How to fry dumplings in a pan tasty and right

Dumplings - a popular dish: cooked quickly, the taste is excellent. But precisely because it takes a little time to prepare it, it becomes a frequent guest on the table (especially for people who are busy or not burdened with family) and, as a result, it becomes boring. But the semi-finished product is not only boiled! If you know how to fry dumplings in a frying pan, then you can diversify your menu, and treat guests without warning.

Boiled dumplings have become a familiar dish for our edges, but fried ones are cooked much less often, although the process does not involve any difficulties. Ready-made pelmeni covered with a crispy crust, tasty with sour cream, vegetables, great as a snack to beer. And most importantly, if they cool down, then heating them will not leave work, they will not lose their taste. Moreover, it is possible to fry in oil both boiled dumplings, both freshly prepared and frozen. Cooking recipes are many - choose to your taste. So how to fry the dumplings in the pan tasty and appetizing?

How to fry dumplings in a pan?

How to fry dumplings in a pan: recipes for different occasions

In order to fry the dumplings, you will need:

  • deep pan with thick walls;
  • vegetable or butter;
  • salt, spices

Boiled Dumplings

It happens that the dumplings, cooked for dinner, become breakfast. You can put them in the microwave, but even hot, they will remain watery and slimy. In order to get a tasty and nutritious dish at the beginning of the day, dumplings should be allowed to stand in a colander until the liquid is drained. Water unpleasantly splashes and "shoots" in the pan when in contact with fat. At this time, put a deep frying pan on the fire, heat the oil - vegetable or creamy. At the last dumplings are more tender, soft, and on the vegetable - more crispy. Put the flour products into the hot oil and fry without a lid for 5 minutes on each side.

Fresh dumplings

Fry fresh dumplings

Fresh - this means homemade, freshly cooked and not yet visited the freezer. They are placed in a frying pan with hot oil, fried until golden brown. Unlike boiled ravioli, raw meat is in the fresh semi-finished product, so cooking time should be spent more. 10-15 minutes dumplings are roasted over medium heat under the lid, and then it can be removed to get a crisp.

Frozen harvesting

Fry frozen dumplings

How to fry dumplings in a pan, if they are frozen? The trick is that first you need to allow moisture to evaporate, frozen during storage. This should be done slowly. Let the dumplings languish under a lid in a deep frying pan. After they have thawed out, it is necessary to add oils to the pan and fry them on all sides.

The amount of oil (in all cases) can vary considerably. Someone likes "dumplings fries", fried in boiling oil, covering the dough completely. Someone needs a small amount of fat, necessary only to ensure that the product does not burn and does not stick to the pan.

You can add other products (such as cheese, sour cream, vegetables) to dumplings and get a completely different dish.

Fried Dumpling Recipe with cheese

Fried Dumplings with Cheese Recipe


  • 0.5 kg dumplings;
  • 0.1 -0.15 liters of vegetable oil;
  • 0.1-0.15 kg of hard cheese;
  • spice.


Fry dumplings should be as described above. At this time, 100-150 g of hard cheese should be rubbed on a coarse grater, and the same piece of butter should be melted and spices should be added to it (mix for ravioli, dried vegetables, basil, parsley). The ravioli, practically brought to readiness, are distributed in a uniform layer along the bottom of the pan, poured with melted butter and sprinkled with cheese. If you put the pan in the oven for 7-10 minutes, the dumplings will be covered with a crisp crust. If left on the stove and close the lid, the cheese will become soft and viscous.

Dumpling omelet

Dumpling omelet


  • 0.5 kg dumplings;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 0.1 liters of milk;
  • spring onions;
  • seasoning;
  • 1 tbsp. l flour.


The basis of the dish is the same, fried semi-finished product. While it is processed in a skillet, the milk is whipped with the eggs, flour and spices are added, and well mixed. Dumplings spread in an even layer and pour the prepared mixture. On top of all sprinkle with finely chopped green onions and set to cook. How much fry dumplings in a pan with an egg omelet, depends on personal taste. The dish can be a delicate mass, resembling a soufflé, or roasted to a crunch.

Frying dumplings in a frying pan is easy, and the dish turns out fragrant and appetizing. But they should not be abused: fried food is not considered useful, there is a lot of cholesterol in it, it is heavy for the stomach. However, sometimes you can indulge yourself with such harmful tasty dumplings, and even need to.

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