offal into pieces of the desired size, but not more than 1 cm thick (if these are large pieces, they should be wrapped with cling film and slightly tipped off with the knife handle; if the cubes are small, then there is no need to beat them);
  • we remove the bile ducts from the pieces (otherwise the dish will taste bitter);
  • ready portions again send in milk for 10 minutes - the liver is ready for heat treatment.

As for the liver of a bird, it is sufficient to soak it in milk and remove bile.

Fry beef liver in a pan

Beef offal yields healthy and dietary meals that are ideal even for pregnant and lactating mothers.

How to fry beef liver in a pan?


  • 1 kg of liver;
  • salt;
  • olive oil (or any other vegetable).


  1. We wash the liver, remove the film, soak it in milk.
  2. Cut into thin slices, approximately 10x5 cm, beat them.
  3. Pour oil into a well heated frying pan, spread the liver.
  4. On medium heat, fry the slices for 3 minutes on each side, checking the readiness with a fork (if clear juice flows out, salt it - the dish is ready).
  5. Serve liver with mashed potatoes or boiled rice.

Note that salt is added to the dish before cooking is completed. Otherwise, the by-product will become very tough.

Cooking tender pork liver

The taste of pork liver is not as rich as beef, so it is cooked with onions. It helps to enrich the finish. But in this case, you should learn how to fry the liver in a frying pan with onions so that the vegetable does not burn.

How to fry pork liver in a pan?


  • 600 g pork liver;
  • 1 large onion;
  • vegetable oil (or melted butter);
  • salt.


  1. Prepare the liver for frying (washed, soaked in low-fat milk, cut into cubes).
  2. Pour oil on a preheated pan, lay out the wedges.
  3. We cut onions in the form of half rings, add to the liver.
  4. Fry food over medium heat for about 4-5 minutes.
  5. Pour in a glass of water and simmer another 10 minutes with the lid closed.
  6. We salt a dish, we mix and we leave to be filled with juice about 10 minutes. Served with a side dish.

Also, when frying this by-product with onions, there is one trick: you should not fry too much liver at once - it should cover the surface of the pan in one layer. Otherwise the dish will be fried unevenly.

Chicken Liver with Onions

Liver poultry - the most unsightly in the preparation of the form of this by-product. It only needs to be washed, soaked in milk and remove the bile ducts.

How to fry chicken liver in a pan?


  • 400 g chicken livers;
  • 1 onion;
  • salt;
  • spices (coriander, a mixture of allspice and ground black pepper).


  1. Onion cut into thin rings.
  2. Pour the oil on a hot skillet, pour onions and bring it to medium transparency over medium heat.
  3. Put the processed liver into the pan and, stirring with a spatula, fry for 5-6 minutes.
  4. Make the fire smaller and simmer the dish for about a quarter of an hour with the lid closed.
  5. 5 minutes before the readiness we add salt and spices.

Knowing how to fry the liver in a frying pan, you can be sure that in your culinary arsenal there is a recipe for a quick and healthy dish that will come to the rescue more than once. Just be sure to pay due attention to the preparatory process. And then the liver is guaranteed to turn out tender and tasty.

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