How to eat with chopsticks

Chopsticks are a pair of thin chopsticks of the same length with which the Japanese and Chinese eat. The history of this cutlery has several millennia. It is believed that for the first time they were used in China before our era. It is believed that the chopsticks were originally needed exclusively for wrapping food in the leaves. Many people wonder - how to eat sushi with chopsticks?

How to keep chopsticks for sushi?

To learn to hold the sticks, you must choose the correct length. The ideal length, m, is 1.5 times the imaginary hypotenuse, which is formed if you place your index and big fingers in such a way that a right angle is formed. On average, the length of the sushi sticks is 21–25 cm.

How to eat with chopsticks?

Sushi stick technique:

  1. Stretch your index and middle fingers forward a little. Hold your ring finger and little finger together, and turn your thumb inside the palm of your hand. The lower stick should lie at the base of the thumb, the thin lower end should rest on the third phalanx of the ring finger.
  2. The thick end of the chopstick should be ¼ protrude beyond the palm. The thick end of the upper chopstick should be held with the tip of the thumb, and the lower thin end should be clamped between the middle and index fingers. It turns out that the top stick is held almost as much as a simple pencil.
  3. Most people make the mistake of trying to move both sticks while grabbing food. According to the rules, only the top stick should move by moving the index and middle fingers. When straightening the fingers, the sticks should move apart, and when bent, they should close together.
  4. The thumb and ring fingers should hold the lower stick evenly and motionless. According to the rules, the thumb should not move at all. While eating and grabbing food, do not try to strain your arm. Relax your brush, the movement should be light and calm. Practice as much as possible with chopsticks, then it will happen automatically.

Types and names of "overseas" chopsticks

The first chopsticks had the name quaizu, which contains a root with the meaning bamboo. For the manufacture of such sticks, the bamboo stem was split in two, its halves were folded and resembled tweezers. The separate form of quaizu was acquired much later and in this form reached our times.

How to eat with chopsticks?

Currently, sushi sticks are made from a variety of materials: wood, plastic, metal and even bone. Most often, various types of wood are used for their production (cypress, plum, cedar, willow, pine, maple, sandalwood, etc.). Sushi sticks can be disposable - they are served in Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants. In addition, chopsticks can be reusable, which they buy for permanent use and are stored at home with cutlery. The appearance of the chopsticks can also be different: they are painted, varnished, decorated with ornaments.

In each country, the sticks are called and look different. For example, in Japan, chopsticks are called "hashi", they are also made of wood, but they are shorter than the Chinese quaizu and have more pointed ends. In Korea, they eat very thin chopsticks, which are made of metal and are called chokkarak.

Chopsticks: Etiquette Rules

Chopsticks are part of history and culture. Their use is surrounded by a mass of rules, conventions and ceremonies. There are many immutable traditions that are related to chopsticks. Here are the main ones:

  • Sticks can not stick in the food. Sticks, vertically stuck in a bowl with food, are associated with the method of offering to the dead;
  • Do not knock with chopsticks on the table or the edges of the plate;
  • With the help of chopsticks you can not point at people - it is very impolite;
  • You can not transfer food from one stick to the other. In the Japanese tradition, such a gesture is considered bad form, since such an action is performed in a funeral ritual, where participants convey the bones of the dead so;
  • Chopsticks can not lick and hold for a long time in the mouth;
  • In the plate with chopsticks do not pick, do not drive on the dish. Food should be taken from above;

How to eat with chopsticks?

  • Food from a plate can not be raked with the help of chopsticks, you can not put your face down to the plate in a hurry to eat food;
  • Never hold a stick in a fist; in Japanese culture such a gesture is threatening;
  • Ware to the chopsticks can not be tightened;
  • Do not shake and swing your chopsticks. It is also considered bad taste when liquid flows or drips from the chopsticks while eating;
  • Never rub sticks together to remove slivers or splinters. If necessary, do it with your hands;
  • When eating, do not cross the chopsticks between you - this is another part of the Japanese funeral ritual;
  • Do not use sticks as a knife or fork: they can only be used as a pair in one hand. If you need a knife, ask the waiter;
  • Do not use chopsticks as a skewer or skewer;
  • Do not put the sticks across the bowl. After the end of the meal, place the chopsticks on a special stand or on the table with the sharp ends to the left.

Chopsticks are used for eating in Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam. At first it will be difficult for you to handle this cutlery, but with practice, you can easily use them. You can appreciate all the benefits of eating chopsticks, because in restaurants of national cuisine there is much more pleasant and natural to them than with a knife, fork or spoon.

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