How to freeze mushrooms for the winter at home

Freezing mushrooms is the best way to prepare them for future use. Mushrooms, which can be collected in the fall in the forest or purchased in a store, are especially good for this purpose. It is very important to know how to freeze the mushrooms, so that they do not lose their appetizing appearance during the cooking process and lose their taste.

Why are honey fungi freezing well?

There are many ways to harvest mushrooms, the most common of which are pickling and freezing.

There are many ways to harvest mushrooms, the most common of which are pickling and freezing. But if pickled products can be put in far from all dishes, then frozen foods perfectly complement soups, roasts, main dishes, pizza, etc.

Mushrooms of all kinds of mushrooms - an excellent option for storage in the freezer. They are dense enough to keep their shape, and do not absorb much moisture. For freezing, you need to choose the whole unspoiled copies of medium size. If the mushrooms were bought in the store, you can not wash them before freezing.

If you are collecting mushrooms in the forest, follow these rules:

  • since mushrooms grow in families, first rake the foliage, and then prune several mushrooms at once;
  • so that the mushrooms did not have to be washed off the ground, clean them immediately while collecting with a knife and lay them with the caps down;
  • Try to pick mushrooms of small and medium size: they are younger and better able to freeze.

The shelf life of the experience is no more than six months (or a year with the deep freezing mode - 18 degrees). After this time, they must be used, otherwise the mushrooms will lose their taste and freshness.

How to freeze mushrooms for the winter?

Depending on the dishes for which you will continue to use the mushrooms, choose the method of freezing. Before you put the mushrooms in the refrigerator, arrange them into portions. When re-freezing mushrooms become unsuitable for food, so you must immediately use the thawed product.

If mushrooms are kept raw, they will better keep their shape and are suitable for any dishes. In boiled form, the mushrooms lose their former appearance and are suitable only for soups or caviar. If you are going to fry mushrooms, it is better to freeze them raw.

Another way to freeze - fried mushrooms. They can be used as an additive to porridge, potatoes or meat.

Is it possible to freeze raw mushrooms?

The main rule when raw freezing mushrooms - do not wash them before being sent to the freezer

The main rule when raw freezing mushrooms - do not wash them before being sent to the freezer. If the fruit is very dirty, you can quickly wash it and dry it on a towel. Excess moisture during freezing is not needed, since it forms ice and takes place in the refrigerator.

  1. Prepared mushrooms put in 1 layer on a plastic pallet. It is not recommended to lay in several layers, as the mushrooms can stick together and deform.
  2. Set the freezer to deep freeze mode.
  3. If there is no pallet, you can use a plastic bag, but you should also lay out the mushrooms in 1 layer.
  4. When the fruit is frozen, they can be folded in a plastic bag in a convenient form.

Boiled Mushrooms

Blanched mushrooms will not look presentable, but they are quite suitable for cooking soups and caviar. The advantage of this type of freezing is that boiled mushrooms take up little space in the freezer. If you have a small refrigerator, it is best to pre-boil them in salted water.

  1. Put a pot of water on the gas and boil.
  2. Pour mushrooms with a slide, as they are reduced in size during the cooking process.
  3. Boil for 5 minutes and remove the mushrooms using a skimmer.
  4. Pour the mushrooms with fresh water and cook for another 2 hours.
  5. Strain, dry on a towel and cool.
  6. Put in food containers, cover with a lid or cling film.
  7. Put in the freezer.

Fried mushrooms

Fried mushrooms are an unusual way to freeze, but they can be immediately added to the finished dish.

Fried mushrooms are an unusual way of freezing, but they can be immediately added to the finished dish. It is enough to warm them up a bit - and a tasty gravy or roast is ready.

  1. Mushrooms wash and dry on a towel.
  2. Fry in a pan without adding oil, until the mushrooms do not give the juice.
  3. At the end of cooking, pour in some vegetable oil and fry until golden brown.
  4. Put the fungus in a colander to the oil glass.
  5. Put the mushrooms in a food container and cover with a lid.
  6. Place in freezer.

How to defrost mushrooms?

Proper defrosting can affect the quality and consistency of the dish. It should occur gradually at room temperature. It is undesirable to place mushrooms for this purpose in the oven or microwave.

Raw mushrooms should be completely thawed and dried, and then cook. You can put frozen fruits in soups. If further mushrooms are supposed to marinate, boil them for 10 minutes and then boil in marinade.

If the mushrooms are placed in the freezer in a boiled form, they must first be defrosted and only then used in cooking. Fried mushrooms also need to be defrosted and then heated in a frying pan.

If you are thinking about how to freeze the mushrooms at home, decide which dishes are going to cook with them in the future. On this will depend on the method of freezing and storage. Consider the volume of the freezer: this will allow you to procure more forest gifts. If you do it right, delicious mushrooms on the New Year's table will surely delight you and your guests.

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