How to drink absinthe at home

This type of alcohol is called “bohemian drink”, but not only people of creative professions love it. Many are attracted by the unusual color, original taste, rich aroma. However, it is believed that such alcohol is, in fact, a poisonous potion. How to drink absinthe at home to enjoy the effect and not harm health?

Absinthe: mysterious and unsafe

Absinthe: mysterious and unsafe

This drink is known for a long time that does not prevent it from remaining one of the most mysterious. Absinthe is a type of strong alcohol based on herbs. The specific bitterness is a characteristic feature of the drink and the result of the addition of wormwood. The French word absinthe means the name of this bitter plant. The composition of absinthe is also enriched with mint and anise, coriander and parsley, chamomile and other herbs.

Mixing spicy plant odors creates a unique aroma of absinthe - emphatically tart, thick. This quality of the drink, as well as its amazing color shades, are a little alarming, as if they warn about danger. Therefore, there is another translation of the name: the Greek word apsinthion means "not suitable for drinking". However, it is a certain proportion of the threat that makes absinthe so attractive.

The history of absinthe creation is ambiguous. The most common version - the recipe was invented by the sisters Enrio, who lived in the late 18th century in Switzerland and were engaged in the manufacture of therapeutic drugs. This elixir was actively used by doctor Pierre Ordiner, prescribing it for the treatment of almost all diseases (jaundice, sciatica and many others). Soon the drink began to produce in an industrial way. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Pernot factory was opened in France - and today this trademark is popular.

From the elixir for the treatment of absinthe turned into a drink for amusement. He gained great popularity among creative people, he deserved poetic names "green fairy" and "green muse". However, there is evidence that the delicacy causes hallucinations, and its regular use can be fatal. The culprit of such consequences - the substance thujone, which is part of the wormwood.

In order to prevent the negative effect of the "green fairy" on the body, the drink should be of high quality, consumed in small doses. Buy absinthe today can be in many stores. It is worth choosing products from reliable manufacturers, to avoid unknown brands.

The classic color of the wormwood drink is green. There are types of bright yellow color, which indicates the extract of absinthe. Spicy taste in a red drink with the addition of pomegranate extract. Sweet and berry notes are peculiar to black absinthe, which is made from the roots of wormwood and black acacia betel.

How many degrees does absinthe have? Fortress is of such categories:

  • large (55-65%);
  • extremely large (70-85%).

How to drink absinthe at home?

How to drink absinthe at home?

For many years, the popularity of this drink invented a lot of ways to use it. Undiluted absinthe is a classic aperitif, designed to whet the appetite. They offer it before a meal in the amount of 30 g. To reduce the bitterness, the drink can be diluted: for 1 part of absinthe - 3 parts of water, soda or tonic.

Other popular options that describe how to drink absinthe at home are:

  • "Czech". Set a special spoon with holes on top of a wide absinthe glass, put a cube of sugar. On refined pouring alcohol in large drops. After the drink is in the glass, set the sugar on fire and pour the alcohol very carefully over the caramel that has formed. Add water (3 times more absinthe);
  • crystal czech. Pour alcohol in a glass of thick glass (no more than 1/3 of the volume). Burn and leave for a few seconds. Extinguish and use immediately;
  • "French". For 1 part absinthe you will need 3 parts of very cold water. Alcohol pour into a glass, on the edges of which to place an absinthe spoon with a piece of sugar. Pour water over the refined in a thin stream so that it dissolves and mixes with absinthe;
  • "citrus". Slice of orange with peel generously sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. In a glass pour 50 g of absinthe and set on fire. Keep an orange over the flame with special tweezers, lightly pressing while the juice is dripping from the fruit. Cover the top with another glass, turned upside down to remove the fire. The remaining orange can be used as a snack.

Determining how to drink absinthe at home, you can rely on your own taste preferences. Any fruit juices help to reduce bitterness and reduce strength - most often they use pineapple and pomegranate. Some like to dilute alcohol with carbonated drinks, such as Coca-Cola.

Admirers of Ernest Hemingway may be interested in the use of absinthe, named after him:

  1. In an iron mug pour alcohol on one finger.
  2. Add very cold water by filling the mug at 2/3 volume.
  3. Stir and drink in small sips.

In the home-made preparation of absinthe-based beverages is not a big deal. It is important to act carefully and carefully, especially when using recipes with fire. Absinthe is one of the strongest drinks, it acts very strongly. It is necessary to use it in small doses - to enjoy the process and not cause harm to health.

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