How to fry fish in flour in a pan

Fried fish is a great addition to almost any side dish that is cooked in minutes. However, even in this case there are many difficulties: before you put the breaded carcass in the pan, you need to properly prepare it, and then select the desired mode. About all the intricacies of this process - in our article.

Preparation for frying fish

Preparation for frying fish

How successful this process will be depends on the choice of the main product: it is best to fry varieties of medium and high fat, because they retain the softness of the meat well, but at the same time acquire a crisp crust. "Skinny" varieties - for example, sprat - it is important not to overdo it in the pan: for them 3-4 minutes. (on both sides in total) is the maximum.

  • It is recommended to fry large fish in pieces so that it cooks evenly. In particular, salmon and trout are cooked in the form of steaks, and pollock is better to cut along, getting long layers of fillets, which are divided into 4-5 parts.
  • It is not necessary to remove the head from small fish species: crucians, perches and other river species, as well as sprat and capelin, are well cleaned and in the process of their use. But the larger ones are better not only to strip the head, but also to gut fully, especially since their insides often have a negative effect on the taste of the roasted flesh.

Most often, after the fish is washed and cut, it is immediately rolled in breading and fried, but experts advise to add another stage of pickling and / or rubbing the product with spices. As a marinade, you can use both traditional mixtures of onion and lemon juice, as well as tomato paste and any other sauce. In addition, you can cut the fish along the belly along and put the greens inside. Do not forget the salt! It is recommended to rub it into the carcass before breading: this will strengthen the crust strength.

How to breaded and bring to readiness?

How to breaded fish

For a start it is worth saying that breading is not necessary to carry out if you work with dense, hard fish: it is better to marinate it, then lower it into a batter - so its flesh will become more tender, but a beautiful crust will appear. In general, the breading is the most serious guarantee that the product does not stick to the pan, so the degree of its necessity is often caused directly by the dishes: a pan with a smooth bottom practically does not require it.

  • Flour - the easiest way to breading resorted to hostess. It can be absolutely any: both the highest, and 1 or 2 varieties, both wheat and oat or buckwheat. It can be mixed with spices and seasonings, or grate the fish first, and then roll it directly in the flour.
  • Instead of flour, you can use crackers that you want to grind into a crumb. They are also often combined with seasonings, but more often they add the same chopped nuts. True, they do not provide such a "smoothness" as flour, therefore, not all frying pans allow to protect the product from burning.
  • There are also several breading technologies: the densest layer, the “fur coat,” turns out to be if the flour is poured into a deep, large plate, after which you put fish into it and turn it over 2-3 times. More subtle - if you pour flour in a plastic bag, throw several fish there at once, tighten the edge and shake.

How to fry fish in flour in a pan?

How to fry fish in flour in a pan

Pour vegetable oil on a cold surface so that it not only covers the bottom, but also creates a layer at least 3-4 mm thick. Heat it up to the state when any product falling into it (right up to flour crumbs) starts to sizzle and make a crackling sound, and then carefully lower the fish there. Wait 5 minutes, then turn over or increase the time by another 2-3 minutes, if the crust is not dark enough.

  • The secret from the professionals: so that the fish do not burn, add salt to the hot oil before putting food into it.
  • You can fry the planned fish on the grill pan without oil, but for this, professionals advise to use less flour, otherwise it will burn.

How much time do you fry fish?

How much time to fry fish

It all depends on its size: small pieces on each side are brought to a golden crust and immediately spread on a common dish, and if you work with an intact carcass, after it is reddened on both sides, you need to pour 50-100 ml of water to it, cover the pan with a lid and leave for 10-15 minutes. If you are not able to stand at the stove, put the pan in the oven (temperature - 150 degrees) for 15-20 minutes.

Remember that the fried fish is better served hot, so cook it exactly at 1 meal and immediately in front of it. If it is an appetizer, add lemon slices and fresh greens to it, and if it is a complete dish, make a side dish of mashed potatoes or vegetable stew.

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